Completed Arcs

Red Title: These are Arcs vital to the story development

character:redfamine's Escape
  • (Completed in Session 37)
  • using a make shift zombie army of 600 to delay the Solars Red Famine managed to escape into the Desert

The Need for Celestial Wine
  • (Completed in Session 40)
  • an verbal agreement1 has been reached for the Guild to provide the Golden Custodian of North and East 20 bottles of Celestial Wine at an undisclosed price.
  • Properly used with the Thaumaturgy that is newly created by Fear Eater, it could turn Seven Bounties Paste into an even more potent cure for disease
  • The resulting gel when ingested will cure even the Embrace of Decay - though it will not cure the Great Contagion.
  • Each cup of wine can produce enough to cure 80 people, that means each bottle can be used to manufacture 240 doses.
  • The Guild already delivered 7 bottles while the Players are in Nexus
  • While Celestial Gods is not suppose to interceed in terrestrial affairs, Arhlat, Leeayata, Shinning Flower, Wu Jan, and various other Gold Faction and/or Mortal Supporters (both overt and secret) have donated what they could without running awful of the law prohibiting Mortals from having and partaking Celestial Wine.
    • Total of 1000 bottles spread over the next year are on its way to Rathess
  • Once Fear Eater gets access to few live people with the infection he can come up with a different thaumaturgy that only need the Solar Anima and Seven Bounties Paste - eliminating the need for Celestial Wine all together.
    • Unless the Player risks bring the disease to yet another corner of Creation, this will have to wait till Fear Eater finishes with Fallen Lapis and the thousands of plagues that seeps in because of the Blood Monsoon Spell.
      • Around 2-7 month's time
    • Once Dagnir arrives it will be too late to send speciments. He will not allow the transport of anyone with the disease dead or alive, away from the major infection zones.

Discover leads on "Mecca"
  • (Completed in Session 39)
  • While the players know that the Atlantean Lotus is intimately connected to Mecca, The Lissome Halo of Golden Annihilation there is currently no way for the characters to know that.
  • The Characters found hints of an Atlantis Savant who died over 1000 years ago
  • The Characters arrived at the location of his tomb and managed to find the Amaterasu Missive which was immediately taken by "Deathknights of Thorns." Fortunately the characters managed to decipher enough words to know that Mecca might be on Atlantis.

Alabaster Eye of the Heaven's Moonsilver Tattoos
  • (Completed in Session 39)
  • Before she enters the Wyld and acquire Chimera Points
  • Luna appeared before the Tamuz, The Ancient of the South and told him that they need to apply the Moonsilver Tattoo to one of her chosen.
  • Tamuz sent Taokaka the Kitten of Chiaroscuro, Kali the Ivory Siaka and I'tesham the Flawless Predator to retrieve the girl
  • While on the way Tamuz sent word they are also to barter with the Solars for the cure's formula, and that 4 bottles of Celestial Wine are on the way to them as trade goods.
  • The 3 Lunars told Alabaster Eye of the Heaven their purpose and she went with them willingly.
  • The 3 left with the girl to meet the messenger that is bring the 4 bottles of wines. Unknown to the other 3, Taokaka already stole half, her theft was discovered soon after they left Chiaroscuro. The theft is already done so the other 2 just decided to keep it and consider it part of the "trade".
  • I'tesham returned to the Solars with 4 bottles of Celestial Wine, 1 bottle more than what is required to recreate what they took.
  • Alabaster Eye of the Heaven was returned 2 weeks later

The Focus of Events
  • (Completed in Session 40)
  • For as long as only a few people knows the route to Mecca the Sidereals might still attempt to contain it. Their regulars have attempted and failed. Perhaps now its time to send a pro.
  • When Flawless Oak attempted to inform anyone of the hint they recovered he was almost killed. Facing an invisible enemy that is patient and cruel, he nonetheless risked his life to send the message again. Fortunately the message went through, and the information is now out there.

[Semi] Heartfelt Reunion
  • (Completed in Session 40)
  • The long lost friend , the only one in the world, of Alabaster Hand of the Heaven met up with the Solars in Chiaroscuro. He was there helping containing plague and manufacturing the cure.
  • The two reconnected without losing a beat, and had the side-effect of leaving Flawless Oak on the sidelines as the two old friends reminisced and resolved things that Flawless Oak had no involvement in.

Save Chiaroscuro from the Embrace of Decay
  • (Completed in Session 40)
  • With Yu-Shan and Creation mobilized to stem the catastrophic development in the South, the plague of Chiaroscuro is finally under control and the south is [relatively] safe
    • Relative because the Death Knights now have the means to create entire armies of sentient zombies without wasting motes
  • For their active efforts and struggles in the months of the quarentine Alabaster Hand of the Heaven and Flawless Oak gained the gratitude of the Jewel of the South

Cold Turkey
  • (Completed in Session 40)
  • Flawless Oak realized the depth of his problems when instead of striking the Dema Sutra he struck instead the Golden Custodian of South and West
  • The original hope of Hastha-sth is that the young lawgiver would overcome this demonic influence of his own will. After proving that the will is insufficient and the events of the world dictated Flawless Oak's alleviation from bondage, Hastha-sth exorcised the artifact personally.
  • While it could have done behind close doors and without Flawless Oak's involvement, she decided to involve the Sun-Blessed in the daily rituals of Sunset and the offering of sins. It is her sincerest hope that the flawed oak will find solace in the image of their father and achieve a deeper spirituality.
    • It did not seems to have worked. Flawless Oak before and after the transformative experience appears to be the same. Still fixiated on sex and women, though no longer limited to the demonic kind.
    • Hastha-sth still holds hope however

Supression of Han-Tha at Sijon
  • (Completed in Session 40)
  • Little does Alabaster Hand of the Heaven and Laoghaire know the Cannibal Cult they busted is a newly found one devoted to the worship of the Forbidden God Han-Tha.
  • With the frequency of Gods and Solars visiting Rathess, Han-Tha have escaped far trying to regain his footing
  • Finally establishing an small base near Sijorn (City of the Dead) the God of Necrophage, thought himself safe
  • As it turns out it is yet another Solar that booted him out of house and home
  • The Solar even killed his newly gained minion

Oath between Andraste and the GC of S&W
  • (Completed in Session 40)
  • Being a Solar Sister, the Golden Custodian of South and West will give Andraste the benefit of the doubt
  • For she is known to aid the enemies of Solars. Namely for giving aid to the remenants of the Tepet Legions and organized and led them through the East to safety of the Scavenger Lands.
  • If she wishes to remain in Chiaroscuro (which is one of the staging grounds for the Solar Invasion of the Blessed Realm) an Eclipse Oath between the two are required.
  • She is pretty much required to not to divulge anything she learn from her proxmity to the Solar War Concil and Chiaroscuro, knowingly, of her own volition, and without either Golden Custodian's Permission, to any enemies of Solar that she is aware of.
  • Since Flawless Oak is the closest known Eclipse Caste it falls upon him to seal this Oath between Andraste and the Golden Custodian of South and West
    • The Oath was already spoken, it only befalls Flawless Oak to seal it with his Anima
  • I assume Flawless Oak will do this, if not another Eclipse will be asked to do this
  • With this done Andraste now have full access to the City as opposed to just the Guild Regions

A Matter of Etiquette
  • (Completed in Session 40)
  • Not wanting to shame Alabaster Hand of the Heaven in public, Dagnir made no issue of his lack of manners.
  • He would have summoned Alabaster Hand of the Heaven and Flawless Oak upon his return to Chiaroscuro for Dinner
  • Over drinks he would mention that it is incredibly rude to use charms during interactions with fellow Solars without notifying the other party.
    • In olden days duels have been fought over it.
    • In the Solar Deliberative Chamber all charm use are immediately identified and unsanctioned charm use are considered grounds for temporary banishment
  • While you two are the saviors of War Captain’s city, so he will make no waves over this one faux pas. Other brothers and sisters might not be so understanding. It harms the whole family when bad feelings are fostered amongst siblings, so you guys should be aware of this in any future dealings.
    • He would also mention that these sort of rules are quite common amongst Essence Users, such as the Spirit Courts or Yu-Shan.

Don't Ask Don' Tell
  • (Completed in Session 40)
  • A haggard Laoghaire dragged himself to Alabaster Hand of the Heaven's room, bruised, clothing ripped, covered in bird dung, scratching all over himself and declared "DO NOT ASK ANYONE TO HELP YOU IN RELATIONS TO TATTOO… EVER!!! AND IF SOME FOOL TRIES TO HELP YOU THEN TELL HIM TO SHUT THE U%)*)#% UP!"

Reclamation of Paragon
  • (Completed in Session 41)
  • Klytaimnēstra have entered the Hall of Paragon and accepted the homage of the Paragon of Paragon.
  • The Time for Golden Ascendsion is not at hand and she did not reclaime her birthright. Paragon of Paragon is still ruler though Scarlet Whisper is released from her oaths of loyalty.
  • Paragon decleared his independence from the Realm and expelled the Scarlet Empire Garrisons.
  • Hijra were given generous allocation of land near Paragon for settling and the elder council have met with the Paragon and Klytaimnēstra
  • Representative have been sent to all the Delzhan Clans for the Great Gathering

Amythest Crowned Beauty

Divine Bribery
  • (Completed in Session 41)
  • Laoghaire, Son of Caomhánach have angered the capricious and dangerous Incarna, Luna. He is desperate to make amendse
  • He is going to try to establish a temple to Luna in Chiaroscuro
    • Session 40: Laoghaire established an Temple to the Celestial Incarna in Chiaroscuro with the Golden Custodian's permission. The curse by Lunar seems to have abated. Still not taking chances Laoghaire now offers regular prayer and sacrifice to Luna.

Golden Arbitration

Welcome to Air Pollo
  • (Completed in Session 42)
  • Jalith have sent Sergent Pollo to Rathess to help you guys reach the West
  • The Proteus is only around 3000 lbs, that is half of what Sargent Pollo can carry
  • Sergent Pollo is Tireless when soaring above the clouds close to the Heavenly Firmament so he can fly non-stop (though he need to land to eat) at a speed of around 80mph
  • That means he travels around 1920 miles per day, or 13,440 miles per week. He can get you guys to the edge of the world in less than 2 weeks.
    • Stopping only about 3 times for him to Eat
    • You guys can move around him using his harness
    • Proteus is strapped to his belly so you guys can just climb down there when you want shelter
  • You guys will then have to get into Proteus and he will fly down into the troughs of the wave as deep as he can and you guys can pull the release lever and jettison the submersible into the side of the wave so you guys don't fall as much
    • Just imagine how cool it is to fly on a Giant Eagle the size of a 747, with him descending sideways like a surfer into a collapsing wave about a mile high. Just the sheer noise of the event would be incredible.
    • Then the gentle (or not so gentle) landing and the sudden reduction in noise and light as you guys plunge into the lightless trough of the wave.
  • The characters could not penetrate deep into the West due to the unexpected serverity of the Storm.
    • Fortunately Nebhet Hotep went against Lunar's instructions and ventured with the Solars on the Atlantis Expedition.
    • The Lunar Elder was Leviathan sent to retrieve her by any means.
  • The insertion into the wave was sucessfully unfortunately the quirky-ness and the rushed job Fire Orchid did on the Proteus Launch Harness occured on its first real life use. The harness opened and ejected the Proteus into the wave like a torpedo, but it jammed and was not able to close. Sergent Pollo surprised by this and being so close to the wave crashed and was going to drown. Fortunately the Solars managed to save Pollo from a watery death.
  • In exchange for Alabaster Eye of the Heaven's compliance Leviathan delivered the Solars deep into the Middle Marches and deposited them at the edge of the Deep March where Atlantis should have been.
    • Leviathan bypassed the Atlantis Defense Network in the Boarder Marches

The Atlantis Expedition
  • (Completed in Session 044)
  • Flawless Oak's Atlantis Trip Notes
  • Now that the character have located a solid hint of Mecca their next step is to go to Atlantis and perhaps find more information about location of Mecca there
  • The Voyage is far, a full 9 month on a standard sail craft and will most likey be treacherous.
    • Moray Darktide would have been the player's best choice, but at las he has obligations to his liege.
    • He however referred another Solar sister, Ocean Pearl with the advice to not drop his name.
  • The Solars needing to beat Throns to whatever hints of Mecca that exists in Atlantis travelled instead via Air Pollo and safely arrived at the Deep Wyld where fragments of Atlantis dwell
  • With the bargin struck with the Court of the Evanescent Lotus the Alabaster Hand of the Heaven, Flawless Oak and Laoghaire, Son of Caomhánach managed to enter the Isle of Dawn and retrieve Mecca, The Lissome Halo of Golden Annihilation
  • Without the Power of Mecca to ward off the Deep Wyld, the last land of Atlantis dissolved into the Wyld

Protean Death
  • (Completed in Session 044)
    • Being non-functional and non-portable the Solars have no choice but to leave it behind at the Court of Evanescent Lotus
    • Unable to withstand the Deep Wyld such long duration the Proteus has warped into an abomination that can no longer exist in Creation proper

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