Remembrance of the Brave

A unique version of the 4 Dot Solar Hearthstone "Warrior's Stone"

4 Dot Solar Manse, Aofe's Final Resting Place

This Solar hearthstone is a translucent green slab that is hand carved by Aofe's herself. As the carvings are not original part of the Hearthstone, the one that reforms will be perfectly smooth - turning into a standard Warrior's Stone

The translucent slab have countless faint striations within. If one study long enough it almost seems like battle marks left over from countless battles. Aofe's carving then becomes a critique of the various techniques and allows someone with sufficient insight (Melee 4) to self-teach their advancement (up to Melee 7). Each scene of these studies is an social attack establishing positive intimacy of "Honorable Combat" with an attack strength of 12 Successes. The Social attack is not intentional but merely her personality leaking out onto her critique.

Mechanically, the stone gives its bearer a better understanding of the Essence of the body, adding +3 to the accuracy of the bearer's melee (i.e. close range combat, not just the Melee Ability) attacks.

If it is socketed in a melee weapon it adds +3 to the weapon's defense rating as well.

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