Dawn 56

One of the six Solar Essences that were not trapped in the Jade Prison


  • Will only exalt Honorable Individuals (doesn't have to be good, just honorable)
-9000+, First Age Albio
     One of the 2 Last Defender of Rathess
     Died trying to purchase the life of all the loyal Solar followers in Rathess
     Betrayed by the Honorless Dragon-Blooded Commander
     Entombed in Rathess
-120, Third Age Filial Wisdom
     Returned to Rathess because of the Throwback Trait
     Was tricked by Ha-Tha and became the Goblin King of Rathess
     Taught War Captain's circle proper Exalted Combat tactics
     The Ha-Tha deception was revealed by War Captain's Circle
     Died in the titanic battle against Ha-Tha
     Ha-Tha was weakened enough for the younger Solars to win
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