Session 040

64/08/16 19:53: As Alabaster Hand of the Heaven turned the latch on the door the door simply fell in two and a anime like spray of blood painted the portal and the space beyond with his blood. Deeply wounded and near dying Alabaster ran to draw the enemy away. Flawless Oak charged into the room hoping to delay the assassin with his life - for both solars are drained of Essence from their battle at the vineyard.
64/08/16 20:01: Alabaster ran straight to the Celluar and barricaded the door. Flawless Oak in the mean time carried the little girl following the trail of blood to the same location. Alabaster almost shot the people outside the door but his code forced him to only fire a warning.
64/08/16 20:44: Alabaster took refuge in the corner covering the door with his Gunblade while Flawless Oak stacked as much things in front of the door as he could find. Hoping to buy enough time for them to respire some Essence. The little girl was in the midst of limit break had to exit to get milk for Tyr and started to undo Flawless Oak's work. Believing she possessed, Flawless Oak had no choice but to hold her to the ground. The little girl transformed into her Spirit shape hoping to get free. Now that she has the strength of a small puma Flawless Oak barely managed to bundle her in some rope and gently placed her to the side.
64/08/16 23:53: Corner with Alabaster dying and the little girl possessed, Flawless Oak realize their desperate position. He knows they probably will not make it out alive but the information the Bull asked them to find must get out. He used what Essence he regained to cast Infallible Messenger and the invisible assassin who were in the room all this time struck.
64/08/16 19:53: Flawless Oak fell to the ground with a deep gash that barely missed his jugular. He tried to continue the spell but the damage was too great. It would appear they have failed the task entrusted by the Golden Custodian of North and East.
64/08/17 03:44: The Deathblow never came, the two solars are left on Death's Door. Flawless Oak used the last of his strength to finally deliver the connection between Mecca and Atlantis to Bull of the North and fell over. Finally overcame by his injuries.
64/08/16 19:53: Alabaster shaken to his roots, for he has never been so close to dying, abandoned his code in a moment of self-preservation. He hide in a corner, did nothing to save good people whom may be killed as he hide. He did not even interfer when the little girl was so roughly handled.
64/08/16 06:11: In the morning the cook tried to get supplies from the Celluar and found it blocked. She gotten the rest of the village and the solar's mecenaries to help and finally busted down the door. They took Flawless Oak to the local healer but Alabaster refuse to exit the celluar until he is fully healed. He even doubled the Mercenaries' pay if they stayed after such horrific sight - the huge trail of blood, the broken vineyard, etc.
64/09/11 XX:XX: Return of character:dace, Dagnir, character:kai, to the South to assume tempoary command of the Harborhead Host while Dagnir tends to the Death Cult in the deep south.
64/09/17 05:33: Exaltation: Leonardo da Vinci, Twilight 26
64/09/19 0:34: Weak willed and battered Flawless Oak chose to indulge in his dark vice. The Dema Sutra, which he thought he sacrificed, returned at his beconing and he summoned a blood ape for "comfort."
64/09/20 06:44: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven and Flawless Oak have fully recovered from their wounds - after a month of bed rest. By now their memory have been twisted by the Sidereal Effect and settled on two purple Wolf Beastmen wearing the regalia of Thorns. This is proof that Thorns is an enemy of the solars and that they are the ones who assassinated The Twilight. This information was passed on to Bull of the North as well. The two solars set off to return to Chiaroscuro via Azure Chariot.
64/09/20 19:54: The two solars returned to a revitalized Chiaroscuro with the Banner of the Golden Custodian of South and West on top of every battlement.
64/09/20 19:54: They landed in the courtyard of the Custodian Shrine (was the Tri-khan Palace) and was immediately granted audience to the Golden Custodian's person. There they were formally granted the Title of "Succor of Chiaroscuro" and a grand banquet in their name planned for the night next. Alabaster Hand of the Heaven was reunited with his long lost friend Laoghaire, Son of Caomhánach who arrived weeks earlier with thaumaturgists to help with containing the plague. This invaluable help managed to finally overcome the plague and save Chiaroscuro.
64/09/20 19:57: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven left the Golden Custodian's presence with his friend and talked throughout the night. By morning however they left to the East on Personal Business
64/09/20 23:12: Flawless Oak, unable to contain his guilt over his failed oath of repentance, sought the Gold Custodian in the dead of the night. He sought absolution and the Golden Custodian decreed he must be able to destroy the book of his own hands if he wish to break free of this taint. Handing over his diaklave Dagnir motioned for Flawless Oak to destroy the evil tome. Closing his eyes, Flawless Oak summoned all his strength and shakenly struck. What he heard was not the painful slice of leather and parchment, but a resounding clash of metal on metal. His hands opened from shocking realization and the Daiklave fell to the ground with a thunderous bang. He has invaded the persons of the Golden Custodian. Visited violence upon the holy office when he was trying to bring him absolution. Dagnir did not scold him, for he has no basis to critisize. Scarlet Whisper recounted to him all of the Celestial Court's proceedings. He knows what crime his circlemate Aata committed. He knows all too well the demonic temptation that can strike even the fairy-est of hearts. He sent Flawless Oak to one who might help. If character:hasthasth could not help this wayward brother, then no one can. He also sent word to Rathess that his Obsidian Sheath should be given to Flawless Oak as reward for saving Chiaroscuro and because he might need it on the days to come. Alabaster Hand of the Heaven is a Flamepiece user and the additional strength would not help him as much.
64/09/23 14:12: Flawless Oak arrived in Rathess and underwent several days of purification and cleansing before seeking Hastha-Sth. Unfortunately all the physical cleansing could do little for his soul, for he is tainted via Flaws from with in. Hastha-sth has long know this. She hoped that the guiding light and wisdom of the Unconquered Sun would save this one, but it seems Flawless Oak requires more direct intervension. Her hope of spiritual empowerment went unanswered as Flawless Oak ultimately could only pay lip service to faith. Even though he has underwent the purification, felt the might of his father flow through the earth vessel of Hastha-sth, knowing that everyday of his life is an miracle of his glorious progenitor, he has no faith.
64/09/24 18:12: Flawless Oak spent the day prior and the subsequent days talking to the newly arrived Solar Andraste and exploring the vast city of Rathess. A quick friendship have formed for Flawless Oak and he surprised himself when he invited Andraste to visit the Jewel of the South. Andraste gladly accepted the invitation but mentioned she would have to return for the Solar Conclave. Only hearing the acceptance, Flawless Oak went home to prepare for depature. Awaited at him is the Suit of Obsidian Sheath polished and prepared for his claim, along with the Note to that purpose.
64/09/20 20:12: Worrying about the fate of Flawless Oak, Hastha-sth visited Andraste, who is also a Priestess of the Unconquered Sun, in her garden and the two conversed at length about this new generation of Solars who seems to have little in connection with the Most On High.
64/09/26 14:42: Alabaster Hand of the Heavens arrived hours before Flawless Oak and tended to the bureaucratic business of food distribution and criminal punishment.
64/09/26 17:52: Instead of landing at the Custodian Shrine's courtyard, Flawless Oak decided to land at the outskirt of town. Together he strolled with Andraste (and her Lunar Mate, and the dematerialized 2nd Circle Demon guardian he is not aware of) through the city he saved. He displayed his proudest achievement for Andraste, the saving of the Jewel of the South, and was not disappointed by her reaction. He showed her the temples and districts and was only stopped when Andraste had to go to the Temple of the Unconquered Sun for night prayer. The two seperated and Flawless Oak temporarily released from his influation remembered he should report to Dagnir.
64/09/26 18:28: Flawless Oak reported to the Golden Custodian of the events of Rathess but the Golden Custodian seems shocked and incredibly irritated that Andraste is here in Chiaroscuro. Cutting the meeting short the Golden Custodian stormed out.
64/09/26 20:12: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven was summoned to private tea with the Golden Custodian, it were there that Dagnir tactfully informed Alabaster the etiquette about charm use between Solars.
64/09/26 22:28: The thunderous noise of the steam cannons brought Flawless Oak and Alabaster to the courtyard. Aided by the new suit of armor Flawless Oak carried Alabaster to the cannon fort in record time. The Watch officer informed them they were merely firing warning shots to signal the foreign ships not to approach.
64/09/26 22:38: Wanting to investigate this personally lest they meant harm to the good people of Chiaroscuro, Alabaster Hand of the Heavens went with Flawless Oak to the Customs Ship departing in the West Harbor.
64/09/26 23:10: The convoy is actually traders from Skullstone, fully laden with enough food to feed 50,000 people for a year. All this is offered at cost to those that could afford it, or free to those that could not. The Alms given by the Silver Prince. Alabaster is deeply suspicious however, but the fact that Moray Darktide is vessel to this magnanimous lord bears heavy weight.
64/09/26 23:16: Every convy ship is to be searched for contraband before any consideration could be done. The Golden Custodians descended on wings of golden flame and decleared to the Captain that him and his convoy are not welcome at the ports of the South. They are to leave as soon as the inspection is complete. Should they require repairs then on the fact a fellow brother is their ally, they will be allowed to dock but under quarentine. There will be no acceptance of this "gift."

Flawless Oak was shocked and torn. The food could alleviate so much suffering, but Dagnir is the Golden Custodian of South and West.
64/09/26 09:44: At the earliest possible moment Flawless Oak sought appointment with the Golden Custodian and was immediately granted audience. He mentioned his case to which Dagnir replied that should Darktide vouch for this then he would immediately accept it. As it stands, he will not accept an ambiguous offer from an source he know nothing about by a captain he instinctively dislike. Silence by Dagnir's reasonable explanation Flawless Oak immediately informed Darktide of what he needs to do. Moray replied to Golden Custodian short while later, congratulation him on his ascendancy as Golden Custodian and personally vouched for the quality of his Ruler and the truthfulness of this gesture. Thus the port of the South was open but with two infallible messenger spell.
64/09/26 11:44: Flawless Oak was summoned to the audience chamber. Andraste is already with Dagnir and the air is heavy. The oath was already spoken and Dagnir requires an Eclipse Caste to enforce it.
64/09/26 11:45: With the oath out of the way, Dagnir granted Andraste free range of the city and assigned 2 Astartes Sororitas to be her "guard." He then invited Flawless Oak to supervise the unloading and distribution of the food stuffs. He also mentioned that he is leaving Chiaroscuro for the deep south to quell the death cults, and Dace will be arriving to assume command of the city. In the mean time he means to place Alabaster Hand of the Heaven as interium administrator of the city and wanted Flawless Oak to breech the subject with his circlemate. He knows the Golden Custodian of North and East have sent them on a secret mission, so he is fine with them refusing the honor.

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