World Effects

Restoration of Rathess

This marks a revival of the Sun Cult all across Creation. The worshipping of the Sun under the guidance of the ancient Dragon Kings are now contending against Immaculate Teachings all over Creation

  • Grants Cult of 1 to all Solars known to Rathess
  • An Impregnable Base of Operations for all Solars
  • A Holy Ground on which Solars can work out their individual differences

Cure Embrace of Decay

Under the careful management of Fear Eater and the Armies of the South the Embrace of Decay have been erridicated

  • The South becomes innoculated against the disease
  • Those living in the South gains +1 automatic success to resist disease till Caliberation of Year 65 as the accumulation of efforts by Gods, Men, and Exalted

Formation of the Orlesian Empire

With the Brilliant Campaign led by Maximillian Gaius von Reginrave the Hundred Kingdoms have been forced into Unity by Solar Might

  • Announcement has been made that all Solar Exalted are to be given aid in reaching Rathess. Any Crime they committed prior to Exaltation is wiped clean by the Authority of the Golden Custodians of North and East.
    • All Solars gain effectively Resource 3 at any location in the East for their Trip to Rathess
    • It also marked Solars as beyond the judgement of Mortal Authority and should any crime be committed they are to be referred to Addictio Signiferum
    • All Solars effectively have Infulence[Backing of Golden Custodian of North and East]: East (2)
  • This marked the End of the Wyld Hunt in the East
    • With their punishment for Fallen Lapis fresh even the Sidereals are reticent in pursuing Solar deaths in lands under Solar domination
  • This also mark the start of the rapid disintegration of the Immaculate Order in the East as the Addictio Signiferum starts to roam the world

The Return of the Golden Blade

The Symbol of Solar Victory have returned to the rightful side of the Proctor of the Solar Deliberative. Creation's stability is reaffirmed against the endless threat against it

  • 1 Automatic Success by Exalted and Gods in Willpower contests against Demons
  • 1 Bonus Dice to all attempts by beings of Creation to manipulate/stabalize the Wyld

Reclaim the Creation Ruling Mandate

The Solar have demonstarted that indeed they still possess the authority of the King of Gods

  • The near complete destruction of the Immaculate Order Religious Structure
  • Solar now have undeniable legislative control over all Terrestrial Court Functions

Reactivation of the Imperial Manse

A Perfect Circle of Solars have correctly activated the Imperial Manse. The most powerful weapon in all of Existence is now fully activated. Enemies beware

  • Sword of Creation is fully activated and is linked with the Field Targeting Artifact

Restoring the Great Pyramid of the Unconqured Sun

The Great Pyramid of the Unconquered Sun have been restored to its Geomantic Harmony

  • The nation most devoted to the Sun will not suffer from Natural Disasters as long as their representatives are attending the Great Pyramid of the Unconquered Sun
    • This is an active effect as the Gods do not enact natural disasters and suppress unnatural ones
    • Currently it would be Rathess and its territories - it is hard to top the religious purity of the Dragon Kings
  • The Region for 1000 miles around The Pyramid becomes Holy Ground - Forcing a 5 die internal penalty to all Creature of Darkness and the world react around them to mark them as such
    • Animals cry out in alarm, Fire flutter towards their direction, Water ripple words of warning at their proxmity, etc.
    • This is a Warding Effect and thus is not cumulative with other warding effects
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