Solar Exaltation & Timeline

Blue means Non-trapped Essence


"Blazing Chariot": +126
"Prosperous Dragon": -2
"Fiery Ascend": -53

Event Markers


-122/01/15 14:24: Dawn: Filial Wisdom
-2/01/01 06:22: The New Cycle name was chosen "Prosperous Dragon"
06/06/06 00:00: Jade Prison was Broken
26/06/06 00:00: Abyssal Sparks were Made
31/04/01 15:43: Eclipse/Moonshadow: Dusk Princess of the Obsidian Heart
32/05/16 09:42: Zenith: Samea
32/16/01 12:00: Lytek finished polishing all the Solar Essences and released them back into Creation
34/4/7 22:14: Lytek sent the official notice to character:chejopkejak informing the Bureau of Destiny of the return of the Solars to the cycles of Exaltation
39/9/26 XX:XX: Nuri's Birth
39/9/26 XX:XX: The War between Thorn and Confederacy of Rivers ignited in full and ended with Mutual Decimation. With Thorns too exhausted to continue the war and the Confederacy suffering almost 30% casualties.
44/13/19 06:42: Dawn: Yurgen Kaneko the Bull of the North
45/14/27 16:58: Twilight: Eyvindr 'Uri (Killed by Wyld Hunt lead by Nejimaru, his spark exaled Nejimaru 10 years later)
46/06/15 06:53: Twilight: Exaltant Sunrise Spirit
48/06/11 10:41: Zenith: Celestial Anger
51/03/12 00:01: Balan was gang pressed into Military Service, Early Winter.
51/03/12 00:01: At the same time The Scarlet Empress disappeared from her own bed chamber. Her disappearance was not realized by the Dynastic Powers till over 2 years later.
51/08/22 00:01: Finally seeing the signs in the heavens, the Varang City-States launched a full scale war against Harborhead. Happily engaging, Harborhead put into the field the army they been building for the last 4 years. What was not anticipated is when Varang City-State negotiated an massive mercenary contract with the Guild.
53/02/01 18:29: Dawn/Dusk: Irreprochable and Golden Tyrant
54/03/02 00:25: Eclipse: Scarlet Whisper
55/03/15 07:38: Night: Death and Metal Maiden
53/16/1 12:00: The Empress declared that she is entering the Palace Immaculate for deep meditation in preparation for her Apotheosis. A 5 day Holiday was declared for the Realm and a Grand Triumph was announced for the Imperial City. The Empire Rejoiced as the Empress named the new Calendar “Fiery Ascend”.
55/3/23 01:13: Twilight: Fear Eater
55/3/23 01:31: Twilight: Mnemon Nejimaru, Nejimaru’s Exaltation when he is commanding of a Wyld Hunt with Onimaru and Neji on the shores of the Salt Spring. Out of desperation Nejimaru took the exhausted Anathema and faked their death in the Salt Spring. Nearly dying if not for the Lady of the Lake who only managed to save him.
56/XX/XX XX:XX: Winding down of the Wyld Hunt as Bureaucracy starts to break down 5 years after the disappearance of the Empress. Anathemas exalted after this point, on average, did not face the full might of the Wyld Hunt.
56/03/02 10:18: Dawn/Dusk: Maiden of the Mirthless Smile
57/03/11 13:22: Dawn: Dace
57/03/19 07:26: Eclipse: Klytaimnēstra
57/04/16 16:34: Dawn: Moray Darktide
57/07/26 17:50: Dawn: Nella the Blood Axe
57/09/03 09:20: Night: Rhianna
57/11/06 08:30: Zenith: Panther
57/15/04 13:38: Night: Dagnir
58/05/21 01:40: Night: Harmonious Jade
58/06/02 13:41: Zenith: Karal Fire Orchid
58/08/05 04:20: Eclipse/Moonshadow The Mistress of Pact Sealed in Blood
59/XX/XX XX:XX: Even Immaculate Order Wyld Hunts are coming to an end as the Dynasts called back their Dragon-Blooded to bicker and fight with each other. Token Wyld Hunt by individuals or Mortal Immaculate Order Monks are the only Wyld Hunt that are typically scene. Only few handful of Dynasts still honor their sacred duty. These are rapidly thinned out by the Exalts as they no longer have an overwhelming numbers and support and are usually killed in the Confrontation - which leads to even less support by the Dynasts, as the endeavor is deemed even less profitable.
59/03/12 22:41: Dawn/Dusk: Adamant Saddness
59/10/11 12:42: Twilight: Arianna
59/10/11 13:07: Eclipse: Swan
59/11/28 13:07: Harborhead finally managed to locate the Invading Barbarian’s base camp. They immediately started to direct all possible military forces towards utterly crush the camp.
59/12/23 XX:XX: Start of Series 01
59/12/23 00:23: Dawn: Balan
59/12/23 00:23: Eclipse: Nuri
59/13/02 3:11: A invisible intangible enemy attacked Balan and Nuri in the desert.
59/14/13 11:32: Balan and Nuri arrived at "The Mirror Pool" and encountered Rynia-Tiamor. In exchanged for entertainment Rynia-Tiamor told them that to rid themselves of the Incorpral Hunter they have to go to the West and find "The Green Man". It is during this entertainment that Balan and Nuri befriended Ibelach the Lion Dog, Servant of the Solar Unaramir.
59/15/27 15:37: Night: Raneth of Diamond Hearth
59/16/01 02:08: Dawn: Jalith
60/02/27 13:53: Balan and Nuri encounter one of the original dark shrines of the Death Cult that will later plague the South. Unfortunately the solars did not have the right skills to track them in the desert and continued on their journey to the West.
60/5/7 03:51: Under the command of Maiden of the Mirthless Smile the armies of Mask of Winters conquered Thorns and the resulting ritual sacrifice and slaughter turned the area into an massive Shadowland
60/5/12 14:48: Balan and Nuri (now Aata) encountered Guild Director Adrali (the Solar Nejimaru) and his trade caravan at the Great Seasonal Delzhan Bazaar
60/5/13 02:01: With Aata's insistance on no killing, Kai with the help of Balan only gelded the Harborhead deserters they found at the bazaar.
60/7/22 09:38: Guild Directory Adrali (Lady Purple Blossom disguised) had to move ahead to Chiaroscuro on guild business (satisifying Nejimaru's guild obligations while he remain to study the Solars). Balan, Aata and Kai, agreed to provide security for the richly loaded wagon train back to the Jewel of the South. Little did they know Lady Purple Blossom is actually Nejimaru in disguise.
60/8/15 09:51: The caravan arrived in Chiaroscuro and the Solars were settled in the Guild guest lodges. With the realm gathering their fleet in the ports and amassing the southern Levys the city is rife with mercenaries and all the troubles of men of violence with too much time and to little coin.
60/8/15 10:25: The homicidal sociopath Irreproachable and Flawless Golden Tyrant, the most lethal abyssal in the service of the Mask of Winters attacked the realm fleet with his personal troops. He broke through the Realm outlayers with brute force and launched an attack of slaughter on Chiaroscuro itself. The suprise attack proved effective and if not for the intervention of Balan, Aata, and the newly revealed Solar Nejimaru Chiaroscuro would have turned into a churnal house. Even with 3 Solars the Golden Tyrant was barely defeated, with Balan hovering at death's door and Aata heavily wounded. The 3 Solars became the first ones in Creation to realize the full might of the Death Knights.
60/8/16 07:11: With the Realm and Delzhan forces regrouped and pushed out the Tyrant Forces, the Solars now have to content with the ever tightening hunt for them. They managed to escape through the sewers to an abandoned mine, but the newly arrived Airship "HMS The Intrepid Queen" brought with it an entire compliment of Dragon-Blooded veterans (originally intended to break the siege of Chiaroscuro) which immediately turned into an impromptu Wyld Hunt.
60/8/16 08:14: It took them little time to find the Solar's scent and it was the captain Sesus Deash that found the solars first. Fortunately he was actually an lost egg and childhood friend of Nuri. Leverage this friendship Aata asked Sesus Deash to spare them. Sesus Deash looked the otherway and made sure the Wyld Hunt never went near the Solars.
60/8/16 09:36: Balan remain at death's door. The wound inflicted upon him by Golden Tyrant does not respond to any treatment. Soon Balan would bleed to death. United by their first age memory of Solar brotherhood Nejimaru without hesitation sacrified the Book of First Sorcerer, a tome containing a dozen Adamant Circle Spells, in an attempt to invoke a miracle.
60/8/16 09:60: The Unconquered Sun heard the prayer of his chosen and honored the sacrifice. The Book was vaporized by his light of compassion and used to stabilize Balan.
60/8/20 12:00: bonded by this ordeal Balan, Aata, and Nejimaru formed the Circle that will later be known as the War Captain's Circle.
60/10/15 11:56: Zenith: Ocean Pearl
60/10/17 12:00: Zenith: Gladden Vanja
60/10/22 12:00: Balan's wounds have finally healed and putting the Green Men on hold, the Circle started their trip to Throns to investigate the Abyssal threat.
60/11/05 01:44: Possessing Siesta who Aata was bedding, the Incorporeal Hunter tried to kill Aata again. Balan and Kai came to Aata's rescue and drove away the hunter. Having made too big of a commotion Nejimaru had no choice but to turn Siesta over to the Realm Fire Fleet as an possible Anathema. Again Sesus Deash intervened and took it upon himself to make sure Siesta is looked after during her arrest and inquest. Siesta was relased into Guild custody 3 month later safely.
60/11/08 23:01: Eclipse: Crimson Antler
60/11/14 10:51: Newly elected Queen Regent Azula of Harborhead, Chief Bride of Arhlat, boarded "Guild Director Adrali"'s yacht to seek the blessing of the Guild on her upcoming campaign to unite the south. Adrali made the Guild's neutrality clear and assured Azula as long as the Guild's interest are boosted, there would be no retaliatory measures against Harborhead.
60/12/8 10:51: Adrali's friend Calindra 99 came to ask his help on an interesting story of an City of Endless Gold. With Aata's alter identity of "Nuri" mentioned, Nejimaru asked his Circle Mates to attend. Calindra 99 dropped this quest at Adrali's request and the traitor family of 4 was transferred to his custody.
60/14/11 19:14: The Circle arrived at Nubia with the 2 siblings, having to execute the parents for expediency. Here Nejimaru discovered on of the Arks. Inside was the Custodian Stone and a message indicating its Origin was in Rathess. Taking it as an sign the Circle readied themselves for the trip to Rathess. The potent artifacts in the Ark was confesticated and the Circle set off the day after.
60/14/23 XX:XX: Prince Maximllian started the Conquest of Orlais in the Hundred Kingdoms at his Father's Command
60/15/27 21:19: Dawn: Ovalisque of the Invincible Starfall
60/16/03 03:32: Eclipse: Child of the Violet Star
61/07/07 12:13: Twilight: Horakinis
61/08/01 12:00: Balan was recognized by the Dragon Kings of Rathess as the War Captain and was given the Rojatan's Mask.
61/08/14 23:44: Ha-Tha the God of Necrophage and the master of Rathess was defeated with the aid of the ancient solar Filial Wisdom and the Zenith Caste Gladrien Vanja, Rathess is Freed. During this battle the War Captain's valiant words was shown to every Solar spark in Creation (including the Abyssals, but not the Malfeans). This caused an MASSIVE powershift in Yu-Shan and competely reenergized the GOld Faction.
61/08/21 XX:XX: The Dragon King Legacy was successfully resuscitated and the reconstruction of Rathess has begun.
61/11/09 09:21: Dawn: Lyta
61/11/09 09:21: The Last of the First Tier Solar have Exalted. It will be nearly a year before Tier 2s start to appear. While Tier 1 is completely seperate, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Exalts share the time window - though Tier 2 tend to pop up sooner as opposed to later.
61/01/07 XX:XX: Nejimaru Wyld-Cauldroned the Nameless Vault from Reality and locked up the Property of the Mask of Winters within. With Galdrien Vanja and Lyta in Rathess, the War Captain's Circle went on their way towards the West with a Planned Stop in Harborhead.
61/02/11 XX:XX: The Nameless Vault is sacked and Gladrien Vanja and Lyta missing. The War Captain was contacted in Kirighast and went to meet Mistress of Pact Sealed in Blood. They promise to rescue Mistress' mortal family, after Mistress informed them that Gladrien is kidnapped by Mask of Winters. No Word on Lyta's location, possibly dead. The War Captain informed the Circle of Friends and from there, all Solars of the East are informed.
61/02/27 XX:XX: The Solars Gathered and Entered into Underworld to Rescue Gladrien Vanja. War Captain honored his oath to save Mistress's Family, and his circle split from the main host. The rest of the Solars went on to rescue Gladrien.
61/02/26 XX:XX: After the rescue, Nejimaru left to escort the family to Rathess - after warning the War Captain and Aata to not enter the Labyrinth. Seeking to get to Galdrien first Aata put his feet down and the two sought to do what Nejimaru told them not do. They acquired the Clockwork Heart and started their own doom. What appear to be a week in the Labyrinth would have been nearly 9 months for Creation.
62/04/22 XX:XX: The Harborhead army of the West aided by character:dace and character:panther crushed the Realm and Delzhan defenders outside the gates of Chairoscuro and claimed the city in the name of Harborhead
62/07/23 17:53: Eclipse: Flawless Oak
62/08/05 15:09: Night: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven
62/08/12 XX:XX: Start of Series 02, About a Month before Rathess joined the Bull for the Counter Attack against the Realm Legions (it is also around the time that Legendary General Tepet Arada was replaced by the welp Tepet Ryuji)
62/08/22 XX:XX: the War Captain returned to Creation with the Corpse of Gladrien Vanja and the experimental subjects found at her jail complex. Mortals started to act towards Aata is if they have an Servitude mental influence forced on them.
62/08/25 09:47: Lyta arrived in a Golden Warstrider and robbed a single subject container and ran off. War Captain and Aata gave chase trying to figure out what is going on, but gave up when they realized how fast the Warstrider is capable of travelling.
62/09/02 11:52: Aata's intergration with the Heart seems to be more advanced now and his mere presence seems to convert mortals into Demon Worshipping. Not having the heart1 to deal with it, he left them and flew away. Most committed suicide because of their abandonment, but the rest spread into the South preaching the Blasphemies of Malfeas.
62/09/12 XX:XX: Aata and Balan arrived in Chairoscuaro
62/09/14 12:00: Nejimaru arriving the night before, started to remove what he can of the Malfean artifact from Aata.
62/09/15 12:00: After a day of surgery the Heart's corruption was held at abayance. It is now up to Aata to rid himself of this spiritual taint.
62/09/16 00:00: Adamant Saddness' "defection" (and the encounter with Osama Bin Zombie)
62/09/17 06:42: Nejimaru returned to the east after getting the nagging feeling through Saline Workings that Calindra 99 is in mortal danger.
62/09/11 XX:XX: Siege of Orlais' Capital Val Royeaux by Prince Maximillian Gaius von Reginrave
62/10/21 17:32: Dawn: Prince Maximillian Gaius von Reginrave
62/11/14 00:00: Aata unable to resist the taint of the Clockwork Heart attempted to sate his bloodlust by the slaughter of the Brides of Ahlat. Queen Azula was only saved by Aata's false belief that the blow he delivered was mortal. This is a masterful frame job by Mistress of Pacts sealed in Blood's "Onee-chan" via an Amalgam imbued with Aata's own Perfect Charm.
62/13/16 09:01: Aata is arrested by Celestial Lion. War Captain accompanied him to Yu-Shan.
62/13/16 09:30: Her plans to isolate the War Captain and drive him into the arms of her little sister moves on to the next phase. With War Captain and Aata both in Yu-Shan now is the best time to eliminate the too knowing Nejimaru. Lu Lu was sent.
62/13/16 14:44: Somehow Lu Lu's actions caused enough disturbance in the Thread of the Loom for the Sidereals to send the best Wyld Hunt the Immaculate Order still possess.
62/13/21 11:14: The Wyld Hunt arrived at the designated place and started evacuating the civilians and prepare themselves for the titanic battle ahead. They confronted Lu Bu as the Solar Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heavens arrived at the village. No member of the Hunt survived, Lu Bu and his minions proceed to chase down Nejimaru being carried away by Mea-chan.
62/13/21 14:17: Alabaster and Flawless Oak interrupted the chase and delayed Lu Bu long enough for him to be mislead by Mea-chan away. Twilight stayed to give the skin of Celestial Wine he brought for Calindra 99 to his younger brothers who unknowingly just made a trip through death's door and returned.
62/13/21 19:44: Lu Bu caught on and back tracked. Twilight is Killed, Mea-chan stalked Lu Bu into the Underworld and is never heard of again.
62/14/02 12:17: After 2 weeks of waiting, Scarlet Whisper was brought to Yu-Shan by Wun Ja, to help with Aata's legal defense. Soon the trial started.
62/14/28 18:42: Flawless Oak met his future fiancee Ticca
62/14/02 19:21: Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven was sucked into the Underworld while investigating a Ghost attack on a village in the East. After desperately running for about a week they encountered Moray Darktide who was on the quest to rescue Gladrien Vanja. Darktide soon took them out of the Underworld. Due to the time inconsistances of the Labyrinth, they saw a glimpse of the War Captain and participated in a reliving of the events.2
62/14/26 10:29: Darktide's ship arrived at the Docks near Rathess (the entire trip included stops at Thorns and Nexus)
62/14/12 19:42: Arrived in Rathess during Sunset, took about 6 months
63/05/12 XX:XX: Left Rathess after about 5 month (3 month to meditate for Alabaster's Essence and another 2 Month of Odds and Ends)
63/05/21 08:48: Twilight: Andraste
63/06/19 XX:XX: Arrived at the Ransacked Village, Shortly after the Refugee camp
63/08/02 14:22: Met Calvery Force loyal to Prince Maximillian and killed a squad of their Mercenary Scouts. The command is under strict orders to not interfer with Rathessians - plus he didn't like these Scout's brutality and evil streak anyways. No aggressive actions were taken and the 2 parties went their seperate ways.
63/08/09 XX:XX: Maximillian's Main host arrived at the location where Alabaster and Oak killed the scouts.
63/08/24 XX:XX: Maximillian's troops joined with the Bulls Host.
63/08/28 07:00: Start of the Battle of Futile Blood
63/09/01 14:27: End of the Battle of Futile Blood
63/09/04 XX:XX: With no time nor men to spare to set a trap for the anticipated Solar rescue of Kai3, Tepet Evaja seriously considered executing him. But she knows Kai is a good boy and though misguided is not beyond redemption, so she decided to him go - hoping she did not make a mistake. She sailed with Tepet troops, sending Kai to Lookshy once she arrives at Port Calin.
63/09/09 XX:XX: Andraste arrived at Fields of Futile Blood, and since Fear Eater is providing healing for the Bull's Host and the prisoners of war, she went and tried to save the Realm Straddlers
63/09/18 XX:XX: Kai arrived at Lookshy
63/09/20 XX:XX: Dagnir picked up Kai at Lookshy and they departed to Chiaroscuro
63/09/22 XX:XX: Kai and Dagnir arrived at Chiaroscuro and decided to wait for the return of Balan and Aata. Dagnir took the time to train his Astartes Soroitas and to recruit some local flavor into its ranks.
63/10/09 XX:XX: The remnants of the Realm Legions arrived at Grayfell and started to regroup.
63/10/14 XX:XX: Andraste arrived at Grayfell and quickly gained control over the demoralized and leaderless troops. Supplies were haggled for and traded, and their shameful journey back home started.
63/10/11 07:11: The 2 Sidereals passing through to Lapis, to carryout their bold attempt to wipe out all a huge chunk of Solars in Creation, noticed the sign of the new exaltation and summoned 100 Demon Apes to wipe out the solar and then went on their way.
63/10/11 11:22: Zenith: Dimas exalted as his village was being destroyed by an army of monstrous apes. The apes immediate attacked the new Solar. Flawless Oak tried to save him but was nearly killed himself if not for the sacrifice of Tyr, who died giving Flawless Oak the opening he needed to kill the leader of the Apes.
63/10/26 XX:XX: Arrived in Lapis
63/10/28 XX:XX: Twilight's death is confirmed, after Flawless Oak brought Leeyata-Dharacya and tracked Lu Bu to the final battle site. A prayer to the Unconquered Sun turned the body into Pure Essence. Raging beyond reason Leeayta-Dharacya shouted her challenged Luna to battle (because Alabaster and Oak showed that it was one of Luna's hunting beasts that killed Twilight). Luna too occupied with her move in the Game of Divinity summoned a simulacrum of Ma-Ha-Suchi to answer this insult. Ma-Ha-Sushi fought Leeayata as if in a dream, and upon awakening felt the bile and fury of impotence. This fury landed solidly on Flawless Oak.
63/10/28 XX:XX: With a heavy heart Arianna asked Jalith to send Dagnir a message about the death of his circlemate. Arianna then retreated into the Library of Hagia Sophia to see if any literature exists for this thing that killed her Mentor.
63/10/28 XX:XX: Dagnir after ordering the Adeptus Astartes of Chiaroscuaro and Astartes Soroitas to March to the East, left in the Rathessian Airship

Session 34

63/10/29 19:20: The Fall of Lapis
63/10/29 20:10: The death of The Assassin from Thorns
63/10/29 20:35: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven assumed control of the Spartan 300 at Gate #5
63/10/29 20:50: Flawless Oak arrived at Gate #6
63/10/29 21:20: Flawless Oak fortified Gate #6 with his Wood Path Charm
63/10/29 21:25: The Labryinth as been called to the surface by the Hekonmonchire and the resulting earthquake knocked down most of the city. The Walls and Manse, being built with older and truer skill, was not damaged.
63/10/29 21:45: The First Wave of Zombies started attacking the Gates
63/10/29 21:50: Flawless Oak took over command of Gate #4's beleagered and breaking Auxiliaries
63/10/29 22:10: The First Wave of Hungry Ghost mixed with Zombies were defeated at Alabaster's Gate
63/10/29 22:20: The First Wave of Zombies were defeated at Flawless Oak's Gate
63/10/29 22:24: Embassy from Thorns convinced Flawless Oak to talk to Bull of the North on their behalf, while they guard Gate #4 from forces trying to break out
63/10/29 22:27: The Blood Moonsoon Spell is cast
63/10/29 22:30: Alabaster's Spartan 300 started to built makeshift shalter from the rain by stripping the local area of materials
63/10/29 22:39: Flawless Oak witnessed the Death of the Nephwrack who called forth the Blood Moonsoon at the hands of Rhianna, Jalith, Fire Orchid, and Samea
63/10/29 22:40: Flawless Oak gained the Embassy permission to meet with Bull of the North and returns with Calvery to his gate
63/10/29 23:00: Flawless Oak returns to Gate #4, informed the Embassy of the audience and left the Calvery Units there to guard the gate while he joins up with Alabaster Hand of the Heaven
63/10/29 23:18: Flawless Oak arrives at the Gate, just when the Nephwrack has ensourced Alabaster's entire unit.
63/10/29 23:23: Alabaster rushed thorugh the troops that betrayed him to toss Flawless Oak the damsel in distress and was heavily wounded. Flawless Oak ran into the city with the woman and the Spartan 300 followed in Pursuit.
63/10/29 23:25: The Spectre Possessed Zombies of Newphrack rushed through Gate #5 and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven, wounded and alone, cannot stop them. He started to give chase and struck down as many as he can
63/10/29 23:27: The Sanguine Rain starte pouring down in clumps and waves, reducing visibility to 10 feet and spreading horror in a 6 mile radius
63/10/29 23:30: Newphwrack continues to draw the Undeads to her to wear down her "protector" as a cruel game of cat and mouse
63/10/29 23:40: Realizing that she Gate #5 is completely open, the Nephwrack ditched her game and started to escaped the City
63/10/29 23:42: Finally dispatching the 2 assailants, Flawless Oak realized he has lost the girl. He tried to locate her and gave up due to low visibility. Instead he tried to make his way back to Gate #5, to see how Alabaster of the Heaven is fairing. To no avalie, visibility is too poor and he is too experienced in the ways of the wild to tell direction and ended up lost in the maze like passages between the devestated buildings.
63/10/30 00:24: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven after nearly an hour of exertion in bloody mud upto his calfs, wounded, sickened and alone gave up his pursuit of the Zombie Horde. At that point more than 200 lay broken and slain on the road.
63/10/30 00:25: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven was mercilessly pressed into to mud a foot deep by the Bronze Faction Celestial Lion Leader, and questioned. Satisified that this Solar is not the cause nor has much information regarding this great atrocity the Celestial had no choice but to let him go and went towards Lapis to find ones who might know more.
63/10/30 00:27: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven crumbled against a tree by the side of the road, drenched in blood mud and too tired to even clean himself, tried to rest his body.
63/10/30 00:41: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven was greeted by the Celestial Censor and given ambrosia refreshment. After the Censor heard of his first hand accounts he was carried by Gold Faction Celestial Lion Leader on his back. The Gold Faction was delayed by having 3 of their lions go out of their way to destroy the zombie horde they encountered. The Bronze Faction did not waste time on such terrestrial matters.
63/10/30 00:49: Bronze Faction Celestial Lions bumped into Flawless Oak and informed him of the true nature of the woman he was trying to locate. Flawless Oak used the lunar charm to track her and the chase is on. The Celestial Lions ignored the Solar and followed the scent of corruption. They went deeper into the city to the corpse of the Hektonmonchire
63/10/30 00:52: Dagnir saw the Essence locked into Flawless Oak's Scene Long Charms with his Ro-Ha's Lense and dropped down to pick him up. For the first time Flawless Oak met Kai.
63/10/30 00:54: Dagnir stopped by Gate #5 and deployed the dozen Astartes Legionarii with him to keep the gate sealed. The 2 Solars and the Astartes Primarch went forth to hunt down the nephwrack
63/10/30 01:01: The Celestial Censor caught up with the Nephwrack and the Celestial Lion soon had the thing trapped under his giant paws. The Honor of the Kill went to the Lawgiver (Alabaster Hand of the Heaven) because he is capable [of permanently killing the thing] and it is his right for it is a terrestrial crime. Flawless Oak, Dagnir and Kai arrived around the same time.
63/10/30 01:04: The Celestial Censor and Escort said their good byes (they are going on their way for their investigation) and before parting the Celestial Lion Leader gave the bad news about Aata's crime. He gave his condolences when Dagnir decleared himself Aata's circlemate.
63/10/30 03:19: The last Spectre was killed by Alabaster, Dagnir, Flawless Oak, and Kai.
63/10/30 03:52: The 3 Solars and Kai returned to hunt down the deserters. With the Nephwrack dead, the magic no longer cloud the mortals' judgements. The Spartan 300 was repentenant and Alabaster with tempered by Flawless Oak issued the punishment of stripping the warriors of their honors and 30 lashes. From this day forward they will not be considered warriors till they are redeamed by their actions

  • The Players have asked and GM approved that the leader of the 300, Leonidas will eventually exalt as Third Tier Solar as the culmination of his quest for redemption (but not with in the next 5-6 years).

63/10/30 04:14: With the Gate #5 safely guarded by Astartes, Dagnir and Flawless Oak, Aata heavily wounded (at -2) and severely fatigued returned to Hagia Sophia to seek medical aid. There the Ambrosia infused second wind kicked in and refreshed him. He set forth to use his medical skills to aid the staff of the hospice - helping the severely wounded and infected soldiers who was sent back because they can no longer fight.
63/10/30 05:27: Blood Rain stopped as if someone turned off a switch. Within minutes the entire sky opened up, releaving the sickly pale red moon of the Shadowlands and the intoxincating beautify yet errie Blood Lilies. Finally the trial is over, and the very very few survivors of Fallen Lapis saw the devestation and corruption that lay before them. The momumental task of purifying Lapis will begin tomorrow after the troops and the solars recover from the heavy fighting.

Session 35 dealt with the redemption of Alabaster as they hunted down the Nephwrack that escaped through his Gate.

Session 36 dealt with their trip to Nexus, Flawless Oak's corruption and return to Creation, it ended with the arrival of the unconscious Moray Darktide.

It has been 6 month since session 36 and I don't remember it enough to write down detailed history.

We just have to be content with the above summary.

63/11/17 XX:XX: Jak's Exaltation (Tier 2 Solar, Night Caste 37)
63/13/14 XX:XX: The Realm Straddlers together with Andraste arrived at Mist Island by Boat and continued down the Great River towards Nexus
63/13/22 14:17: The protection of the Celestial Wine have expired, Alabaster Hand of the Heaven is no longer immune to disease and poison
63/15/14 XX:XX: Firmly in the Scavenger Lands, Andraste Left the Realm Survivors at Goodharbor and went on her way
64/00/1-5 XX:XX: Caliberation

Session 37

64/XX/XX XX:XX: The Nomad Delzhan Hordes have been harassing the entire Harborhead supply line for the last year with devestating results. Harborhead military is so taxed that they have all but abandoned the boarder towns. Raiders penetrate deep into the region and trade can only be conducted by sea. The Nomad have used the sacking of Chiaroscuro as the proof that the Tri-khan has erred. Now the Nomad clans vie with each other to claim the Tri-khan tiera - since Tri-khan Ahasuerus' only surviving family member is a daughter and lacks the proven prowess to inherit the title.
64/01/04 XX:XX: The Chiaroscuro Refugees struck a bargin with Paragon. The men and their sons will serve as Mercenaries of the Prefect in exchange for land and provisions. The Nomad Tribes laugh at this and many demanded the handing over of the Emira (Princess). With the Nomads growing ever stronger the Generals decided to sent Emira Hadassah Ruya I'timad out of Delzhan range for fear she might be kidnapped and forcibly wed.
64/01/27 06:49: Andraste left Nexus and ventured towards Rathess on Azure Chariot. Arriving at the edge of the Jungle in 2 days and started the rest of the pilgrimage on foot through the Jungles of the East.
64/02/02 21:42: Ahmed Latif (Twilight 18) exalted when the unit he was embedded with was ambushed by the Dune People while escorting the Emira Hadassah Ruya I'timad to Gem.
64/02/09 00:00: Flawless Oak was released from location:menagerieoffathomlessfreedom with a Tramp Stamp and a Instruction Manual
64/02/09 00:15: Taking only enough time to find an large enough cistern in the Nexus Sewers, Flawless Oak immediately put his newly acquire sorcerous knowledge to work. The Instruction Manual prove to be true and Flawless Oak now possess all the tools required to satisfy his depravity.
64/02/12 XX:XX: The Salt Negotiation was completed successfully with the Guild. The Golden Custodian of North and East now have enough salt to destroy the Shadowland of Fallen Lapis
64/02/14 XX:XX: Still recovering from his ordeal in Malfeas Flawless Oak was unable to travel. Alabaster remained behind with him in the Palace of the Merchant Prince Eliseo Baldovini di Vista Chiaro
64/02/15 15:22: Alerted by Infallible Messenger, Flawless Oak met Darktide's crew on the slopes of Nexus. Moray Darktide was critical wounded in a duel with the traitorous Gladrien Vanja of Thorns
64/02/16 22:14: Fear Eater arrived in Nexus and tended to Darktide's wounds. He brought with him the newly finished Tacticool™ gears of Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven
64/02/16 06:40: With Fallen Lapis still in turmoil, Fear Eater left as soon as the sun peaked over the horizon
64/02/23 XX:XX: In the week that followed, while Flawless Oak and Darktide recovered, the plan to save Gladrien Vanja from the clutches of Thorns was hatched
64/03/11 XX:XX: Having finally found Gladrien Vanja the 3 Solars failed to persuade her rejoin their side. Gladrien Vanja admitted to her complicity in Aata's plan to gain power enough to destroy all Solar kind - for their inherent flaws and the danger they bring to the world.
64/03/13 XX:XX: Humbled the 3 Solars managed to escape their Escorts and returned to the Cove where Darktide anchored his ship. Darktide went south to inform the Custodian of South and West of the development, while Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven left toward Rathess
64/03/22 XX:XX: Hagia Sophia is converted to a War Academy and Fallen Lapis become training grounds for the Bull of the North's Armies. character:dace gained Legendary Warrior Training Technique and became the Dean.
64/03/28 XX:XX: Realm Survivors meet up with Tepet Ejava at Port Calin and started their march towards the Imperial City - feeling their shamereflected on the faces of everyone they meet.
64/04/24 09:14: Dawn 10: Yushev Agrias Oaks
64/05/22 13:22: Flawless Oak returned to Rathess, but first storing the Demon Sutra in the Nameless Vault. He was surprised by the wedding awaiting him at the Great Pyramid of the Unconquered Sun, and ashamed with his transgressions he elected to not face his wife. 7 days of purifaction followed
64/05/26 XX:XX: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven returned to Rathess with 11 suriving Pilgrims in tow. The Pilgrims were immediately attended to by the Neophytes. Alabaster Hand of the Heaven immediately sought out Alabaster Eye of the Heaven, only to find that she is no where to be found
64/05/28 XX:XX: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven finally found word that Alabaster Eye of the Heaven left Rathess of her own volition with Darktide's First Mate. Alabaster Hand of the Heaven decided to wait for an Azure Chariot User or an Astarte Airship. Since both would still be faster than trekking through the Jungle on foot.
64/06/01 13:48: The meditation prove fruitless Flawless Oak sought the wisdom of Hastha-Ssth and was set on the penance that he must destroy the icon of his corruption - the Demon Sutra. Absoluted, Flawless Oak immediately proceeded to the Nameless Vault and cast the Demon Sutra into the flames as ritual sacrifice to Unconquered Sun as a show of his sincerity. The Demon Sutra was instantly vaporized.
64/06/01 19:11: Flawless Oak finally faced his heartbroken Fiancee and formally broke off the engagement. Citing his shame and his need to devote himself to the salvation of Creation instead of personal happiness. He assured that she will be the mistress of the house for as long as she wish and legitimized his bastard son (even though Rathess have no such distinction).
64/06/02 14:22: With Dagnir arriving in Rathess, Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven asked to be taken to Nexus. At the same time Flawless Oak asked if he can name his son "Balan" in honor of the War Captain (and Dagnir's circlemate). To which Dagnir answered gladly, and became the child's God Father.
64/06/03 20:14: Arriving in Nexus it took Flawless Oak no time to track down Alabaster Eye of the Heaven. She is in the market looking to return Eva to the proper owner - after Flawless Oak's lesson of not taking from others dishonorably.
64/06/04 07:22: Summoned by the Golden Custodian of North and East, Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven gave their account of what occured with Gladrien Vanja. The 2 Custodians and the Circle of the Bull went to Thorns to get some answers.
64/06/05 12:42: Waiting at the Boarder Fort the Solars were greeted by Mask of Winter's Chief General Maiden of the Mirthless Smile sporting her ever present smile. Undaunted by the power arrayed before her, she calmly reminded the Solars of their treaty obligation signed into place by the War Captain and the peace treaty with the River Council. She also denied Thorn's involvement in any dispute with Moray Darktide and seems to be ignorant of Gladrien Vanja's existence. Without hard evidence the Custodians did not wish to start yet another war so soon, thus the Solars took the excuses at face value.
64/06/07 10:42: The Solars returned to Rathess with Alabaster Eye of the Heaven. Shortly after their arrival Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven was summoned to the Halls of the Great Pyramid by Kaneko. There they are tasked with the mission of recovering the Weapon that is required to fully activate the Solar Deliberative - a necessary step to establish Solar authority over all of Creation and as a means of cower those Solars who would be too vain to bow to the greater consensus.
64/06/07 14:14: In the last 8 month of research Arianna was able to pinpoint a hint of a clue located in Chiaroscuro and stated that this needle in the bottomless sea search is best started there.
64/06/19 06:22: Spending the next week under Arianna's tutelage, Flawless Oak managed to master the Azure Chariot and Infallible Messenger. Summoning the Chariot the 2 Solar and Alabaster Eye of the Heavens (holding Tyr) set forth to the Glass City of the South
64/06/24 11:12: What greeted them is an ghost city in the midst of a survival struggle against endless undead. Alabaster Hand of the Heavens immediately jumped down to rescue survivors while Flawless Oak delivered Alabaster Eye of the Heaven to the safety of the Royal Compound.
64/06/24 19:14: Alabaster Hand of the Heavens managed to save over 100 survivors in 8 hours of constant ambush and infection. Strangely there seems to be less and less undeads on the streets. What is unknown to him is that the zombies under the command of the infected General Laird James McCullen Destro XXIV was amassing an massive attack on the Royal Compound.
64/06/24 19:14: An unknown party (Red Famine, Abyssal of Eye and Seven Despair) assumed control over the Zombie army and held the Bride of Ahlat while the General in a clever ploy managed to infiltrate the royal archive. There he discovered the location of the vault that Red Famine desired. In his haste to escape he forgot to destroy the evidence which eventually led to Flawless Oak discovering the location of the vault as well.
64/06/24 20:32: Red Famine with the help of the City God and the Sewer God already placed his excavator at the right location and collapsed all means of entry. On top, at the Sol Mirrior, Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven can only make token attempts at reaching the depths.
64/06/24 22:43: Their negotiation with the City God fell through but luckily the Goddess of Sol Mirror risked her life to assist them - in exchange for the promise that the Solars will repair her tower. Having arrived ahead of Red Famine the Solar reached the vault and gained possession of the Atlantean Lotus.
64/07/09 22:54: Having arrived too late Red Famine used the Excavator to delay the Solars and with the Aid of the City God escaped the trap.
64/07/10 05:24: Having recovered her Essence, Goddess of Sol Mirror brought the Solars back to the surface. Where Alabaster Hand of the Heaven searched and found Alabaster Eye of the Heaven sleeping soundly in a circle of Zombie parts.

Session 38

64/07/10 05:30: Once returning to the surface Alabaster initiated an hurried search for Alabaster Eye of the Heaven. It didn't take long for Flawless Oak to find her. She is sound asleep She is actually in a fatigue induced coma with no wounds on her. Surrounding her in a near perfect 20' radius is a circle of Zombie parts. appearently torn apart bit by bit. While Alabaster would have liked to examine the scene further, the sounds of struggle echoing through the city drove him to more immediate concerns.
64/07/10 19:20: nearly 14 hours of search and rescue yielded around 200 survivors. Keeping them alive as the Solars travelled through the city is a monumental task, especially with Zombie snipers taking pot shots at every turn. Eventually the Solars arrived at the First Age Building of the Temple of Chiaroscuro, the Temple of the City God. As First Age buildings are all but indestructible with prmitive weapons it made a perfect spot for a triage center.
64/07/10 20:01: A quick examine of the 200 survivors yielded around 20 appearently healthy ones, and the rest show varies degrees of symptoms. Alabaster and Flawless Oak after securing Alabaster Eye of the Heavens in one of the side chambers, sorted the survivors into different tiers and assigned them floors that are isolated from each other. The Healthy are on the middle levels, holding the line against any possible zombie assult. The top floors are occuiped by the sick with those who are showing the least signs on the bottom and the most on top.
64/07/10 20:04: Notified that the Solar have secured their rescues Red Famine felt that the Solar now might strike out to seek him. Gathering a minor Zombie army with his Charms Red Famine remotely assaulted the Temple while his minions carried him towards the sewer exit.
64/07/10 20:19: The attack was annihilated by the Solars with their perfect soak but it served its purpose. Red Famine and his Zombie minions broke through the blockade at the Sewer exit and fled into the Deep Desert. By the time reinforcements arrived they were already gone. Subsequent pursuers followed to the edge of the Deep Desert and lost the trail.
64/07/10 20:40: After making sure the Temple is secure the Solars split up. Flawless Oak went to talk to the Quarentee line to seek food and supplies for the survivors, while Alabaster stayed behind to protect the temple.
64/07/10 21:09: Flawless Oak arrived at the City Gate and was stopped by the Quarentee troops. The troops quickly send word up the chain of command for supplies and Flawless Oak patrolled the surrounding area for survivors
64/07/11 06:24: Shortly before Sunrise the supplies are readied and Flawless Oak with the new rescues drove it towards the Temple.
64/07/11 07:12: A careful path was choosen that minized any ambushes and only a handful of people was killed on the way. However, one of the rescuees died of the illness and cleverly tricked one of the healthy ones into helping him. The encounter ended in death and Flawless Oak discovered that anyone killed by the Zombies (possibly who are already infected) is immediate turned into one of them seemingly with their intellect intact. This opens a groom possibility that all these rescues are for naught and all the herculean efforts expanded are ashes.
     At the same time a similar event was taking place in the Temple, as 5 recently died Zombies tried to establish an ambush against the healthy on the lower floors. Alabaster had to wait till factual proof was sufficient and caught them at the verge of comitting the crime. Execution was swift but Alabaster found little enjoyment in killing men already dead.
64/07/11 07:13: Like always it was Alabaster's unwavering faith in humanity's goodness that harkened Flawless Oak's heart and vitalized his sense of purpose. Alabaster insisted that as long as they are alive they will be considered Good people. It is their DUTY to protect Good People. Even if they turned to zombies, as long as they committed no act they are not exempted from this divine duty.
64/07/13 11:24: With their supplies secure and the temple safe, a renewed Flawless Oak ranged far and wide fot 2 days and gather more survivors. Their recues swelled to more than 600 people. Soon the temple would offer no solace as more and more of the survivors turn. The Solars devised an plan of isolated containment. With his Wood Working Mastery Flawless Oak locked groups of 4-5 infected in each chamber of the temple and sealed it from the outside. While dooming those in the group who have not turned, it protected from the possibility of an massive attack from recently dead in the top floors.
64/07/14 06:24: The zombies never seems to ease up and the Solars are utterly exhausted. Taking turns resting the morning brought with it great news. While visiting the Guild stores for supplies (which he leaves receipts of, at Alabaster's insistance) Flawless Oak encountered a strange guild captain. The Captain was from the Guild Southern Caravan Fleet of Propserity and Fortune, on its way to the West. They received an Guild Order to divert whatever Seven Bountiful Paste to Chiaroscuro for the Solars there. 5 crates of the life saving medicine was on hand, totally over 1000 doses. The captain also handed over a paper with a recipes for an newly created Healing Paste by Fear Eater. It however is not a common thing for it requires someone with Thaumagury Knowledge and the components involves Celestial Wine. With the recently execution of the War Captain for Celestial Crime fresh on his mind, Flawless Oak none the less elected to break Celestial Law and give Celestial Wine to Mortals.
64/07/14 06:24: Even to the insensitive Alabaster 3 days of non-responsive rest is excessive. After close examination Alabaster is convinced that this unconsciousness is not right. With Flawless Oak's help they determined that the little girl is not suffering from illness (since Five Bountiful Paste did not wake her), and is suffering from a severe case of fatigue - and quite possibly dying. With selfish reasons Alabaster volunteered himself to search the Royal Palace for the Celestial Wine that may be left there, and Flawless Oak went to seek Grandmother Bright.
64/07/14 06:34: Alabaster arrived at the Tri-Khan Palace and the brides told him that the Celestial Wine when diluted in water is still sufficient to vaccinate those who are not sick already, each cup can inoculate 800 people. After protecting the Brides and the Army Commanders only 1 cup is left of the 1 bottle that the Temple of the Unconquered Sun gave them. With no hesitation, and never any guilt, Alabaster fed it to Alabaster Eye of the Heaven and she woke instantly.
64/07/14 06:40: While Flawless Oak is battling the undead tide, Alabaster with no immedate people suffering went to bed.
64/07/14 06:44: Flawless Oak in his search for Grandmother Bright encountered the defenders of the Temple of the Unconquered Sun and learned of the Imperial Fist Astartes currently in the City. They are all out searching for suvivors and slaying zombies but left their Rathessian Theater Badge behind to protect the people. Seeing that indeed their father is an all powerful god, went on with confidence and conviction.
64/07/14 07:28: Following the direction by those in the temple, Flawless Oak encountered Grandmother Bright. And bartered for the safety of 29 individuals (not including any attached children). In a desperate gambit to avoid the tragic fate that befallen to his own mother and family, Flawless Oak chose women first for the 29 slots, and made sure they adopted all the children. Thus technically following the deal yet saving all the children.
64/07/14 13:10: After a restful 6 hours of sleep Alabaster Hand of the Heaven returned to his original task - search for Celestial Wine
64/07/14 13:22: All the women and children are safely transported to Grandmother Blight, and the healty survivors transferred to the Astartes' safehouse, Flawless Oak led the remaining infected towards the Royal Palace.
64/07/14 14:12: Flawless Oak arrived at the Royal Palace and immediate left for the Catacombs, as the letter indicated on where the War Captain's Celestial Wine may be kept. Unfortunately the posh luxurious gothic apartments in the Catacombs are empty no wine is to be found.
64/07/15 07:12: Following the burial records in the archives the Solars managed to find 2 bottles buried with an Delzhan Noble. Considering that he have no heir, and the solars are acting in the King's authority, Alabaster allowed the wine to be used. The cure prepared by the Priests of the Unconquered Sun and the Bride's thaumaturgist seems to work, and is able to cure state 1-3 (but not 4 and 5) of the disease.
64/07/15 06:44: With no more wine the Solar decided to go to the one place in Creation that anything is for sale - Nexus. Resting a full night sleep, they left immediately the next morning.
64/07/16 15:00: Rough Weather delayed the Solars but they arrived in Nexus and started their negotiating with the Guild Represenative Adrali. The Guild prove to be susceptible to the requests of the Bull of the North and the Solar left with 7 bottles with promises of at least 13 more to come.
64/07/18 12:04: The Solars returned to Chiaroscuro, on the way they received news that the situation as degraded enough that the Golden Custodian of South and West is returning to purge the South of this infestation. Flawless Oak's heart sunk, for he know that those with stage 4 and 5 can only be cured by twice death - and that number range in the 10s of thousands. He also knows how deadly this infection is, having been fighting on the forefront of the struggle. Fortunately Alabaster is still here, and as long as he is here, all will be well.

Session 39

64/07/19 14:29: Taokaka the Kitten of Chiaroscuro, Kali the Ivory Siaka and I'tesham the Flawless Predator arrived in Chiaroscuro to retrieve the little girl. They quickly tracked down the Solars to the Temple of the Unconquered Sun and made preparations to take her. Not wishing to distract the Solars from finishing the cure they waited till Flawless Oak was done before approaching the little girl.
64/07/21 22:41: With the help of Zahida Saqqaf, Thaumaturgist of the Bride of Ahlat in Chiarscuro, Flawless Oak managed to churn the 7 bottles of Celestial Wine into processed Cures of Embrace of Decay. The work was wrapped up in the Middle of the Night and Flawless Oak went to bed Immediately. During this 3 days Alabaster Hand of the Heaven was out with those they already saved, who are now innoculated against the dreaded disease, gathering survivors and cleansing the city one block at a time. Alabaster Hand of the Heaven attempted to limit the Brides preferrence for violance to which he was told to mind his own business. Nonetheless the Brides focused mainly on cleansing the diseased with purifying fire and correlled those who are savable towards Alabaster's men.
64/07/22 01:21: While I'tesham and Kali was packing up the little girl's possessions, Taokaka sneaked off and disabled the guards to the temple. She then told her companions that she is going to scout the way back, and stole half the Cure to the Disease for the Dalzhan Refugees.
64/07/22 10:26: Flawless Oak was surprised he woke up late thinking it was still early morning since the temple is so quiet. He quickly discovered the tied up people in the kitchen. A thorough search of the temple reported half the cure missing but the mos alarming is that so is Alabaster Eye of the Heaven. Almost died from shock and panic Flawless Oak immediately tried to track her down.
64/07/22 14:55: The runner finally found Alabaster Hand of the Heaven and told him of what transpired. Making sure no one is in immediate need of him, Alabaster Hand of the Heaven activated graceful crane stance and chased towards the direction of Flawless Oak.
64/07/22 15:35: He finally caught up to Flawless Oak at the edge of the City where Flawless Oak could no longer follow the track because the kidnappers flew off. Of one mind the two Solars left the suffering of Chiaroscuro behind and ventured towards the direction of the kidnappers hopping to catch their scent again.
64/07/24 22:14: Flawless Oak finally re-acquired the scent where the kidnappers made camp the day before. Careful examination of the tracks seems to indicate that the little girl was not taken but came willingly. Flawless Oak hide the fact that the little girl seem more (inter)active to the kidnappers than with them. Needing to rest after nearly 2 days of treking, they made camp with preparation to follow at day break.
64/07/25 04:11 Something heavy is heading towards the Solar, Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven took refuge in a nearby tree to gain higher vantage point. It ends up a large Rhino like creature is approaching them. It was a shock when the rhino spoke. He informed the Solars that the girls are the guests of the Silver Pact and she belongs with them and not with the Solars. When Alabaster Hand of the Heaven showed him his tattoos the Lunar represenative informed him that the little girl is currently undergoing a ritual that all Chosen of Luna needs. This is the first confirmation of her status as Luna's chosen. He also told the Solars that the girl will be returned to them in a fortnight. He also presented 4 bottles of Celestial Wine to the Solars as restitution for the thievery and asked if they can have the formula for the cure. More people know the cure means quicker this plague can be brought under control, Flawless Oak gave him the formula readily. The Lunar also told the Solars that at least 3 pockets of the plague escaped the City and headed towards south where they were lost in the vast wilderness.
64/07/25 06:54 Believing the little girl is safe and wanting to turn the wine into cure as soon as possible the 2 Solars returned to Chiaroscuro via Azure Chariot. For the next 2 Weeks the 2 Solars wound devote themselves to the salvation of Chiaroscuro and the discovery of any hints of Mecca - managing to succeed in both endeavors. They are revernetly referred to by the locals as the "Succor of Chiaroscuro"
64/08/04 14:46: Andraste and her lunarmate Maferath arrived in Rathess and underwent the Rite of Purification. For now, Rathess has a resident Sorcerer - one of the Celestial Circle no less.
64/08/11 09:18 unfortunately the little girls seems to be firmly attached to her palanquin so Flawless Oak sent it ahead with the carriers on a Azure Chariot and the Solars and the little girl followed on another. Upon arriving at their destination they purchased silky cushions and sweet meats for the little girl and formed a small caravan as disguise to visit Asamo's Estate
64/08/15 18:26 the caravan arrived at the gate to the mountain village and was told that the Monastery is closed though they can take lodging at the village. The 2 Solars snuck in to the monestery to find that foul murders have been commited and people were tortured for information. The ghosts of the murdered are tied there by their loyalty to their master Asamo. When the Solars revealed to them that Asamo is dead they faded away (returned to Lethe to be reborn).
64/08/16 19:24 Careful investigation of Asamo's vault showed that a Full Sworn Brotherhood has ransacked the place for no real purpose. The solars couldn't even tie the Dragon-Blooded to the murder in the Keep. It seems at least 2 seperate groups hit this fortress. There also seems to be no hints about the whereabouts of Mecca. Looking out the balcony the solars rememberd something about a Vineyard.
64/08/16 19:34 Innocent of the true dangers lurking about, the Solars rushed to the Vineyard with Graceful Crane. A search seems to indicate nothing other than some exceptional grapes. Then Alabaster Hand of the Heaven decided to search of the lake. Hidden among the weeds is an stone slab that lead to the tomb of the potentate. Inside the tomb the Solars found an ancient missive of orichalcum issued by an Amaterasu dis Gran Grees Eidas IV. It is written in an unfamiliar language that seems a derivative of Old Realm. The Solars could make out the words Atlantis (having seen it before in the Chiaroscuro Vault) and Mecca. Satsified this is the information they were told to find, the two closed the sarcophagus and left the tomb.
64/08/16 19:37 As soon as Alabaster Hand of the Heaven surfaced something grabbed hold of him from behind via the Guncase and started to drag him back. Activating the release mechanism of the case, Alabaster drew the Gunblade and freed himself by slicing through the straps, but not before smashing firmly into the rocks of the shore. As the water splashed 10 feet high from the force of the impact a red sash weaved its way though and slashed Alabaster's pack in two and took the Amaterasu Missive.

Flawless Oak immediately dived into the lake and threw up a wall of water as cover and lauched the powered chakram towards the assailants. A irridescent staff smashed the wave into a thousand beads that pitted the area with their impact and effortlessly battered the chakram to the side. In a whirl of motion Seong Mi-Na bashed Flawless Oak into the lake floor and as he bounced up a rapid succession of stabs cracked his wrist, ribs and hip. It was only the activation of his Barkskin that prevented serious injury. At the same time Alabaster was not ignored. Ryu Hayabusa is master of the field keeping Reach of Fate free to help Seong Mi-Na at a moment's notice and used Cycling Typhoon to maintain his closeness to Seong Mi-Na. The tide of battle is against the Solars as the mysterious assailants restlessly pushed Flawless Oak while keeping Alabaster Hand of the Heaven away and thus unable to protect his companion.

Desperate Flawless Oak risked everything to burn what remained of his divine energy to focus a single attack. The gambit worked, Seong Mi-Na was badly hurt. Having already accomplished their mission the two decided to quit the field while they are ahead. Alabaster tried to force the woman to stand her ground but for once his charm failed. Completely devoid of essence Flawless Oak tried to track the man who had the missive but lost the trail soon after.
64/08/16 19:52 Wanting to make sure the little girl is safe the Solars rushed to the village where they were lodged, not caring that a second ambush would have killed them. Only to find that the village is as peaceful as ever. Their memory of the fight is already fuzzy and in their memory the strangely dressed assailants has become 2 soultsteel plated deathknights bearing the crest of thorns.

Session 40

64/08/16 19:53: As Alabaster Hand of the Heaven turned the latch on the door the door simply fell in two and a anime like spray of blood painted the portal and the space beyond with his blood. Deeply wounded and near dying Alabaster ran to draw the enemy away. Flawless Oak charged into the room hoping to delay the assassin with his life - for both solars are drained of Essence from their battle at the vineyard.
64/08/16 20:01: Alabaster ran straight to the Celluar and barricaded the door. Flawless Oak in the mean time carried the little girl following the trail of blood to the same location. Alabaster almost shot the people outside the door but his code forced him to only fire a warning.
64/08/16 20:44: Alabaster took refuge in the corner covering the door with his Gunblade while Flawless Oak stacked as much things in front of the door as he could find. Hoping to buy enough time for them to respire some Essence. The little girl was in the midst of limit break had to exit to get milk for Tyr and started to undo Flawless Oak's work. Believing she possessed, Flawless Oak had no choice but to hold her to the ground. The little girl transformed into her Spirit shape hoping to get free. Now that she has the strength of a small puma Flawless Oak barely managed to bundle her in some rope and gently placed her to the side.
64/08/16 23:53: Corner with Alabaster dying and the little girl possessed, Flawless Oak realize their desperate position. He knows they probably will not make it out alive but the information the Bull asked them to find must get out. He used what Essence he regained to cast Infallible Messenger and the invisible assassin who were in the room all this time struck.
64/08/16 19:53: Flawless Oak fell to the ground with a deep gash that barely missed his jugular. He tried to continue the spell but the damage was too great. It would appear they have failed the task entrusted by the Golden Custodian of North and East.
64/08/17 03:44: The Deathblow never came, the two solars are left on Death's Door. Flawless Oak used the last of his strength to finally deliver the connection between Mecca and Atlantis to Bull of the North and fell over. Finally overcame by his injuries.
64/08/16 19:53: Alabaster shaken to his roots, for he has never been so close to dying, abandoned his code in a moment of self-preservation. He hide in a corner, did nothing to save good people whom may be killed as he hide. He did not even interfer when the little girl was so roughly handled.
64/08/16 06:11: In the morning the cook tried to get supplies from the Celluar and found it blocked. She gotten the rest of the village and the solar's mecenaries to help and finally busted down the door. They took Flawless Oak to the local healer but Alabaster refuse to exit the celluar until he is fully healed. He even doubled the Mercenaries' pay if they stayed after such horrific sight - the huge trail of blood, the broken vineyard, etc.
64/09/11 XX:XX: Return of character:dace, Dagnir, character:kai, to the South to assume tempoary command of the Harborhead Host while Dagnir tends to the Death Cult in the deep south.
64/09/17 05:33: Exaltation: Leonardo da Vinci, Twilight 26
64/09/19 0:34: Weak willed and battered Flawless Oak chose to indulge in his dark vice. The Dema Sutra, which he thought he sacrificed, returned at his beconing and he summoned a blood ape for "comfort."
64/09/20 06:44: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven and Flawless Oak have fully recovered from their wounds - after a month of bed rest. By now their memory have been twisted by the Sidereal Effect and settled on two purple Wolf Beastmen wearing the regalia of Thorns. This is proof that Thorns is an enemy of the solars and that they are the ones who assassinated The Twilight. This information was passed on to Bull of the North as well. The two solars set off to return to Chiaroscuro via Azure Chariot.
64/09/20 19:54: The two solars returned to a revitalized Chiaroscuro with the Banner of the Golden Custodian of South and West on top of every battlement.
64/09/20 19:54: They landed in the courtyard of the Custodian Shrine (was the Tri-khan Palace) and was immediately granted audience to the Golden Custodian's person. There they were formally granted the Title of "Succor of Chiaroscuro" and a grand banquet in their name planned for the night next. Alabaster Hand of the Heaven was reunited with his long lost friend Laoghaire, Son of Caomhánach who arrived weeks earlier with thaumaturgists to help with containing the plague. This invaluable help managed to finally overcome the plague and save Chiaroscuro.
64/09/20 19:57: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven left the Golden Custodian's presence with his friend and talked throughout the night. By morning however they left to the East on Personal Business
64/09/20 23:12: Flawless Oak, unable to contain his guilt over his failed oath of repentance, sought the Gold Custodian in the dead of the night. He sought absolution and the Golden Custodian decreed he must be able to destroy the book of his own hands if he wish to break free of this taint. Handing over his diaklave Dagnir motioned for Flawless Oak to destroy the evil tome. Closing his eyes, Flawless Oak summoned all his strength and shakenly struck. What he heard was not the painful slice of leather and parchment, but a resounding clash of metal on metal. His hands opened from shocking realization and the Daiklave fell to the ground with a thunderous bang. He has invaded the persons of the Golden Custodian. Visited violence upon the holy office when he was trying to bring him absolution. Dagnir did not scold him, for he has no basis to critisize. Scarlet Whisper recounted to him all of the Celestial Court's proceedings. He knows what crime his circlemate Aata committed. He knows all too well the demonic temptation that can strike even the fairy-est of hearts. He sent Flawless Oak to one who might help. If character:hasthasth could not help this wayward brother, then no one can. He also sent word to Rathess that his Obsidian Sheath should be given to Flawless Oak as reward for saving Chiaroscuro and because he might need it on the days to come. Alabaster Hand of the Heaven is a Flamepiece user and the additional strength would not help him as much.
64/09/23 14:12: Flawless Oak arrived in Rathess and underwent several days of purification and cleansing before seeking Hastha-Sth. Unfortunately all the physical cleansing could do little for his soul, for he is tainted via Flaws from with in. Hastha-sth has long know this. She hoped that the guiding light and wisdom of the Unconquered Sun would save this one, but it seems Flawless Oak requires more direct intervension. Her hope of spiritual empowerment went unanswered as Flawless Oak ultimately could only pay lip service to faith. Even though he has underwent the purification, felt the might of his father flow through the earth vessel of Hastha-sth, knowing that everyday of his life is an miracle of his glorious progenitor, he has no faith.
64/09/24 18:12: Flawless Oak spent the day prior and the subsequent days talking to the newly arrived Solar Andraste and exploring the vast city of Rathess. A quick friendship have formed for Flawless Oak and he surprised himself when he invited Andraste to visit the Jewel of the South. Andraste gladly accepted the invitation but mentioned she would have to return for the Solar Conclave. Only hearing the acceptance, Flawless Oak went home to prepare for depature. Awaited at him is the Suit of Obsidian Sheath polished and prepared for his claim, along with the Note to that purpose.
64/09/20 20:12: Worrying about the fate of Flawless Oak, Hastha-sth visited Andraste, who is also a Priestess of the Unconquered Sun, in her garden and the two conversed at length about this new generation of Solars who seems to have little in connection with the Most On High.
64/09/26 14:42: Alabaster Hand of the Heavens arrived hours before Flawless Oak and tended to the bureaucratic business of food distribution and criminal punishment.
64/09/26 17:52: Instead of landing at the Custodian Shrine's courtyard, Flawless Oak decided to land at the outskirt of town. Together he strolled with Andraste (and her Lunar Mate, and the dematerialized 2nd Circle Demon guardian he is not aware of) through the city he saved. He displayed his proudest achievement for Andraste, the saving of the Jewel of the South, and was not disappointed by her reaction. He showed her the temples and districts and was only stopped when Andraste had to go to the Temple of the Unconquered Sun for night prayer. The two seperated and Flawless Oak temporarily released from his influation remembered he should report to Dagnir.
64/09/26 18:28: Flawless Oak reported to the Golden Custodian of the events of Rathess but the Golden Custodian seems shocked and incredibly irritated that Andraste is here in Chiaroscuro. Cutting the meeting short the Golden Custodian stormed out.
64/09/26 20:12: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven was summoned to private tea with the Golden Custodian, it were there that Dagnir tactfully informed Alabaster the etiquette about charm use between Solars.
64/09/26 22:28: The thunderous noise of the steam cannons brought Flawless Oak and Alabaster to the courtyard. Aided by the new suit of armor Flawless Oak carried Alabaster to the cannon fort in record time. The Watch officer informed them they were merely firing warning shots to signal the foreign ships not to approach.
64/09/26 22:38: Wanting to investigate this personally lest they meant harm to the good people of Chiaroscuro, Alabaster Hand of the Heavens went with Flawless Oak to the Customs Ship departing in the West Harbor.
64/09/26 23:10: The convoy is actually traders from Skullstone, fully laden with enough food to feed 50,000 people for a year. All this is offered at cost to those that could afford it, or free to those that could not. The Alms given by the Silver Prince. Alabaster is deeply suspicious however, but the fact that Moray Darktide is vessel to this magnanimous lord bears heavy weight.
64/09/26 23:16: Every convy ship is to be searched for contraband before any consideration could be done. The Golden Custodians descended on wings of golden flame and decleared to the Captain that him and his convoy are not welcome at the ports of the South. They are to leave as soon as the inspection is complete. Should they require repairs then on the fact a fellow brother is their ally, they will be allowed to dock but under quarentine. There will be no acceptance of this "gift."

Flawless Oak was shocked and torn. The food could alleviate so much suffering, but Dagnir is the Golden Custodian of South and West.
64/09/26 09:44: At the earliest possible moment Flawless Oak sought appointment with the Golden Custodian and was immediately granted audience. He mentioned his case to which Dagnir replied that should Darktide vouch for this then he would immediately accept it. As it stands, he will not accept an ambiguous offer from an source he know nothing about by a captain he instinctively dislike. Silence by Dagnir's reasonable explanation Flawless Oak immediately informed Darktide of what he needs to do. Moray replied to Golden Custodian short while later, congratulation him on his ascendancy as Golden Custodian and personally vouched for the quality of his Ruler and the truthfulness of this gesture. Thus the port of the South was open but with two infallible messenger spell.
64/09/26 11:44: Flawless Oak was summoned to the audience chamber. Andraste is already with Dagnir and the air is heavy. The oath was already spoken and Dagnir requires an Eclipse Caste to enforce it.
64/09/26 11:45: With the oath out of the way, Dagnir granted Andraste free range of the city and assigned 2 Astartes Sororitas to be her "guard." He then invited Flawless Oak to supervise the unloading and distribution of the food stuffs. He also mentioned that he is leaving Chiaroscuro for the deep south to quell the death cults, and Dace will be arriving to assume command of the city. In the mean time he means to place Alabaster Hand of the Heaven as interium administrator of the city and wanted Flawless Oak to breech the subject with his circlemate. He knows the Golden Custodian of North and East have sent them on a secret mission, so he is fine with them refusing the honor.

Session 41

64/09/27 XX:XX: The 7 Mice of the Sun have reached Gladrien Vanja of Thorns, judged her as imposter and since they are already out, started to look for their friend, Gladrien Vanja of Rathess. A scale of creature:celestiallion was summoned and told to find Lyta and Gladrien Vanja.
64/09/27 11:25: Flawless Oak is summoned to the Custodian Shrine where he was appointed Grain Monitor overseeing the transfer and distribution of the Silver Prince Grain. He was given the honor of representing the Golden Custodian of South and West and seal the deal with Captain Ebon of Skullstone. The Ambassador of Skullstone masterfully ingratiated himself to Flawless Oak and the two decleared their friendship. They had such great conversation that Flawless Oak did not leave the ship until nightfall, even forgetting the Noon and Sunset prayers to the Unconqered Sun. Captain Ebon being a worldly man gave Flawless Oak some hints in regards to where Artifacts may be purchased - the closest is Paragon, and the biggest is Imperial City, Arjuf, Nexus, and White Wall.
64/09/28 08:45: Flawless Oak taken to the position of Grain Monitor like fish to water. He is now in an position to ensure that in 1/8th of Creation the horrors that happened to his family will not happen.
64/09/28 09:44: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven have made it his duty to take over the Criminal Investigation and Punishment of the Chiaroscuro Court System
64/10/01 12:44: The 2 Solars were summoned to the Custodian Shrine and were given the Scepter of Chiaroscuro enroute. They were informed that the Golden Custodian has already departed to Kirighest to meet General Dace, it is his command that his brothers, a concept Flawless Oak is a convert of, to oversee the city on his behalf.
64/09/30 07:42: Placing Laoghaire, Son of Caomhánach in the thank less job of Regent, the two Solar left for Paragon to see if any goods can be purchased that will advance the Atlantis Trip. They have with them a letter from the Golden Custodian to another Solar sister Horakinis and also a personal letter from Laoghaire to the same.
64/09/31 11:43: They are immediately stopped by Paragon Guards and fined for illegal parking of an vehicle with an additional fine for illegal use of sorcery within City Limits. From there one fine piled on top of another, and by the time the Solars arrived at the visitor orientation center they have already paid enough silver to feed an family for a month.
64/09/31 13:11: The orientation droned on and on and the solars cut it short by signing a waiver of liability. They found Horakinis without problem since she is quite famous locally for her good works in helping the locals preparing for any possible spreading of the Chiaroscuro plague.
64/09/31 18:22: After delivering the message and a quick discussion with the lovely Horakinis the 2 solars left the city to await the dawn. While in camp they were approached by an 7' tall knight in black armor with a cape of coords. The knight seems to be working for a Fair Folk Prince and offered Flawless Oak the fulfilment of his dreams if he joins his master. The knight even said that his master can even make Horakinis Flawless Oak's if he joins. A purposal that is as vile as it was tempting. At las the 2 Solars refused and the black knight left without incident.
64/09/31 19:58: The 2 Solars returned to Horakinis and informed her of the event. Speculating that the knight might be an low level servant of a Fair Folk Noble she nonetheless decided to depart the city - for the Knight knows her secret identity as a Solar, and Paragon is a Realm Satrap.

The night prevents her from using the Azure Chariot to escape, and thus she changed to her moss green traveling leathers and took her brothers to her schooner and set sail immediately.
64/10/04 5:58: With their Golden Father soon breaking through the horizon Horakinis had the schooner drop them off on a small isle. She did not wish her mortal crew see her anima and thus identify her as Solar. As the Solars rested before the sunrise, the Black Night appeared yet again. He again appealed to Flawless Oak's desire for Horakinis but was again refused. Again he left without incident, but this time proving his supernatural nature by walking over the sea. With 2 other Solar present Flawless Oak debated about detaining this mysterious stranger for clearifications, but with none of them able to do much on water he did nothing.
64/10/04 17:22: The Solars arrived in Chairoscuro, and was informed that The Brides of Arhlat at the command of their Master and Husband departed Chiaroscuro to the deep south. The Golden Custodian of South and West have sent Dace to Chiaroscuro to oversee the defense and security of the South. The custodian have also issued a general call to Solars of the South to unit and face this growing darkness and smash the Heart of the Octocrucian Fellowship. Already tasked for the recovery of Mecca, The Lissome Halo of Golden Annihilation, Alabaster and Flawless Oak did not join the expedition.
64/10/05 07:12: Horakinis left for Kirighest to join the Golden Custodian of South and West
64/10/05 08:14: Loaghaire had his revenge when Alabaster returned to court to face a mountain of hand picked cases that all require significant investigation but none serious enough to warrant death.
64/10/08 17:32: General Dace, the epithet:teachertolegends have arrived in Chairoscuro without fanfair and assumed control. Warm welcome and sincere congratulations were given to the 2 young Solars, including words of praise from the Golden Custodian of North and East on their good deeds in the South. The 3 Solars meet for a personal dinner where Dace caught the 2 Solars up on recent developments of the East. The formation of the War College, the Unification of the Hundred Kingdoms, the speeding up of formation of Undead Slayers in prepartion for the War with Thorns, and most importantly the preparation of an vessel suitable for Deep Western Ocean being prepared for them by Fire Orchid in Rathess.
64/10/11 18:11: On their return to Rathess the 2 Solars stopped by Nexus to meet with Guild Director Adrali to see if he can help in acquiring some artifact that will make a western trip easier. Directory Adrali ensured them of his discretion and set forth to see what he can do. The Solars accepted his hospitality and stayed overnight and left for Rathess in the Morning.
64/10/14 XX:XX: Pia's Exaltation (Lunar) and was soon recruited by the Gold Faction and delivered to the Cult of the Illuminated Southern Branch
64/10/14 10:14: The 2 Solars returned to Rathess and underwent the Purification Rites
64/10/15 18:47: With their spirit cleansed the group returned to Alabaster's home and realize it is going to be cramped with Laoghire there. Flawless Oak offered his guest wing to the Dragon Blooded and the group entered his home to a banquet in their honor. Shocked at the impropriety of an unknown Dragon-Blooded in such grand occasion Ticca tried to make best of it. Sensing the tension Laoghire tactfully withdrew himself to Alabaster's home and stayed there.
64/10/16 10:42: Not wanting Laoghire waste this rare opperturnity to visit such a Great City Flawless Oak took Laoghire on a sightseeing trip. Showing him all the sights Andraste showed him last time. They even encountered Leonardo da Vinci who muttered that the Submersible will not work, that they are wasting their time.
64/10/17 08:14: With Fire Orchid finally returned from testing, the Solars saw Proteus for the very first time. The test run did not go so well, but the ship performed within parameters. Fire Orchid assured the Solars that the ship will be safe, and functional - though Fire Orchid's creation's habit of breaking down seemingly at random does not install confidence when it will be this little ship that keeps the Solars from descending into the literal bottomless seas of the West.

Session 42

64/10/17 08:14: Karal Fire-Orchid projected that the Proteus would be fully functional in 4 weeks
64/10/21 20:44: Studying under Laoghaire, Son of Caomhánach, Flawless Oak could not shake the strange feeling in regards to the Dragon Blood's Occult logic. He brought the Dragon-Blooded to the wisest person in Rathess - Hastha-Ssth. Night of pleasant meals and insightful discussions not only opened the Dragon-Blooded to the truth of the world but also placed the first age into an balanced context for all 3 of them. Loghaire became a sincere convert of the Unconquered Sun.
64/10/22 17:31: Guild Director Adirali and his bodyguard Izayoi Sakuya arrive in Chiaroscuro to attend to the Chaos in South, originated via Solar Action. He is to act as guild mediator between the Delzhan Nomades and Harborhead (His purpose is on matters of trade interests of the Guild). He is offered a suite in the Custodian Shrine. To which he artfully refused; Instead taking residence in the Guild Bank.
64/10/26 18:47: 2nd Tier Solar Exaltation: Sayn, Twilight 37
64/11/18 11:04: Finally finished with his Occult training, Flawless Oak remembered the frightening Solar Leonardo da Vinci who mentioned that the Proteus would not work. Together with Fire Orchid and Laoghaire they solved the need for Wood Energy by having a Wood Elemental Bond with the Proteus frame for a year and a day.
64/11/28 08:00: With the arrival of Sergent Pollo Fire Orchid revealed the "Tacticool™ Harness of Flawless Aquatic Admittance" complete with the "Tacticool™ Fan of Fiery Expdiency." Sargent refusing to done the harness for test flight since she installed the Essence Jet Turbine against Pollo and Jalith's wishes. To calm their fears Fire Orchid pressed the ignition control, and the engine burst into life. Soon it sputtered out and died… and shortly after Exploded in a fiery explosion. Luckily the Exalted manage to potect all in the blast radius. This pushed the schedule back another 2 weeks as the Servitor of the Central Hearth would have to remake the harness from the existing blue print.
64/12/03 12:21: Flawless Oak received a kingly gift from the Golden Custodian of North and South shortly after the Noon prayer ended. Included with the letter is the deed to a Manse near Linowan. With the unexpected free time on their hands the Solars decided to check it out.
64/12/05 17:52: The Solar party arrived at Fendor Manor and met Flawless Oak's senschel of Fedor Manor, Norman.
64/12/10 14:31: After the little adventure tracking down raiders near Flawless Oak's estate (didn't catch up to the raiders) the Solars returned to Rathess to prepare for their Quest for Mecca.
64/12/14 08:00: The Expedition for Atlantis left from Rathess
64/12/22 XX:XX: The arrival of the Astartes in Kirighast
64/12/22 18:14: The insertion into the mile high wave was sucessful. Unfortunately the quirky-ness and the rushed job Fire Orchid did on the Proteus Launch Harness occured on its first real life use. The harness opened and ejected the Proteus into the wave like a torpedo, but it jammed and was not able to close. Sergent Pollo surprised by this and being so close to the wave crashed and was going to drown.

Alabaster Hand of the Heaven manage to use the manual relese on the harness by using 3 shots enhanced with "Accuracy without Distance" right as Flawless Oak summoned the Azure Chariot. He designated Sargent Pollo as the driver and it carried Pollo high above the clouds where he have time to dry his feathers.
64/12/22 18:19: Leviathan carried Proteus in his mouth and started travelling through Boarder Marches
64/13/21 XX:XX creature:celestiallion's Investigation is completed. The mice arrives as the Northern Monastery of the Cult of the Illuminated and located Lyta and Gladrien Vanja of Rathess. The reaction of the Gold Faction Sidereals are complex mixture of relief and terror as the Mice gazed at each in turn. The Sidereals without delay turned over Gladrien Vanja, still unconscious in her specimen container.
64/13/22 03:53 Third Tier Exaltation: Petyr Baelish, Zenith 23

Start of Player Party's Time Differentiation, They are also outside of Fate and beyond the sight of Sidereals

64/13/22 04:11: Time travel strangely in the middle marches. What seemed for the Solars to be 2 days is actually a month in Creation. Levithan easily avoided the Atlantis Defense Network and deposited the Solars at the Way Point marking the Middle Marches to the Deep Wyld. Nebhet Hotep, as per the agreement for the Solar's safe passing, returned to the suken city of Luthe with Levithan while the Solars continued on with their epic saga for Atlantis.
64/13/24 11:37 Lyta transporting the 7 Mice of the Sun and Gladrien Vanja's capsule arrive at Rathess. Hastha-ssth marked her homecoming and Gladrien Vanja gains the Epithet: The True Gladrien Vanja. Fear Eater is summoned by Hastha-ssth and started tending to his dying sister.
64/14/24 XX:XX: After razing Kirkwall to the ground the Hundred Coalition signed the Thedas Concordant, formalizing their unconditional surrender to Maximillian Gaius von Reginrave. Maximillian established his seat of power at the city of Val Royeaux, Capital of the Orlesian Empire.
64/14/24 12:00: Gladrien Vanja opened her eyes and awoke for the first time in nearly 4 years (She was kidnapped 61/02/11)

In a place where Time and Space holds no Meaning

  • Father and Son
    • Confirmation of Lancelot and all his Glory
    • Where Flawless Oak fought beside his father and was able to slaughter with impunity at his father's direction
  • The Memory that should not be Lost
    • The recanting of Flawless Oak's past
    • The means by which Flawless Oak adopted to the Wyld
  • Temptation of Bliss
    • While the 2 Solars are indulging in their fantasy, Laoghaire had his own as well
    • It is a fantasy where he and Horakinis are happily married
    • The arrival of Flawless Oak and his own desires for Horakinis twisted the tale towards his own fantasy, he managed to escape due to his shame at what he is doing to a friend but it was too late
    • Alabaster's Arrival further twisted the tale to his own insecurities putting into form his own half-formed fear of Alabaster Eye of the Heaven perferring the charismatic and charming Dragon-Blooded over him
  • Flawless Oak has adopted to the Wyld by forming his Ring of Temperance
  • Laoghaire adopted to the Wyld by forming his Cup of Compassion
  • Alabaster is incapable of interacting with the limitless potential of the Wyld and thus formed a stunted broken thing that could not exist and thus immediately faded away
  • The Burden of Heroes
    • As the players wander further attracted to the whims of the Unshaped the dreams became increasingly directed by the greater will that exists in infinity. The deep regret and fear of Flawless Oak was used to seed a grand story of seperation, reunion, and fufillment and tearful parting.
    • Flawless Oak after being thought dead for 10 years returned at Creations darknest hour. To a son that does not know his father, to Ticca dying of heartbreak, and unable to abandon duty sacrificed his life to wield the Tacticool™ Sun Cannon - Mecca the Golden Blade. He banished Ma-Ha-Suchi, and redeamned Thorns bring the Eye of the Unconquered Sun back onto Creation. As he lay dying his Circle mate brought forth his young son and the last memory before his death was his sun saying how much he was missed and loved.
    • While the ignorant might be intoxicated by these gradiose dreams the Solars are well trained by Swan and did not fell sway to the addictive nature of the Wyld.

Future Events

65/01/26 XX:XX: The 2 Golden Custodians attended Maximillian Gaius von Reginrave's wedding to his lunar mate, Selvaria Bles, and as gift to the couple - The Bull crowned them Emperor and Empress of the Hundred Kingdoms and Holy Protector of Confederation of Orlais. Many lands are parceled to the allies of the East. Alabaster Hand of the Heaven received Kingdom of Angland as his fiefdom, Flawless Oak received the neighbor region of of Alba. For his great services during the recovery of Mecca, the Dragon-Blooded Laoghaire, Son of Caomhánach received his homeland of Eire.
65/03/25 XX:XX: The new office corp of the Golden Custodian of North and East graduated from the Fallen Lapis Military Academy. Dace is finally free to pursuit the War in the South. Bull of the North puts his invasion of the Realm into motion. Dace bitterly disagrees but was convinced eventually by the two Golden custodians.
65/04/01 XX:XX Klytaimnēstra is crowned Rojatan by the consensus of the Dragon Kings. Rathess is now her primary residence. (She has gained permission to enter the Central Hearth, but not attuned to it, Gladrien Vanja is the only remaining Solar with attunement to the awesome font of power)
65/07/24 XX:XX The plan the Bull of the North put into Motion shortly after the defeat of the Tepet Legion at event:battleoffutileblood came to fruition. A huge armada of 20,000 ships filled with mercenaries and green irregulars recruited near Thorns launched from near Derend's Ford and started the Invasion of Blessed Realm
65/07/24 XX:XX At the same day the Mercenaries armies paid by the riches of Chiaroscuro set sail from Chiaroscuro
65/07/24 XX:XX Harborhead Army of the West led by Dace with Varangian City State Auxiliaries set out from Chiaroscuro towards the Realm Tribulary of Paragon
65/08/16 XX:XX The Realm's Wood Fleet eradicated the invading Armada, proving yet again the futility of waring against the Princes of the Earth. 100,000 Troops and more than 10,000 ships have been sunk.
65/08/14 XX:XX Admiral character:malcom was recalled from the West by order of Mnemon and assumed temporary control of the Fire Fleet. The Flag Ship of the invading fleet was blown to smitherines by the Essence cannon of the artifact:hmsintrepidqueen airship in the initial bombardment. 80,000 mercenaries and auxiliaries were sunk and the invasion was over before it even landed.
65/09/04 XX:XX The Sesus Legions with the Aid of the only Tepet Legion remaining organization:scarletlegion (led by the Roseblack) engaged the Solar army near the newly independent Satrap of Paragon. The 4th Battle Group of the Fire Fleet hidden in costal fog achieved strategic surprise. 40,000 Varangian Auxiliaries and Mercenaries perished in the 40 minutes of the battle, and the Solars were routed from the field.
65/09/10 XX:XX Padding Dace on the back for a job well done, Bull of the North give word for character:ottotorbjorn to leave Nexus laden with tributes to sue for truce with the Realm. Eliminating once and for all the Threat of Anathema as a unifying force for the Dynasts who are even now poised to tear the Blessed Realm apart in Civil War.
67/XX/XX XX:XX: Leonidas' Exaltation (3rd Tier Solar)

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