Withering Gem

5 Dot Manse

This translucent, apparently damaged black rectangle enables its bearer to inflict deadly ailments on others. To use the stone, the bearer spends 1 mote of Essence, and his player attempts a resisted, reflexive (Willpower + Essence) roll against the target. If the target’s player fails this roll, her character automatically contracts a magical illness with a Morbidity equal to the bearer’s permanent Essence, and a Difficulty to Treat and Treated Morbidity equal to half the bearer’s permanent Essence (round up). The symptoms resemble consumption (see Exalted, p. 351). While the character is ill, she suffers a -3 internal penalty to all actions. This disease can be treated normally with charms and alchemical cures, but cannot be treated with normal medicine. The character can use this stone as often as desired, but the disease is not contagious.

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