Atlantis Trip


  • Descriptions of meca and any associated iconography
    • Mecca is incredibly esotaric
    • You guys know the following, this pretty much all that you can find out without talking to people in Yu-Shan (though I would not suggest you guys go that route)1
      • It is called "Mecca"
      • It is a blade of some sort, not sure how large or small or even what style
      • It is a Solar Weapon - So you assume it is Orichalcum
  • Spell Scroll : Sacred Tougue (Needs to be purchased)
  • Spell Scoll: Travel Without Distance (pending via Andraste
  • Atlantean Lotus
  • Translation Crystal x2
  • 3x Healing Orchid
    • Little Girl does not want them
      • I would SERIOUSLY suggest you not force her to get implants against her wishes
  • 8x ••• Dot Walkaway made by Fear Eater (Each is Resource 5)
    • Naturally occurring walkaways are created from mementos of an impressive accidents where the survivors should have been killed or maimed, but instead emerged unharmed (hence the name). Once per story, an effective walkaway will negate one success on a single, life-threatening damage roll. Very powerful walkaways can negate two or even three successes, but they must all be from the same damage roll.
  • 4x ••• Dot Good Luck Charms made by Fear Eater (Each is Resource 4)
    • Good luck charms don’t so much give a character good luck as protect him from bad luck. Once per story, a good luck charm will protect the character from the negative effects of a botch, either one the player rolls or one another player rolls that would hurt the talisman-carrying character. This protection may have indirect effects. For example, if the character is aboard a ship that crashes into a shoal due to pilot mishap, he might be picked up by a passing ship or might find a floating spar and be cast safely ashore. Very powerful good luck charms will negate two or three botches in a single story.
  • 2x Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracers
  • 3x Orichalcum Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light

Survival Equipment Ocean

  • 1x Proteus
  • 3x Breather Plant
    • Little Girl does not want them
      • I would SERIOUSLY suggest you not force her to get implants against her wishes
      • and No, she cannot breath water - her spirit form is a Puma and she has no other charms than 1 level of Ox Body
  • 2x Pairs of Green Eyes
    • 1x Pair of Newly Upgraded Laoghaire Googles
    • Little Girl does not want them
      • I would SERIOUSLY suggest you not force her to get implants against her wishes
  • 1x Shock Gauntlets
    • Remember Shock Gauntlets use Martial Arts and not Archery or Thrown

Purchased from character:adrali, 4 weeks to arrange

Need to Acquire

  • excavation tools?
  • might actual need AoE wyld protection >.<
    • Unless you get the Charm you are not going to find a reality engine sitting around
    • Also keep in mind that AoE Wyld Protection will prevent a lot of things from happening - such as travelling from Way Point to Way Point
    • the AoE Wyld Use by The Twilight is because it was mandatory to be used for the Artifact, and that he wasn't travelling, he was just Shaping Wyld into resources.

Survival Equipment Ocean

  • Sea Turtle Bait
  • Floating Device to ensure that should you guys be ship wrecked, her Favorite Palanquin will survive or you might hear no end of it

Survivial Equipment Wyld?

  • Iron Weapons
    • Though Fair Folk does not look kindly upon this, it is like someone walking around with Toxic thing in your house, even if they don't intent to use it on you it is still unsettling.
  • Wards against Fair Folk
    • Again Wards are not looked upon kindly by anyone it is against
    • Plus they can instantly sense and locate the Ward
  • a Misericorde
    • There are certain point after enough mutations that death would be a release
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