Earth-Commanding Stone

Quick Short Summary


This rough-textured stone looks like a sphere of fired red clay. It allows the bearer to shape and command unworked earth and stone. Without spending any Essence, she can shape unworked stone by hand as if it were soft clay. This stone resumes its normal hardness as soon as the character ceases to touch it. Sculpting anything complicated or precise certainly requires some sort of Craft (Earth) roll, set by the Storyteller.

The stone’s bearer can also command dirt, mud, gravel and unworked stone at a distance by spending 2 motes of Essence per action. If she does this, she can cause the land within (Essence x 5) yards of her to shape itself into any form it could naturally assume, including rounded walls, deep pits and similar forms. The area shaped in a single action, however, is limited to (Essence) yards in any direction. These changes require one minute to complete, because earth moves slowly, and the character must concentrate on directing the ground during this entire time. As a result, this stone cannot be used to attack anyone who can move. If the bearer spends 7 motes of Essence, she can control the earth in this fashion for one full scene.

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