Timeline: Session 41

64/09/27 XX:XX: The 7 Mice of the Sun have reached Gladrien Vanja of Thorns, judged her as imposter and since they are already out, started to look for their friend, Gladrien Vanja of Rathess. A scale of creature:celestiallion was summoned and told to find Lyta and Gladrien Vanja.
64/09/27 11:25: Flawless Oak is summoned to the Custodian Shrine where he was appointed Grain Monitor overseeing the transfer and distribution of the Silver Prince Grain. He was given the honor of representing the Golden Custodian of South and West and seal the deal with Captain Ebon of Skullstone. The Ambassador of Skullstone masterfully ingratiated himself to Flawless Oak and the two decleared their friendship. They had such great conversation that Flawless Oak did not leave the ship until nightfall, even forgetting the Noon and Sunset prayers to the Unconqered Sun. Captain Ebon being a worldly man gave Flawless Oak some hints in regards to where Artifacts may be purchased - the closest is Paragon, and the biggest is Imperial City, Arjuf, Nexus, and White Wall.
64/09/28 08:45: Flawless Oak taken to the position of Grain Monitor like fish to water. He is now in an position to ensure that in 1/8th of Creation the horrors that happened to his family will not happen.
64/09/28 09:44: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven have made it his duty to take over the Criminal Investigation and Punishment of the Chiaroscuro Court System
64/10/01 12:44: The 2 Solars were summoned to the Custodian Shrine and were given the Scepter of Chiaroscuro enroute. They were informed that the Golden Custodian has already departed to Kirighest to meet General Dace, it is his command that his brothers, a concept Flawless Oak is a convert of, to oversee the city on his behalf.
64/09/30 07:42: Placing Laoghaire, Son of Caomhánach in the thank less job of Regent, the two Solar left for Paragon to see if any goods can be purchased that will advance the Atlantis Trip. They have with them a letter from the Golden Custodian to another Solar sister Horakinis and also a personal letter from Laoghaire to the same.
64/09/31 11:43: They are immediately stopped by Paragon Guards and fined for illegal parking of an vehicle with an additional fine for illegal use of sorcery within City Limits. From there one fine piled on top of another, and by the time the Solars arrived at the visitor orientation center they have already paid enough silver to feed an family for a month.
64/09/31 13:11: The orientation droned on and on and the solars cut it short by signing a waiver of liability. They found Horakinis without problem since she is quite famous locally for her good works in helping the locals preparing for any possible spreading of the Chiaroscuro plague.
64/09/31 18:22: After delivering the message and a quick discussion with the lovely Horakinis the 2 solars left the city to await the dawn. While in camp they were approached by an 7' tall knight in black armor with a cape of coords. The knight seems to be working for a Fair Folk Prince and offered Flawless Oak the fulfilment of his dreams if he joins his master. The knight even said that his master can even make Horakinis Flawless Oak's if he joins. A purposal that is as vile as it was tempting. At las the 2 Solars refused and the black knight left without incident.
64/09/31 19:58: The 2 Solars returned to Horakinis and informed her of the event. Speculating that the knight might be an low level servant of a Fair Folk Noble she nonetheless decided to depart the city - for the Knight knows her secret identity as a Solar, and Paragon is a Realm Satrap.

The night prevents her from using the Azure Chariot to escape, and thus she changed to her moss green traveling leathers and took her brothers to her schooner and set sail immediately.
64/10/04 5:58: With their Golden Father soon breaking through the horizon Horakinis had the schooner drop them off on a small isle. She did not wish her mortal crew see her anima and thus identify her as Solar. As the Solars rested before the sunrise, the Black Night appeared yet again. He again appealed to Flawless Oak's desire for Horakinis but was again refused. Again he left without incident, but this time proving his supernatural nature by walking over the sea. With 2 other Solar present Flawless Oak debated about detaining this mysterious stranger for clearifications, but with none of them able to do much on water he did nothing.
64/10/04 17:22: The Solars arrived in Chairoscuro, and was informed that The Brides of Arhlat at the command of their Master and Husband departed Chiaroscuro to the deep south. The Golden Custodian of South and West have sent Dace to Chiaroscuro to oversee the defense and security of the South. The custodian have also issued a general call to Solars of the South to unit and face this growing darkness and smash the Heart of the Octocrucian Fellowship. Already tasked for the recovery of Mecca, The Lissome Halo of Golden Annihilation, Alabaster and Flawless Oak did not join the expedition.
64/10/05 07:12: Horakinis left for Kirighest to join the Golden Custodian of South and West
64/10/05 08:14: Loaghaire had his revenge when Alabaster returned to court to face a mountain of hand picked cases that all require significant investigation but none serious enough to warrant death.
64/10/08 17:32: General Dace, the epithet:teachertolegends have arrived in Chairoscuro without fanfair and assumed control. Warm welcome and sincere congratulations were given to the 2 young Solars, including words of praise from the Golden Custodian of North and East on their good deeds in the South. The 3 Solars meet for a personal dinner where Dace caught the 2 Solars up on recent developments of the East. The formation of the War College, the Unification of the Hundred Kingdoms, the speeding up of formation of Undead Slayers in prepartion for the War with Thorns, and most importantly the preparation of an vessel suitable for Deep Western Ocean being prepared for them by Fire Orchid in Rathess.
64/10/11 18:11: On their return to Rathess the 2 Solars stopped by Nexus to meet with Guild Director Adrali to see if he can help in acquiring some artifact that will make a western trip easier. Directory Adrali ensured them of his discretion and set forth to see what he can do. The Solars accepted his hospitality and stayed overnight and left for Rathess in the Morning.
64/10/14 XX:XX: Pia's Exaltation (Lunar) and was soon recruited by the Gold Faction and delivered to the Cult of the Illuminated Southern Branch
64/10/14 10:14: The 2 Solars returned to Rathess and underwent the Purification Rites
64/10/15 18:47: With their spirit cleansed the group returned to Alabaster's home and realize it is going to be cramped with Laoghire there. Flawless Oak offered his guest wing to the Dragon Blooded and the group entered his home to a banquet in their honor. Shocked at the impropriety of an unknown Dragon-Blooded in such grand occasion Ticca tried to make best of it. Sensing the tension Laoghire tactfully withdrew himself to Alabaster's home and stayed there.
64/10/16 10:42: Not wanting Laoghire waste this rare opperturnity to visit such a Great City Flawless Oak took Laoghire on a sightseeing trip. Showing him all the sights Andraste showed him last time. They even encountered Leonardo da Vinci who muttered that the Submersible will not work, that they are wasting their time.
64/10/17 08:14: With Fire Orchid finally returned from testing, the Solars saw Proteus for the very first time. The test run did not go so well, but the ship performed within parameters. Fire Orchid assured the Solars that the ship will be safe, and functional - though Fire Orchid's creation's habit of breaking down seemingly at random does not install confidence when it will be this little ship that keeps the Solars from descending into the literal bottomless seas of the West.

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