Heavenly Spear (天槍)

Rhianna the Heavenly Spear

Rhianna's Unique Epithet

It was not until I met her that I realized how ordinary I was.
- Jamuha Khan, Previous Heavenly Spear:

  • Abilities of War are effectively 2 dots higher in situations that involves the use of any Spear like weapon (Spears, Lances, Javelins, etc.)
    • This is as if her actual ability (e.g. Melee, Ride, Dodge) are 2 dots higher; So it increases excellency dice pools and effects that are based on the ability scores.
  • Essence Score is also effectively 1 dot higher under such conditions.
    • This enhanced Essence score cannot be used to meet the Essence requirement to learn charms
    • This increase in Essence does not increase her Essence Pool
    • This enhanced Essence score is considered natural and will allow her to apply it towards any essence requirement within its narrow scope.
      • E.g. If an Legendary Lance requires Essence 6 to attune, she will meet the qualification

Some Examples are War Ability when leading Lancers, Spearmen, Javelineers. Martial Arts when using a style that uses Spears. Thrown when tossing a Javelin. Dodge when fighting with a Spear. Ride when charging with a lance.

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