Gem of Incomparable Wellness

Legendary Hearthstone (6 Dots)


This hearthstone is a smooth, darkest black, with an inner white glow that pulses at the center and peeks around the edges like the sun during eclipse. Its boundaries seems every growing while its center is ever shrinking. A character carrying this stone will perpetually regenerate for as long as the hearthstone functions1. He will regenerate one health level per action or every 5 seconds whichever is shorter, even if rendered into ash. Aggravated damage requires up to a minute per health level to regenerate. The bearer will never become sick and stops aging once he reached the optimal age for his species. He cannot drown, suffocate, starve or dehydrate.

  • This hearthstone is not to be confused with the Gem of Immortality which has similar functions but is a far lesser gem.
  • The Manse is hidden with Pressed Beyond the Veil of Time and deliberately severed from Creation via Adamant Circle Sorcery.
    • The Manse only has one living being attuened and that is Mecca
    • The Hearthstone is also socketed in Mecca
      • In fact Mecca cause the death of the bearer by severing her attunement at the least opportune time.
      • With the "last" attuned user's death the Manse is thought to be lost forever
      • All attempt to recover the manse has ended in failure - mainly because no one knew Mecca still maintained a Link to it
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