Dawn 36

Lunar Mate: Selvaria Bles


  • Will not Exalt someone who is not of Royal1 Blood
  • Will not Exalt anyone who does not have a Sword/Blade specialty in Melee
  • Will not Exalt anyone without Prodigy: Swords or Prodigy: Blades merit
-9000+, First Age Aofe
     the Golden Blade
     Best Field Commander of his Time
     Owns the Daiklave of Conquest that character:dace is using
     2nd Proctor of the Solar Deliberative
62/10/21 17:32 Maximillian Gaius von Reginrave
     Tier 2
     Extremely rare case of reincarnated soul getting the same spark
     Melee Prodigy
     Independent Gold Faction Trained
     Achieved Essence 3 as a Mortal
     Led his Lunar Mate to safety as a Mortal
     Mastered the "Even Blade Style" - Terrestrial Variant of Resolute Brigada Pre-Exaltation
     Exaltation completed the rest of his knowledge of all 3 forms
     Will Soon Rediscover the Celestial Variants
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