Dawn 59


  • Cannot Exalt unless Eclipse 59 Exists at the same time
  • Will only bind to one who shares bond of brotherhood (does not have to be actual brothers) with Eclipse 59's chosen
  • Will only Exalt those with Huge Ambitions
-9000+, First Age Telamon Lews Therin
     Lunar Mate: Ilyena Therin the Witch of Moerelle
     Slayer of the Primordial Shayol Ghul, The Bound Darkness that Beaks the World
     Slayer of the Primordial Ba'alzamon, The Disassembly of Reason
     Sword of Merela
     Bearer of the Ring of Tamyrlin
     Master of the Nine Rods of Dominion
     Lord of the Morning
     Prince of the Dawn
     Commander of the Shen an Calhar
     Leader of the Hundred Companions
     Headmaster of the College of Military Science in Sperimin.
     Third Proctor of the Solar Deliberative
     Hated his Twin because of ridicule and jealousy
     Once he had enough power he took revenge against his Twin
     Consumed his Twin's mind and made him into a puppet
     Betrayer of Hope
     The Forsaken and The First1
     Murderer of Merela
     The Well of Blood and Tears
59/12/23 00:23 character:balan
     Circle of the War Captain
     Rojatan [Warcaptain] of Rathess
     Savior of Rathess
     Killer of Ha-Tha
     Owner of the Battle Vestment of The Hierophant (5 dot)
     Possesses the Legendary Daiklave Perfection of the Ascending Sun
     Executed as Celestial Criminal
     Golden Custodian of South and West (posthumously)
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