Kingdom of Alba

Located next to Kingdom of Albion

A Fief granted to Flawless Oak by character:yurgenkaneko

  • Mineral Rich Domain

Notable Locations


Capital of Alba

  • An ancient city dating back to the days of the Shogunate
  • As ancient as Londinium in Albion
  • Provides an Income of Resource 5

Eilean Donan Castle

1 Dot Water Manse

  • Hearthstone: As a Misc Action the bearer can spend 5 motes and turn a number of cubic feet of non-magical liquid equal to the bearer's Essence into exceptionally good Ale

Hadrian's Wall

2 Dot Earth Manse

  • Ancient Wall now mostly in Rubble. When restored it will become a 2 Dot Earth Manse

Loch Ness

3 Dot Wood Demesne

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