Timeline: Session 37

64/XX/XX XX:XX: The Nomad Delzhan Hordes have been harassing the entire Harborhead supply line for the last year with devestating results. Harborhead military is so taxed that they have all but abandoned the boarder towns. Raiders penetrate deep into the region and trade can only be conducted by sea. The Nomad have used the sacking of Chiaroscuro as the proof that the Tri-khan has erred. Now the Nomad clans vie with each other to claim the Tri-khan tiera - since Tri-khan Ahasuerus' only surviving family member is a daughter and lacks the proven prowess to inherit the title.
64/01/04 XX:XX: The Chiaroscuro Refugees struck a bargin with Paragon. The men and their sons will serve as Mercenaries of the Prefect in exchange for land and provisions. The Nomad Tribes laugh at this and many demanded the handing over of the Emira (Princess). With the Nomads growing ever stronger the Generals decided to sent Emira Hadassah Ruya I'timad out of Delzhan range for fear she might be kidnapped and forcibly wed.
64/01/27 06:49: Andraste left Nexus and ventured towards Rathess on Azure Chariot. Arriving at the edge of the Jungle in 2 days and started the rest of the pilgrimage on foot through the Jungles of the East.
64/02/02 21:42: Ahmed Latif (Twilight 18) exalted when the unit he was embedded with was ambushed by the Dune People while escorting the Emira Hadassah Ruya I'timad to Gem.
64/02/09 00:00: Flawless Oak was released from location:menagerieoffathomlessfreedom with a Tramp Stamp and a Instruction Manual
64/02/09 00:15: Taking only enough time to find an large enough cistern in the Nexus Sewers, Flawless Oak immediately put his newly acquire sorcerous knowledge to work. The Instruction Manual prove to be true and Flawless Oak now possess all the tools required to satisfy his depravity.
64/02/12 XX:XX: The Salt Negotiation was completed successfully with the Guild. The Golden Custodian of North and East now have enough salt to destroy the Shadowland of Fallen Lapis
64/02/14 XX:XX: Still recovering from his ordeal in Malfeas Flawless Oak was unable to travel. Alabaster remained behind with him in the Palace of the Merchant Prince Eliseo Baldovini di Vista Chiaro
64/02/15 15:22: Alerted by Infallible Messenger, Flawless Oak met Darktide's crew on the slopes of Nexus. Moray Darktide was critical wounded in a duel with the traitorous Gladrien Vanja of Thorns
64/02/16 22:14: Fear Eater arrived in Nexus and tended to Darktide's wounds. He brought with him the newly finished Tacticoolâ„¢ gears of Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven
64/02/16 06:40: With Fallen Lapis still in turmoil, Fear Eater left as soon as the sun peaked over the horizon
64/02/23 XX:XX: In the week that followed, while Flawless Oak and Darktide recovered, the plan to save Gladrien Vanja from the clutches of Thorns was hatched
64/03/11 XX:XX: Having finally found Gladrien Vanja the 3 Solars failed to persuade her rejoin their side. Gladrien Vanja admitted to her complicity in Aata's plan to gain power enough to destroy all Solar kind - for their inherent flaws and the danger they bring to the world.
64/03/13 XX:XX: Humbled the 3 Solars managed to escape their Escorts and returned to the Cove where Darktide anchored his ship. Darktide went south to inform the Custodian of South and West of the development, while Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven left toward Rathess
64/03/22 XX:XX: Hagia Sophia is converted to a War Academy and Fallen Lapis become training grounds for the Bull of the North's Armies. character:dace gained Legendary Warrior Training Technique and became the Dean.
64/03/28 XX:XX: Realm Survivors meet up with Tepet Ejava at Port Calin and started their march towards the Imperial City - feeling their shamereflected on the faces of everyone they meet.
64/04/24 09:14: Dawn 10: Yushev Agrias Oaks
64/05/22 13:22: Flawless Oak returned to Rathess, but first storing the Demon Sutra in the Nameless Vault. He was surprised by the wedding awaiting him at the Great Pyramid of the Unconquered Sun, and ashamed with his transgressions he elected to not face his wife. 7 days of purifaction followed
64/05/26 XX:XX: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven returned to Rathess with 11 suriving Pilgrims in tow. The Pilgrims were immediately attended to by the Neophytes. Alabaster Hand of the Heaven immediately sought out Alabaster Eye of the Heaven, only to find that she is no where to be found
64/05/28 XX:XX: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven finally found word that Alabaster Eye of the Heaven left Rathess of her own volition with Darktide's First Mate. Alabaster Hand of the Heaven decided to wait for an Azure Chariot User or an Astarte Airship. Since both would still be faster than trekking through the Jungle on foot.
64/06/01 13:48: The meditation prove fruitless Flawless Oak sought the wisdom of Hastha-Ssth and was set on the penance that he must destroy the icon of his corruption - the Demon Sutra. Absoluted, Flawless Oak immediately proceeded to the Nameless Vault and cast the Demon Sutra into the flames as ritual sacrifice to Unconquered Sun as a show of his sincerity. The Demon Sutra was instantly vaporized.
64/06/01 19:11: Flawless Oak finally faced his heartbroken Fiancee and formally broke off the engagement. Citing his shame and his need to devote himself to the salvation of Creation instead of personal happiness. He assured that she will be the mistress of the house for as long as she wish and legitimized his bastard son (even though Rathess have no such distinction).
64/06/02 14:22: With Dagnir arriving in Rathess, Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven asked to be taken to Nexus. At the same time Flawless Oak asked if he can name his son "Balan" in honor of the War Captain (and Dagnir's circlemate). To which Dagnir answered gladly, and became the child's God Father.
64/06/03 20:14: Arriving in Nexus it took Flawless Oak no time to track down Alabaster Eye of the Heaven. She is in the market looking to return Eva to the proper owner - after Flawless Oak's lesson of not taking from others dishonorably.
64/06/04 07:22: Summoned by the Golden Custodian of North and East, Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven gave their account of what occured with Gladrien Vanja. The 2 Custodians and the Circle of the Bull went to Thorns to get some answers.
64/06/05 12:42: Waiting at the Boarder Fort the Solars were greeted by Mask of Winter's Chief General Maiden of the Mirthless Smile sporting her ever present smile. Undaunted by the power arrayed before her, she calmly reminded the Solars of their treaty obligation signed into place by the War Captain and the peace treaty with the River Council. She also denied Thorn's involvement in any dispute with Moray Darktide and seems to be ignorant of Gladrien Vanja's existence. Without hard evidence the Custodians did not wish to start yet another war so soon, thus the Solars took the excuses at face value.
64/06/07 10:42: The Solars returned to Rathess with Alabaster Eye of the Heaven. Shortly after their arrival Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven was summoned to the Halls of the Great Pyramid by Kaneko. There they are tasked with the mission of recovering the Weapon that is required to fully activate the Solar Deliberative - a necessary step to establish Solar authority over all of Creation and as a means of cower those Solars who would be too vain to bow to the greater consensus.
64/06/07 14:14: In the last 8 month of research Arianna was able to pinpoint a hint of a clue located in Chiaroscuro and stated that this needle in the bottomless sea search is best started there.
64/06/19 06:22: Spending the next week under Arianna's tutelage, Flawless Oak managed to master the Azure Chariot and Infallible Messenger. Summoning the Chariot the 2 Solar and Alabaster Eye of the Heavens (holding Tyr) set forth to the Glass City of the South
64/06/24 11:12: What greeted them is an ghost city in the midst of a survival struggle against endless undead. Alabaster Hand of the Heavens immediately jumped down to rescue survivors while Flawless Oak delivered Alabaster Eye of the Heaven to the safety of the Royal Compound.
64/06/24 19:14: Alabaster Hand of the Heavens managed to save over 100 survivors in 8 hours of constant ambush and infection. Strangely there seems to be less and less undeads on the streets. What is unknown to him is that the zombies under the command of the infected General Laird James McCullen Destro XXIV was amassing an massive attack on the Royal Compound.
64/06/24 19:14: An unknown party (Red Famine, Abyssal of Eye and Seven Despair) assumed control over the Zombie army and held the Bride of Ahlat while the General in a clever ploy managed to infiltrate the royal archive. There he discovered the location of the vault that Red Famine desired. In his haste to escape he forgot to destroy the evidence which eventually led to Flawless Oak discovering the location of the vault as well.
64/06/24 20:32: Red Famine with the help of the City God and the Sewer God already placed his excavator at the right location and collapsed all means of entry. On top, at the Sol Mirrior, Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven can only make token attempts at reaching the depths.
64/06/24 22:43: Their negotiation with the City God fell through but luckily the Goddess of Sol Mirror risked her life to assist them - in exchange for the promise that the Solars will repair her tower. Having arrived ahead of Red Famine the Solar reached the vault and gained possession of the Atlantean Lotus.
64/07/09 22:54: Having arrived too late Red Famine used the Excavator to delay the Solars and with the Aid of the City God escaped the trap.
64/07/10 05:24: Having recovered her Essence, Goddess of Sol Mirror brought the Solars back to the surface. Where Alabaster Hand of the Heaven searched and found Alabaster Eye of the Heaven sleeping soundly in a circle of Zombie parts.

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