Zenith 30


  • Will only Exalt females
  • Will not Exalt anyone whose Appearance and Dexterity is less than 6
  • Will not Exalt anyone whose Compassion is less than 5
-9000+, First Age Merela
     The Maiden Circle
     Gladiator turned defacto Queen of Rathess
     Beloved of Unconqured Sun
     The Empress of Creation
     Crowned by the hands of the Unconquered Sun
     Bearer of the Creation Ruling Mandate
     Bearer of the Crown of Thunders
     Guardian of the Ochre Fountain
     Mother of Civilization
     Greatest Warrior during the Primordial Wars
     Commander of Operation Wyld Hand
60/10/17 12:00 Gladrien Vanja of Rathess
     Circle of Beauty
     character:aata's lover
     Savior of Rathess
     Whose kidnapping caused nearly all the Solars in Creation at the time to invade the Underworld
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