Izayoi Sakuya's Chiaroscuro Glass Knife

Each is a Resource 4 Purchase

Realistically, knives made for throwing are balanced differently than hand-to-hand blades. Exalted assumes that the difference is negligible to its heroes. Storytellers who desire a grittier feel may give a combatant using thrown knives in melee a -1 internal penalty to her Melee dice pool, and conversely give a combatant throwing knives made for melee a -1 internal penalty to Thrown.

These knives are crafted by the master knife maker Nolen Ginsu of Varangian City-States, widely acknowledged as the best mortal knife maker in the world. With the recent turmoil of the Southern regions it is unlikely Sakuya will be able to acquire replacements thus she is very careful with their use.

Each of these knives is handcrafted and amazingly their specifications are so exact that they are indistinguishable from each other. The blades are all made of dark green glass and the handles are iron wood wrapped in the finest ray skin. Each is roughly 7 inches long, razor sharp and superbly balanced.

Sakuya has these stored in garter belt holsters of matching ray skin, each leg holds 10 daggers.

Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Range Minimum Resource Tags
4 +2 +4L 0 3 25 Str •, Dex •• •••• P


  • Like all Chiaroscuro glass weapons, these blades are so sharp as to be considered piercing.
  • When making ranged attacks, characters may fire or throw a weapon out to its Range rating without penalty. They may fire out to twice this distance with a -1 external penalty, or between two and three times listed range at -2 successes. Accurate shooting beyond this range is impossible without the aid of magic. So these knives can be thrown up to 15 yards (45 feet) without penalty, 30 yards (90 feet) at -1, and 45 yards (135 feet) at -2.
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