Amaterasu Missive

Quick Short Summary

Writ on imperishable sticks of orichalcum bonded together by moonsilver strings. This ostentatious document probably originated from the legendary isle of Atlantis. It was a gift made by an ancient Shogun to an especially troublesome potentate who happens to be a collector of all things Altantis. The potentate was deeply appreciative especially when he confirmed that it is hand written by none other than character:aishacodante, Queen of Atlantis. He treasured it so much that it alone, among all his belongings, were in placed in his coffin.

  • This document was recovered by Alabaster Hand of the Heaven and Flawless Oak during Session 039
  • It was immediately taken by the Sidereal team of Seong Mi-Na and Ryu Hayabusa
  • Unfortunately by that point the 2 Solars already made out the only 3 words that are in Old Ream
    • Mecca, Atlantis, Chiaroscuro
  • Not wishing to risk their life, especially after they already recovered the Missive, the Sidereal retreated.
  • They were told to return to Yu-Shan for the Loci of Fate has passed, they now need to seek the next Loci in hope of preventing Mecca from ever being unearthed.
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