Twilight 30


  • Prefers inquisitive minds with predisposition towards Sorcery
-9000+, First Age Bright Shattered Ice
     Empress of Tzatli
     The Solar who raised the Hierophant, her Circle Mate
     Desus' Lover and Circle Mate
     Master Demonologist
     Can summon Third Circle without Calibration, Feat yet to be repeated
     Opious contributer to the legendary artifact:bookofthreecircles
59/10/11 12:42 Arianna
     Circle of Friends
     Talented Demonologist
     Sacrificed "Restraint and Caution in the pursuit of knowledge" for Adamant Circle
     Always get in trouble so her Circle spent more time saving her than saving the world
     Has a slash across her face that she doesn't want healed
     Romantically entangled with Swan
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