Princess Maker (Exalted Edition)

First 20 Weeks of them being together (Session 30)

  • Witnessed little else other than Religious Training
  • Was with the Player at his Month long non-stop Meditation sessions
  • No social exposure to others
  • No persistent attempt made by the player to discovering her origins
  • No participation or witness any constant combat training
  • Player seems ok with her living her life as a passive observer

Result: Perception is now at 2 (from 1), Raise Temperance to 2 (from 1), Occult at 1, Prayer Specialty for Performance, Learned Old Realm
Total Age: 9 5/61

Next 5 Week (Session 30)

  • Took her on the road with a Litter and 6 Female Solar House Guard as her litter bearer and handmaidens

Result: Resistance Specialty: Tolerate Heat and Humidity +1
Total Age: 9 9/61

Next 6 Week (Session 31)

  • Kept her with the refugees and always carried by someone. Her feet rarely touch the ground.
  • Alabaster Hand of the Heaven mainly focused on his own training – keeping his own skills sharp.
  • Flawless Oak is non-existent in her daily life. There is no interaction; in fact he does not treat her s if she exists at all.
  • Alabaster Hand of the Heaven’s treatment of her is a line marking that he “spent time ” with her – about 4 hours a day. It was changed to 9 hours at the GM’s criticism.
  • Nothing extraordinary happened.

Result: Dexterity drop down to 1, Weight increase (now plump), Compassion now at 2
Total Age: 9 15/61

Next 11 Week (Session 32)

  • Has spent ~6 month in Riverspeak immersion
  • Feed her sweets and anything else that seems interesting
  • Reserves 4 hours a day trying to entertain her
    • Though she is constant around him and observing
  • Tried to lecture her about Occult
  • Carries her everywhere
    • Put her in the Prison Armor whenever there are hints of danger
    • Until Flawless Oak convinced Alabaster that it is not a good thing
  • Nothing extraordinary happened

Result: Temperance is now at 3, Integrity is at 1, Language: River Speak
Total Age: 9 26/61

Next 5 Days (Session 33)

  • Keyword has been Spoken
  • Warned Arianna of the consequence of her Meddling and Arianna backed down
  • Commanded Ma-Ha-Suchi to leave and was annoyed at the obstinance of the Ancient Lunar
  • Stayed behind during the Fall of Lapis in Hagia Sophia while Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven left to chase the Assassin.

Result: No Mechanical Changes
Total Age: 9 26.5/61

Next ~6 Hours (Session 34)

  • Stayed at Hagia Sophia sitting on the Bull of the North’s Shoulders
  • Saw the horrors of the Underworld First Hand
  • Saw the two best Solar Archers in action first hand

Result: Intimacy: Hate Sentient Undead-, Intimacy: Pity Mindless Undead+, Intimacy: Admire Yurgen Kaneko+, Intimacy: Love of Archery+, Favorite Skill “Archery” Activated
Total Age: 9 26.5/61

Next 6 Days (Session 35)

  • Stayed with Kaneko at the Manse for most of the time Alabaster Hand of the Heaven was at the refugee camp
  • Rewarded Flawless Oak with her Lunch Bun for his hard work at saving people
  • Went with Alabaster Hand of the Heaven and Flawless Oak to Nexus with a Layover at Great Fork
    • Alabaster Hand of the Heaven got her an everyday dress
  • Picked out a Puma Masquerade Mask and a Silver Ballroom Gown for the Ball/Orgy at Nexus
  • Flawless Oak is the one that protected her during the sneak attack on their carriage on their way to the party
  • Left as soon as she entered the Party Hall and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven followed

Result: No Mechanical Changes
Total Age: 9 27.4/61

Next 8 Days (Session 36)

  • Stayed with Alabaster at the Merchant Prince’s Guest Mansion
    • All the well trained flattering/butt-kissing servants constantly mentioning
      • How honored they were to be serving Kaneko’s representatives
      • How the east is so much better now Kaneko has kicked out the realm
      • How they wish whole heartily that Kaneko will reach a peaceful resolution with the East
  • Alabaster monopolizes her time
    • Alabaster tried to teach her the basics of reading and writing (around 3-4 hours a day)
      • The Virtue of Instruction means Alabaster is more conservative, the personal interaction leaks through his lack of compassion for people’s suffering
      • Alabaster made no attempt to teach her right and wrong – she just learns by absorption
  • Was with Alabaster at the Shootout outside the Overjoyed Kisser Salon.
    • She was not at the actual fight as she wandered off
    • She found the Mercenary/Assassin responsible for causing the fight and took his artifact
      • While she did not threaten the Mercenary the unusual circumstance of their meeting cowed the Mercenary into giving up the item
    • Upon discovery of her with an actual artifact Alabaster did not doubt or follow up on the manner by which she acquired it.
  • Remained at the mansion with the servants when Alabaster went to investigate the location of Flawless Oak’s disappearance


  • Her Compassion will go down if her only significant interaction is with Alabaster Hand of the Heaven
    • Should her Compassion drop her other Virtues will be effectively capped at the new Compassion (Primary Virtue) – the actual trait is not lowered
  • On her way of getting Linguistics [Whatever Language David mentioned] (1) [24/168 hours]
  • Intimacy Priority Change
    • Admire Yurgen Kaneko+ above Hating Sentient Undead-
    • Hating Sentient Undead- below Pity Mindless Undead+
  • Intimacy Gained
    • Comfort+ below Alabaster Hand of the Heaven+
    • Peace in the East+ below Admire Yurgen Kaneko+
    • Oppose Realm Oppression- below Peace in the East+

Intimacy Lost: Hating Sentient Undead- Due to Hitting Intimacy Cap of 7
Total Age: 9 28.5/61

About a Half a Year passed (Session 37-38)

  • Tried to return EVA to original owner
    • To Darktide's First Mate's detriment
    • Starting to do things that is right without regards to the difficulty imposed on other people (Conviction +1)
  • Strange Event Happened with the Zombie Bodies
    • Hit Incapacitation on Bash Damage
  • Had a taste of home and is feeling rather homesick
  • Almost 10


  • Conviction is now at 2
  • Learned Linguistics [Whatever Language David mentioned] (1)
  • Started Learning Linguistics [Flame Tongue] (30/168)
  • Started Learning Medicine (11/168)
  • Learned her First Charm: Ox-Body Technique: Gain -2 (4)
  • Resistance is now at 1
  • Intimacy Priority Change
    • None
  • Intimacy Gained
    • Save People from Undead+
  • Intimacy Lost
    • Pity Mindless Undead+ Due to Hitting Intimacy Cap of 7

Total Age: 9 60/61

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