Eclipse 24

Abyssal (Moonshadow Caste), Monstrance somewhere in one of the Neverborns

  • Being a Abyssal Spark it does not follow the Proclivities requirement when Exalting
  • But for every Requirement broken Cap Starting Essence by -1

One of the 7 Legendary Solars - Silur


  • Must have Intimacy "Language+"
  • Must have Language as Favorite Skill
  • Must have Lore of at least 3
  • Will Always Exalt with Adamant Circle Sorcery (or its Counter Part)
-9000+, First Age character:silur
     Chief Negotiator against the Fair Folk Surrender
     One who wrote the Treaties that bind the Fair Folk towards the Eclipse Caste
     Founder of the Silur School of Sorcery
32/05/16 09:42 Dusk Princess of the Obsidian Heart
     Oldest Solar Level Exalt Alive
     Training Wheels
     Void Circle Necromancer
     Celestial Circle Sorcerer
     Possesses Mantle of Soot (Grave Goods version of Brigid's Mantle)
     "Onee-chan" to all Abyssals
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