Director Adirali's Seal
Princeless Item (Resource N/A Purchase)
  • Intricately carved from a single piece of Ice Jade
    • Cool to the touch
    • Supernatural Creatures with Essence less than 3 cannot touch this Seal
      • A form of Warding that affects anyone with Awakened Essence
  • Including ample supply of the exotic official guild seal ink
    • Secret reciept that shows radiant hues when examined through a special crystal lense
    • The ink is an additional mechanism of authentication
  • The personal seal of character:adirali
    • Guild Directors are the super agents of the Guild Directorate
    • Directorate is the Highest Level of the Guild. It is the organization answers directly to the Board of Directors (or Hierarchs in Guild Terms)
    • A Guild Director roams across creation trouble shooting and eliminating problems
      • Guild Director Adirali is not tasked to any specific region, instead is a special trouble shooter.
    • They answer directly to the Hierachs (e.g. no more intermediates between them and those with absolute power)
    • Each Director is a personal agent of Hierach(s)
      • On paper their loyalty is to the entire Directorate
      • In reality they possess the same Patron-Servant relationship as any organization of divided rulers
    • Guild Director Adirali was tasked with and has unanimous support of the Hierachs in investigating the recent "Plague of Anathemas"
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