Timeline: Session 34

63/10/29 19:20: The Fall of Lapis
63/10/29 20:10: The death of The Assassin from Thorns
63/10/29 20:35: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven assumed control of the Spartan 300 at Gate #5
63/10/29 20:50: Flawless Oak arrived at Gate #6
63/10/29 21:20: Flawless Oak fortified Gate #6 with his Wood Path Charm
63/10/29 21:25: The Labryinth as been called to the surface by the Hekonmonchire and the resulting earthquake knocked down most of the city. The Walls and Manse, being built with older and truer skill, was not damaged.
63/10/29 21:45: The First Wave of Zombies started attacking the Gates
63/10/29 21:50: Flawless Oak took over command of Gate #4's beleagered and breaking Auxiliaries
63/10/29 22:10: The First Wave of Hungry Ghost mixed with Zombies were defeated at Alabaster's Gate
63/10/29 22:20: The First Wave of Zombies were defeated at Flawless Oak's Gate
63/10/29 22:24: Embassy from Thorns convinced Flawless Oak to talk to Bull of the North on their behalf, while they guard Gate #4 from forces trying to break out
63/10/29 22:27: The Blood Moonsoon Spell is cast
63/10/29 22:30: Alabaster's Spartan 300 started to built makeshift shalter from the rain by stripping the local area of materials
63/10/29 22:39: Flawless Oak witnessed the Death of the Nephwrack who called forth the Blood Moonsoon at the hands of Rhianna, Jalith, Fire Orchid, and Samea
63/10/29 22:40: Flawless Oak gained the Embassy permission to meet with Bull of the North and returns with Calvery to his gate
63/10/29 23:00: Flawless Oak returns to Gate #4, informed the Embassy of the audience and left the Calvery Units there to guard the gate while he joins up with Alabaster Hand of the Heaven
63/10/29 23:18: Flawless Oak arrives at the Gate, just when the Nephwrack has ensourced Alabaster's entire unit.
63/10/29 23:23: Alabaster rushed thorugh the troops that betrayed him to toss Flawless Oak the damsel in distress and was heavily wounded. Flawless Oak ran into the city with the woman and the Spartan 300 followed in Pursuit.
63/10/29 23:25: The Spectre Possessed Zombies of Newphrack rushed through Gate #5 and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven, wounded and alone, cannot stop them. He started to give chase and struck down as many as he can
63/10/29 23:27: The Sanguine Rain starte pouring down in clumps and waves, reducing visibility to 10 feet and spreading horror in a 6 mile radius
63/10/29 23:30: Newphwrack continues to draw the Undeads to her to wear down her "protector" as a cruel game of cat and mouse
63/10/29 23:40: Realizing that she Gate #5 is completely open, the Nephwrack ditched her game and started to escaped the City
63/10/29 23:42: Finally dispatching the 2 assailants, Flawless Oak realized he has lost the girl. He tried to locate her and gave up due to low visibility. Instead he tried to make his way back to Gate #5, to see how Alabaster of the Heaven is fairing. To no avalie, visibility is too poor and he is too experienced in the ways of the wild to tell direction and ended up lost in the maze like passages between the devestated buildings.
63/10/30 00:24: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven after nearly an hour of exertion in bloody mud upto his calfs, wounded, sickened and alone gave up his pursuit of the Zombie Horde. At that point more than 200 lay broken and slain on the road.
63/10/30 00:25: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven was mercilessly pressed into to mud a foot deep by the Bronze Faction Celestial Lion Leader, and questioned. Satisified that this Solar is not the cause nor has much information regarding this great atrocity the Celestial had no choice but to let him go and went towards Lapis to find ones who might know more.
63/10/30 00:27: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven crumbled against a tree by the side of the road, drenched in blood mud and too tired to even clean himself, tried to rest his body.
63/10/30 00:41: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven was greeted by the Celestial Censor and given ambrosia refreshment. After the Censor heard of his first hand accounts he was carried by Gold Faction Celestial Lion Leader on his back. The Gold Faction was delayed by having 3 of their lions go out of their way to destroy the zombie horde they encountered. The Bronze Faction did not waste time on such terrestrial matters.
63/10/30 00:49: Bronze Faction Celestial Lions bumped into Flawless Oak and informed him of the true nature of the woman he was trying to locate. Flawless Oak used the lunar charm to track her and the chase is on. The Celestial Lions ignored the Solar and followed the scent of corruption. They went deeper into the city to the corpse of the Hektonmonchire
63/10/30 00:52: Dagnir saw the Essence locked into Flawless Oak's Scene Long Charms with his Ro-Ha's Lense and dropped down to pick him up. For the first time Flawless Oak met Kai.
63/10/30 00:54: Dagnir stopped by Gate #5 and deployed the dozen Astartes Legionarii with him to keep the gate sealed. The 2 Solars and the Astartes Primarch went forth to hunt down the nephwrack
63/10/30 01:01: The Celestial Censor caught up with the Nephwrack and the Celestial Lion soon had the thing trapped under his giant paws. The Honor of the Kill went to the Lawgiver (Alabaster Hand of the Heaven) because he is capable [of permanently killing the thing] and it is his right for it is a terrestrial crime. Flawless Oak, Dagnir and Kai arrived around the same time.
63/10/30 01:04: The Celestial Censor and Escort said their good byes (they are going on their way for their investigation) and before parting the Celestial Lion Leader gave the bad news about Aata's crime. He gave his condolences when Dagnir decleared himself Aata's circlemate.
63/10/30 03:19: The last Spectre was killed by Alabaster, Dagnir, Flawless Oak, and Kai.
63/10/30 03:52: The 3 Solars and Kai returned to hunt down the deserters. With the Nephwrack dead, the magic no longer cloud the mortals' judgements. The Spartan 300 was repentenant and Alabaster with tempered by Flawless Oak issued the punishment of stripping the warriors of their honors and 30 lashes. From this day forward they will not be considered warriors till they are redeamed by their actions

  • The Players have asked and GM approved that the leader of the 300, Leonidas will eventually exalt as Third Tier Solar as the culmination of his quest for redemption (but not with in the next 5-6 years).

63/10/30 04:14: With the Gate #5 safely guarded by Astartes, Dagnir and Flawless Oak, Aata heavily wounded (at -2) and severely fatigued returned to Hagia Sophia to seek medical aid. There the Ambrosia infused second wind kicked in and refreshed him. He set forth to use his medical skills to aid the staff of the hospice - helping the severely wounded and infected soldiers who was sent back because they can no longer fight.
63/10/30 05:27: Blood Rain stopped as if someone turned off a switch. Within minutes the entire sky opened up, releaving the sickly pale red moon of the Shadowlands and the intoxincating beautify yet errie Blood Lilies. Finally the trial is over, and the very very few survivors of Fallen Lapis saw the devestation and corruption that lay before them. The momumental task of purifying Lapis will begin tomorrow after the troops and the solars recover from the heavy fighting.

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