Harborhead's Secret Weapon

Extremely potent "weapon:firedustgrenade" of unknown origin

The secret weapon of Harborhead and was not used till the decisive battle against the combined forces of the Tri-khan. Brides of Arhlat used it in such an effective manner that they managed to defeat an mobile cavalry army outnumbering them 10 to 1.

In the processing of wiping out 50,000 Cataphract consisting of the brighest, bravest, and the noblest of the Delzhani in less than 20 minutes it also created the most potent shadowland in the South.

  • There is no way for it to misfire even if dropped or broken
    • One has to pull the cord to arm it and then grenade will explode upon impact.
  • Miniture sized Grenades are about the size of a chicken egg
  • Standard Sized Grenades are the size of a adult fist with a handle
  • Petard Sized Grenades are the thickness of an adult's arm and 3 foot long. Unlike the smaller versions its has a automatic fuse as opposed to exploding on contact.
Size Miniture Standard Petard
Speed 6 6 6
Accuracy +0 +0 +0
Damage* 16L/6 16L/6 16L/6
Burst Radius 2 yard 4 yard 10 yard
Rate 3 2 1
Range 10 10 5
Minimum Dexterity •• Dexterity •• Str ••, Dexterity ••
Cost N/A N/A N/A
Tags F,G F,G F,G

* Number after slash is Trauma for burst area

Grenade Rules

Grenades are pottery (rarely glass or other materials) bombs, spherical or egg-shaped and sized for throwing. A grenade is designed to burst on impact and scatter some damaging payload. Regardless of their contents, grenades follow a few special rules:

  • All grenade weapons carry the new ‘G’ tag (see sidebar). This indicates that the weapon bursts to affect every target within an area. See the weapon’s description for the size and shape of that area.
  • If attacking an area rather than a specific person, a one-yard radius area has a Defense Value of 0.
  • Normal grenades are too large to throw using slings or staff slings, but their range can be extended using a special device that resembles an atlatl.
  • A character whose player botches an attack roll typically smashes the grenade at their feet, setting it off and suffering the full effect herself.
  • Grenades are fragile. An unprotected grenade goes off if its bearer suffers knockback or knockdown, or falls 10 feet or more. An enemy can also target a visible grenade with a called shot: treat this as a disarming attack (see Exalted, p. 158).
  • Prudent people carry grenades in well-padded wooden cases. Grenades in such cases cannot detonate accidentally (unless the wearer is smashed flat, anyway). On the other hand, the character must perform a Ready Weapon action to withdraw grenades.
  • Thrown Excellencies and Charms that extend a thrown weapon’s Range or Rate (including multiple actions) work with grenades. Charms that multiply or create thrown weapons do not. Storytellers must evaluate other Charms individually.
  • Some grenades are fashioned by mundane craft. Others require the thaumaturgical Path of Alchemy; see the description for each type of grenade.


  • The Grenade is a token project made for the Mask of Winters by his "peer" Eye and Seven Despair
  • It is extremely potent but any death caused by it is increased 10 fold when considering the formation of Shadowlands.
    • The little battle that it was used in is equilvant to 500,000 people and 500,000 horses killed in 20 minutes in an 1 mile by 3 mile area.
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