Crystal of the Frozen North

Hearthstone of the Buried Temple of Freya1, Northern Plain of Ice

  • The bearer becomes immune to all natural cold
    • she can comfortably swim in an ice-covered river or walk through a blizzard wearing nothing but this stone.
  • The bearer can create cold by touch.
    • Without spending any Essence, the bearer can chill a warm drink.
    • Spending 1 mote allows her instantly to cool a red-hot sword without taking damage, or to freeze a square yard of water thick enough for a person to stand upon.
      • Additional motes allow the bearer to freeze more water.
        • Freezing a square yard of water well enough to allow a ridden or heavily laden horse to cross it requires 2 motes per square yard.
    • This ice melts normally and in average temperatures last several hours.
    • The cold generated by this stone cannot be used to put out fires – there’s nothing solid enough to touch.
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