Gem of Perfect Mobility

Legendary Solar Hearthstone (6 Dots)

  • Lyta's Sifu and her Circle of Beauty have all attuned to the Manse
    • Though they cannot enter the Solar Sanctury with her Lyta (The Portal to Elsewhere will only open for her spark)

This brilliant-red, faceted square glows as brightly as a candle. Any Exalted bearing it is as swift as a beam of sunlight. A character attuned to the hearthstone halves (round up, to a minimum of 3) the number of ticks all actions require, without causing any penalties and may divide her dice pools normally to gain additional actions. In addition, this increased speed also applies out of combat, allowing the character to walk, run or sprint twice as fast as normal. The only limitations on using this hearthstone are that sorcery still takes the normal time to cast, and that using these additional actions makes the character appear inhumanly fast. Anyone seeing the character move or react this rapidly will know she is not human. The additional action gained from using this hearthstone is incompatible with all Extra Actions Charms. The character can use one or the other, never both.

  • Unlike lesser hearthstones, the speed increase for Gem of Perfect Mobility is a time dilation. There for it is a multiplier and not an adder. So if someone uses an item that allows x10 movement, then a charm that allow x10, the Gem of Perfect Mobility will allow that person to travel at 40x movement (x10+x10=x20 * 2 = x40)
    • Being a Legendary Hearthstone this Gem's multiplier is expressly applicable to all non-time based multipliers
  • This Hearthstone also allows the possessor to create Time Related Charms that can only be used with this Hearthstone. The Charm set will still have to remain Thematically accurate to the type of Creature the possessor is; And to a lesser degree to the character's personality.
    • A God of Death might have a charm that premmaturely ages a person
    • A God of Healing might create a charm that allow someone to heal faster than what his normal charm allows
    • A God of Season might be able to create a charm that instantly bring forth his respective season against Celestial Order
    • A Solar might create a charm that instantly finishes tiger warrior technique training
      • Lyta will create the Solar Hero Style Martial Arts Charm: "Meteor Driver"
        • A kick that is so impossibly fast creates a massive shockwave and kicks right through the incoming attack(s) to hit the original attacker
    • A Lunar might create a charm that allows unattainable physical speed
    • A Sidereal might freeze time to allow him arrange a scene to his liking
    • A Dragon-Blooded might fire a time bolt that disintegrates whatever it via a 1000 year of decay
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