Amongst Men, Lu Bu 「人中呂布,马中赤兔」

character:lubu, Lu Lu

Lu Bu's Unique Epithet

"Your excellency's martial prowess are without equal, and no one in history can match you. While your might is unstoppable - you lack insight, while dauntless - you lack mercy. I fear it would not be long before everyone turns against you."

- 貂蟬 (Solar Mate to 呂布):

Lu Bu’s combat skills are phenomenal. He is without doubt the finest combatant Creation as, and will, ever see. His combat awareness is omniscient and his movements - perfection. As such he never suffers onslaught penalties, regardless of source; even those inflicted by charms and combat mechanics.

His defense is so well formed that he is able to protect himself from all assailants without exposing any vulnerability. Thus he is exempted from the rule of one enemy gaining unsuspected attack when maximum number of opponents in any combat space is reached. This combined with his blazing speed and terrifying aggression allows him to negate coordinated attacks against him as long as he is aware of the coordinated attack.

His nigh-impenetrable defense also means he ignores DV modifiers from Wound Penalties - though they still lower his attack dice pool normally.

Perhaps most potent of them all, this Epithet marks Lu Bu as the most Favored of Luna. This blessing grants Lu Bu his Essence Score (this includes modifiers via the Might Rating of his troops in Mass Combat) as automatic successes to all Combat Related Acts of Physical Prowess and Situational Awareness (including Join Battle Rolls).

This adding of successes also modifies relevant Static Values by the same amount – such as DV. These bonus successes are not considered bonus from Charms for the purpose of Excellency Caps and does not make his attacks “charm infused.”

Like (House Ruled) Second Excellency, this ability does not allow him to pursuit impossible attacks – such as multiple action penalties in excess of his dice pool.

The Blessing is not limited to physical capacity. Lu Bu’s now perfectly defends against all fear effects and is effectively 1 dot higher in Valor (with no Caps). This overwhelming confidence is such that as long as he is actively engaged his complementary unit share this fearlessness - as they are strengthened by the knowledge their commander is unbeatable.

His mercurial nature is also fortified by the Blessing - regardless of his Intimacies, Motivations, Charms, or any effects he is subjected to (perfect or otherwise), Lu Bu cannot be prevented from choosing to betray those around him for a sufficiently attractive prize. This is not a mechanical effect, but should be handled in story narratives.

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