Dawn 44

Lunar Mate: Ma-Ha-Suchi


  • Will only bind with proven War Leaders
-9000+, First Age Contentious Sword
     Still [relatively] young when Usurpation Happened
     Already a Solar General of Great Renown
     His Soul entered the Underworld
     Freed from Great Curse he became the Hero he is meant to be
     His Ghost was the General of Stygia when First and Forsaken Attacked
     His Ghost Founded the Resistance
     Eventually betrayed by an ally and turned into Soul Steel by Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible
57/03/11 13:22 character:dace
     Circle of Friends
     Has Tiger Warrior Training Technique
     Conquered Chiaroscuro for Warcaptain character:balan and drove out the Realm
     Will soon return the Daiklave of Conquest to Prince Maximilian
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