Session History: 042

64/10/17 08:14: Karal Fire-Orchid projected that the Proteus would be fully functional in 4 weeks
64/10/21 20:44: Studying under Laoghaire, Son of Caomhánach, Flawless Oak could not shake the strange feeling in regards to the Dragon Blood's Occult logic. He brought the Dragon-Blooded to the wisest person in Rathess - Hastha-Ssth. Night of pleasant meals and insightful discussions not only opened the Dragon-Blooded to the truth of the world but also placed the first age into an balanced context for all 3 of them. Loghaire became a sincere convert of the Unconquered Sun.
64/10/22 17:31: Guild Director Adirali and his bodyguard Izayoi Sakuya arrive in Chiaroscuro to attend to the Chaos in South, originated via Solar Action. He is to act as guild mediator between the Delzhan Nomades and Harborhead (His purpose is on matters of trade interests of the Guild). He is offered a suite in the Custodian Shrine. To which he artfully refused; Instead taking residence in the Guild Bank.
64/10/26 18:47: 2nd Tier Solar Exaltation: Sayn, Twilight 37
64/11/18 11:04: Finally finished with his Occult training, Flawless Oak remembered the frightening Solar Leonardo da Vinci who mentioned that the Proteus would not work. Together with Fire Orchid and Laoghaire they solved the need for Wood Energy by having a Wood Elemental Bond with the Proteus frame for a year and a day.
64/11/28 08:00: With the arrival of Sergent Pollo Fire Orchid revealed the "Tacticool™ Harness of Flawless Aquatic Admittance" complete with the "Tacticool™ Fan of Fiery Expdiency." Sargent refusing to done the harness for test flight since she installed the Essence Jet Turbine against Pollo and Jalith's wishes. To calm their fears Fire Orchid pressed the ignition control, and the engine burst into life. Soon it sputtered out and died… and shortly after Exploded in a fiery explosion. Luckily the Exalted manage to potect all in the blast radius. This pushed the schedule back another 2 weeks as the Servitor of the Central Hearth would have to remake the harness from the existing blue print.
64/12/03 12:21: Flawless Oak received a kingly gift from the Golden Custodian of North and South shortly after the Noon prayer ended. Included with the letter is the deed to a Manse near Linowan. With the unexpected free time on their hands the Solars decided to check it out.
64/12/05 17:52: The Solar party arrived at Fendor Manor and met Flawless Oak's senschel of Fedor Manor, Norman.
64/12/10 14:31: After the little adventure tracking down raiders near Flawless Oak's estate (didn't catch up to the raiders) the Solars returned to Rathess to prepare for their Quest for Mecca.
64/12/14 08:00: The Expedition for Atlantis left from Rathess
64/12/22 XX:XX: The arrival of the Astartes in Kirighast
64/12/22 18:14: The insertion into the mile high wave was sucessful. Unfortunately the quirky-ness and the rushed job Fire Orchid did on the Proteus Launch Harness occured on its first real life use. The harness opened and ejected the Proteus into the wave like a torpedo, but it jammed and was not able to close. Sergent Pollo surprised by this and being so close to the wave crashed and was going to drown.

Alabaster Hand of the Heaven manage to use the manual relese on the harness by using 3 shots enhanced with "Accuracy without Distance" right as Flawless Oak summoned the Azure Chariot. He designated Sargent Pollo as the driver and it carried Pollo high above the clouds where he have time to dry his feathers.
64/12/22 18:19: Leviathan carried Proteus in his mouth and started travelling through Boarder Marches
64/13/21 XX:XX creature:celestiallion's Investigation is completed. The mice arrives as the Northern Monastery of the Cult of the Illuminated and located Lyta and Gladrien Vanja of Rathess. The reaction of the Gold Faction Sidereals are complex mixture of relief and terror as the Mice gazed at each in turn. The Sidereals without delay turned over Gladrien Vanja, still unconscious in her specimen container.
64/13/22 03:53 Third Tier Exaltation: Petyr Baelish, Zenith 23

Start of Player Party's Time Differentiation, They are also outside of Fate and beyond the sight of Sidereals

64/13/22 04:11: Time travel strangely in the middle marches. What seemed for the Solars to be 2 days is actually a month in Creation. Levithan easily avoided the Atlantis Defense Network and deposited the Solars at the Way Point marking the Middle Marches to the Deep Wyld. Nebhet Hotep, as per the agreement for the Solar's safe passing, returned to the suken city of Luthe with Levithan while the Solars continued on with their epic saga for Atlantis.
64/13/24 11:37 Lyta transporting the 7 Mice of the Sun and Gladrien Vanja's capsule arrive at Rathess. Hastha-ssth marked her homecoming and Gladrien Vanja gains the Epithet: The True Gladrien Vanja. Fear Eater is summoned by Hastha-ssth and started tending to his dying sister.
64/14/24 XX:XX: After razing Kirkwall to the ground the Hundred Coalition signed the Thedas Concordant, formalizing their unconditional surrender to Maximillian Gaius von Reginrave. Maximillian established his seat of power at the city of Val Royeaux, Capital of the Orlesian Empire.
64/14/24 12:00: Gladrien Vanja opened her eyes and awoke for the first time in nearly 4 years (She was kidnapped 61/02/11)

In a place where Time and Space holds no Meaning

  • Father and Son
    • Confirmation of Lancelot and all his Glory
    • Where Flawless Oak fought beside his father and was able to slaughter with impunity at his father's direction
  • The Memory that should not be Lost
    • The recanting of Flawless Oak's past
    • The means by which Flawless Oak adopted to the Wyld
  • Temptation of Bliss
    • While the 2 Solars are indulging in their fantasy, Laoghaire had his own as well
    • It is a fantasy where he and Horakinis are happily married
    • The arrival of Flawless Oak and his own desires for Horakinis twisted the tale towards his own fantasy, he managed to escape due to his shame at what he is doing to a friend but it was too late
    • Alabaster's Arrival further twisted the tale to his own insecurities putting into form his own half-formed fear of Alabaster Eye of the Heaven perferring the charismatic and charming Dragon-Blooded over him
  • Flawless Oak has adopted to the Wyld by forming his Ring of Temperance
  • Laoghaire adopted to the Wyld by forming his Cup of Compassion
  • Alabaster is incapable of interacting with the limitless potential of the Wyld and thus formed a stunted broken thing that could not exist and thus immediately faded away
  • The Burden of Heroes
    • As the players wander further attracted to the whims of the Unshaped the dreams became increasingly directed by the greater will that exists in infinity. The deep regret and fear of Flawless Oak was used to seed a grand story of seperation, reunion, and fufillment and tearful parting.
    • Flawless Oak after being thought dead for 10 years returned at Creations darknest hour. To a son that does not know his father, to Ticca dying of heartbreak, and unable to abandon duty sacrificed his life to wield the Tacticool™ Sun Cannon - Mecca the Golden Blade. He banished Ma-Ha-Suchi, and redeamned Thorns bring the Eye of the Unconquered Sun back onto Creation. As he lay dying his Circle mate brought forth his young son and the last memory before his death was his sun saying how much he was missed and loved.
    • While the ignorant might be intoxicated by these gradiose dreams the Solars are well trained by Swan and did not fell sway to the addictive nature of the Wyld.
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