Dawn 11

Abyssal (Dusk Caste), Monstrance Held by the Mask of Winter


  • Perfers dedicated daiklave users
-9000+, First Age
32/05/16 09:42 character:irreproachableandflawlessgoldentyrant
     Insane but also Insanely good with swords
     Possessor of the 5 Dot Diaklave Getsuga Tenshō
          (Destroyed by artifact:illustriousdaiklaveofpotentmight)
     Killed by combination of the Warcaptain's Circle and Circle of Friends in the Rathessian Jungle
64/06/05/ 02:46 Flickering Obsidian of the Citrine Void
     Ghost Blooded
     Hardened Killer Training Style/Soul-Numbing Prowess trained Recruit
     Considered Creature of Darkness
     Immune to Wound Penalties till Incapacitated
     Automatically succeed on all Valor rolls
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