Set on the Continent of Anatolia1.

Anatolia is an vast fertile land ruled by the Anatolians. It is from this continent that the Anatolians range far and wide, ever expanding their vast Empire in the west. In the center of it all is the City of Illium at its south western coast.

The Anatolian

The Anatolian is a collective of group of Primordial-Spawn. The accidents formed as the result of Primordial Component Souls' dalliances with mortals and gods alike. These offsprings bears insignificant fragments of their progenitor's power, insignificant in scale - but enough to dominate the world of men. Though their holdings are vast they have yet to make contact with the mighty Dragon Kings who currently holds mastery of all Creation. This is not an accident but deliverate act by the Primordial Repun Kamui2, the Sea that Fosters Life.

Not all Anatolian's bloodline are of the same potency, however. Their royal family is an deliberate creation of the Primordial Repun Kamui, the Sea that Foster Life, and is able to trace their lineage directly to her. Thus they are able to wield the terrible powers of the Titans and has used it to oppress the mortals with ever growing cruelty. Even the gods give some leeway for while Anatolian might is insignificant against the custodians of Creation, should any dispute arise one of the Primordial Component Souls are sure to intercede in their favor.

This cycle of ever greater sadism came to a near reversal with the birth of Hector, the favorite of Helios, blessed commander of the Apollonian Guards, and the Greatest Warrior of Anatolia3. Hector have forced the Anatolians through charisma and strength to ease their oppression and pushed them ever closer to beneficence. Under his command the Anatolian fleets turned towards taming the Oceans of its dangers and instead of taking what they wished started to traded with the lesser races the light of civilization exchange for fealty.

  • Their holy language is "Old Realm" and only the Nobility is allowed to speak it. The penalty for those who reach beyond their station is death.

The Achaeans

The Achaeans, is a collection of savage fire worshipers and snake eaters from a small collection of Islands. They have recently been united under the brilliant bureaucratic and military skills of Agamemmnon. For nearly a decade their raiders have been a minor annoyance to the trade in surrounding Aegyptus, Illyricum, Bithynia-Pontus and Sarmatia, but instead of decimating them Hector admired their fighting spirit and decided to convince them to accept the rule of law.

It only took the presence of the Anatolian princes to achieve peace, and 10 days of feasting continued as the Hallenians honored the embassy. It would have been a peace that would hold for millenniums if it were not for the intervention of Nestor.

On the guided tour of the Hellenian Islands, Nestor "arranged" for a glimpse of Helen… and that night is when the story begins

Important Considerations for the Setting

  • Irregardless of any personal feelings the character may have about Paris he is still royalty. That means something to these people. So the character may tease/give hard time, they will not "disrespect" Paris not only because he the brother of Hector, but more importantly because he is royalty.
  • Keep in mind in addition to the power of dice system, an Enlightened Being can also Stunt.
  • Keep in mind that this little uprising is going to be fairly onesided. Such is the fate of non-enlightened beings against enlightened beings in the Exalted System.
  • A lot of the information here is provided so the player has better insight into the setting. The character will not be shown or learn of the underlying mechanitions of how the gods worked behind the scenes.
  • Also keep in mind the game is set in the Primordial Age, about a hundred year or so before the Primordial War. This means Mortals are just that - Mortals. Without Exaltation they are nothing more than insignificant fodder ants to the currents of the world. The Primordials care not what they do or what happens to then as long as prayers keep coming. Mortals are just a form of self-replicating essence batteries. Thus their component souls go through great lengths to establish their superiority and make sure the mortals recognize the insignificance of their existence. thus is now the most prayer are generated.
    • Anatolian culture are established along those lines. It is an absolute theocracy designed to enforce the worship of Primordials to their corner of the world and to be oppressive and dominating to invoke constant conflict so the mortals will be constantly praying for whatever insignificant goals they set for themselves.
  • Hector actually doesn't have the support of the gods in his endeavor of establishing prosperity and security for all. He however is spectacular enough that Helios stays his hand - and Helios is the Fetish soul of the King of Primordials.
    • Hector is already vastly sucessful in this endeavor within Anatolians. The younger generation of Great Captains are firmly within his camp. The older generations are in disagreement but their resistance prove insignificant as long as Hector's popularity is supported by his ever mounting successes.



  • Anatolia is a doughnut like continent
    • With the outer edge being ever fertile and as you move towards inland it rapidly degenerates into vast Serengeti like grassland
    • Impassable mountain range separates the fertile part of the continent from the inner circle. beyond the mountain range is vast vast desert where only few major river cuts through.
    • As one keep progress inland they will eventually reach the Ida Pit
  • The center of the continent is the Ida Pit - a hole several hundred mile in diameter
    • The hole goes straight through the continent
    • One can stand at the edge and peek down to the prismatic waters miles below
      • The continent is near the edge of Creation on the OTHER side of the Elemental Pole of Water. Maintained by the Will of a Primordial as represented by the Two Trees.
      • It is precariously close to the Middle Marches and the light of the Wyld shines through the thin layer of water at the bottom of it.

Isle of Dawn

Dawn's Keeper
Dawn's Keeper
Sky Tearing Might
Sky Tearing Might
  • The Isle is a small floating island with a mile wide disc of luminous sea around it.
    • The Disc does not touch the island and divides it into a top and bottom side
      • The 2 side's day and night cycle is reversed (day on top = night on bottom)
    • The few rivers on the island organically twist and turns once leaving the edge of the island and joins the sea over the gulf of empty air. Boats can sail across these "rivers" to fish in the "sea"
  • Center of the Isle is Telperion and Laurelin whose roots are joined
    • Telperion is the Silver Tree that grows in the center of the Topside of the Isle
      • The branches are silver with leaves tinted in various shades of Purple
      • The Shaft and Root are White Jade
    • Laurelin is the Brass Tree that grows in the center of the bottom side of the Isle
      • The branches are Brass with leaves tinted in various shades of Green
      • The Shaft and Root are Yellow Jade
    • The trees were made to be inhabitable so the various branches, shafts, and roots have natural passages and chambers forming perfect geomantic patterns for use as Temples and Shrines
    • The Grand Temple of Helios is floating few hundred feet above the highest braches of Laurelin
  • The Isle of Dawn is a 5 Dot Wood Demesne and as such it has incredible fecundity
    • Prolonged exposure to the demesne cures infertility
    • Prolonged exposure also change their secondary characteristics turn into the color of the tree they lived closest to (Silver for Top-siders, Brass for Bottom-siders)
      • Secondary Characteristic are things such as Flower Petals, Insect Wings, Eye Color, Nail Color, Hair Color, Hooves, Antlers, Fins, Seeds, etc.
      • This is just a coloration change and not a material change
  • Every year of religious living on the Isle grants a unenlightened being a reflexive Willpower roll at difficulty 5 to gain Enlightened Status
    • Does not increase Essence score, they will have to increase their essence score via normal mechanics
    • It has no additional effect on Enlightened beings beyond the mote recover rate for being in a Demesne
  • Even if someone manages to cross the deadly badlands and the lifeless inner desert, they still cannot reach the Isle of Dawn due to its isolation.
    • The Isle can only be reached by those who can fly few hundred miles without rest.
      • Thus normally only those invited by the Priests of the Isle can set foot there.
  • Priests of the Isle are Priests to the Component Souls who live on the Isle of Dawn
    • They were granted the power to command Yeths
      • Yeth is a specie of Flying Supernatural Predator
        • As supernatural predators thus with their own charms
  • The Isle is not very big, only few hundred Priests live on the Isle


City God
City God

Illium is the capital of the vast sprawling empire on their own continent sprung from the flesh of Repun Kamui. The city sprawls across a 5 mile area on the plain of Scamander. It envelopes the harbor and focused on the Hisarlik Hill where the Royal Palace stand - forever enshrouded in Twilight by an everlasting Purple Mist.

Anatolians is collectively the descendants of congregation between mortals and Repun Kamui's various souls. They prove so effective at granting prayers to Repun Kamuithat other souls took an interest in this collection and intermingled their essence with the Mortals there.

While the rest of the world (especially the east) is dominated by the Ancients4, the West thanks to the Anatolians has the most concentrated population of humans, although in a "small" nature reserve of their own - the continent of Anatolia and its archipelagos.

The empire however is not a coherent nationality like Rome. It is a loose collection of independent kingdoms threaded together by their common worship of the All-Mother (Repun Kamui) and held by the power invested in the Anatolian Royal line by the Component souls.


King Priam
  • King of Anatolians
  • Primordial-Endowed Heroic Mortal, Essence 3
  • Cult 5
  • Has an incredibly delicious soul. Has been reduced to a grotesque organic machine that produces an potent extract from the prayers of those he murders that gives even the Component Souls an incredible high.
    • Combination of Brood Mother in Dragon Age and Anime Tentacle Porn
  • Often used by the various component souls of the Primordials as a literal mouth piece and thus his authority is absolute
  • With his new bulk he no longer moves around the royal palace. In fact because how grotesque he looks his priests no longer grants anyone audience. They even removed all non-temple personnel, including the Palladium Guard from the palace complex.
    • He has been moved to the Unseen Palace - The Grand Temple Complex devoted to "The Light Unseen"5 in the huge cavern below the Royal Palace
      • The Temple automatically places a gae on all who enter that they cannot describe what they have seen in the Temple Grounds. Those who tries to speak of such thing will start retching up Black Leeches and vile black liquid till they stop trying to speak the unspeakable.
Hector, Prince and Regent of Anatolian Empire
  • Lintha Crown Prince
  • Favorite of Helios
  • Liked by Autochthon and Loved by the Jade-Born of Anatolia
  • Spirit-Blooded, Essence Aware, Essence 3 (30+30 Essence)
    • Can access full essence pool without expenditure of willpower
  • Effective Cult Rating of 3
  • Mass Combat Trait: Many Bodies, One Will
    • Commander or Hero
    • Positive Bonus from Magnitude Difference is applied as BOTH as bonus to his unit and as penalty to enemy unit. As opposed to one or the other in Mass Combat Rules.
      • So if his unit is 3 magnitude higher, he adds +3 Success to his attacks, and -3 Successes to his opponent's attacks
  • Charms
    • Principle of Motion (Willpower 9)
    • Essence Plethora x3
    • 1st Excellency: Melee (when in midst of Battle, e.g. not practice fight or a fist cuff in a tavern)
    • 2nd Excellency: Melee (when in midst of Battle, e.g. not practice fight or a fist cuff in a tavern)
    • 3rd Excellency: Melee (when in midst of Battle, e.g. not practice fight or a fist cuff in a tavern)
    • Divine (War) Subordination (Battlefield, such as Rallies, Formation Changes, Fear Resist, and Tactical applications)6
    • Divine (Melee) Subordination (when in midst of Battle, e.g. not practice fight or a fist cuff in a tavern)7



Xiuhcoatl is Hector's Emerald Adamant Lance, a 6 dot artifact made by Helios for his Favorite. It was later remade into the Fire Dragon's Eye

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimum Attune Cost Tag
Attuned 5 +4 +8L/14L +4 3 Str ••, Dex •••• 5 •••••• 2, L, R, P2
  • Ignores DV bonus granted by Reflex, Instant, or Supplemental Spirit Charms.
  • P2: Half Armor Soak, then lower soak by -4 to a minimum of 0
  • As a reflexive action it can burns with the pale gold flame of Helios himself, adding +4A to damage that ignores all soak not from Magical Materials
    • While Immolated it cannot be parried by Non-magical materials as it cuts right through them.
    • While Immolated any non-magical material weapon it successfully parries with the spear is destroyed
  • Adds 1 to Might rating of the user's mass combat unit (Solo units do not have mass combat unit)
Paris, the sower of discord
  • Anatolian Royal Prince
  • Favorite of "The Tide that Knows No Life"8
  • Spirit-Blooded, Essence Aware, Essence 2
  • No Charms
  • Appearance 6 (Legendary Attribute Appearance)

the Loyal Herald

  • Young cousin of Hector, barely reached adulthood
    • Thus he has some Royal, read Primordial, blood
    • This attributes and abilities reflect his lack of experience
  • Hector's Squire and Herald
  • A Commander in the Western Fleet with his own Tremiere
  • Chief Adviser and Friend of The Admiral of the Setting Sun, Sarpedon
    • Friendship forged in their years of "exile" in the West
  • Suffered one tragedy after another via the action of Paris
    • Sent away by Hector to the West
    • Paris "accidently" killed his son
    • His beloved wife died of heartbreak
    • His family lost their ancestral home because Paris wanted the land for Circus Maximus
      • They were relocated to the Edge of the World (Northern Frontier)
  • He sacrified all that he valued to the gods and prayed for [forgot what he prayed for]
  • Will be executed for posing as a Palladium Guard
  • Grand Son of Sordona, Indulgent Soul of Helios
    • Sordona will become Sondok, She-Who-Stands-In-Doorways, the Warden Soul of the Green Sun
  • The only major Trojan figure to survive the war
  • Held by later tradition to be the forefather of the founders of Modern Day Linthas.
  • Worships Hector and believe in his vision of the future where Linthas rule with wisdom and compassion
  • Hates Paris as a useless peacock
  • Spirit-Blooded, Not Essence Aware, Essence 1, Will 6
  • Mass Combat Trait: Swift
    • Commander, Hero, or Sorcerer
    • Increase Complementy Unit's movement speed by 50%
      • This includes Travel Speed, but only over land
    • Decrease the Relay requirement of unit by 1 (E.g. he function as both Hero/Commander and Relay)
  • Merit: Legendary Attribute (Dexterity), Dynastic Inheritance,
    • Supernatural Quickness (Blight Level)9
      • Limited Manifestation (Quickness): Only when travelling to battle or when in combat
    • Inexhaustible10
      • Limited Manifestation (Inexhaustible): Only when travelling to battle or when in combat
    • Perfect Healing Factor11
      • Limited Manifestation (Perfect Healing Factor): Only outside of Combat - the normal Healing Factor12 aspect is not limited, only the additional bonus granted by Perfect Healing Factor.
    • Immortality13
      • Limited Manifestation (Immortality): As long as Hector is alive14
    • Beast Speak15
      • Limited Manifestation (Beast Speak): Hunting & Riding Animals
  • Background: Inheritance (2)
  • Intimacies: Hector, Paris -, Sordona, Sarpedon, Illium, Helios, Hunting Animals, Hunting,
  • Compassion 4, Conviction 2,Temperance 2, Valor 3
  • Attribute: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3, Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 4, Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 4
  • Notable Abilities: Archery (2), Athletics (1): Sprinting +1, Awareness (2), Dodge (5), Resistance (1): Marathon +1, Integrity (1), linguistics 2: Old realm, Trojan, Melee (3): Spear +1 Sword +1, Performance (0): Boasting +2 Prayer +1, Ride (4), Social (1): Flirting +1, Stealth (2), Survival (1) Hunting +2, Thrown (0) Javelin +1, War (3): Naval +1

the Mountain Breaker, Admiral of the Setting Sun,

  • One of the Lintha Princes
    • Sub-branch of the Royal House
  • Son of Octava, the Burning Strife
    • Octava will become Octavian The Living Tower, Quarter Prince, Defining Soul of Munaxes
  • Trojan warrior. Master of both foot and horse.
  • Over the last 5 years has become one of the most powerful nobles of the Land
    • Commands 60% of the Ilium Standing Fleet
    • ~80,000 troops and ~100 Ilium Tremiere
  • Brutal, Violent and Vain
  • Worships Hector as a Leader but consider his vision as folly
    • But he supports the man, even if he consider the cause stupid. Hector is Prince, and it is his job to obey
  • Hates Paris as a useless peacock
  • Managed to kill the Night Caste Solar Assassin Ryol
  • Demon-Blooded, Essence Aware, Essence 3 (30+10+6 Motes Essence Pool)
    • Can access his full pool without spending Willpower
  • Mass Combat Trait: Terrifying Presence
    • Commander or Hero
    • Complementary Unit automatically succeed Valor and Route checks (They fear him more than the enemy)
  • Charms
    • Principle of Motion (Willpower 6)
      • So magic flurry of 1 + Number of Banked Action he wants to use
    • Essence Plethora x1
    • 1st Excellency: Athletic (Feats of Strength)
    • 1st Excellency: Martial Arts (Brutality)
    • 2nd Excellency: Melee, Ride (Under the Light of Helios)
    • 3rd Excellency: Melee (In Duels)
  • Merits: Legendary Attribute (Stamina), Large16, Essence Abundance (+6 Motes), Longevity17, Invocation of Octava18, Healing Factor19, Tough Skin20
  • Flaws: Hungry21, Dietary Limitation (Blood)22
    • His own blood does not work for the dietary limitation
  • Background: Inheritance (3)
  • Attributes: Strength 6, Dexterity 4, Stamina 7, Charisma 1, Manipulation 2, Appearance 1, Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 3
  • Notable Abilities: Melee (4): 2H Weapons +2, Dodge (4), Presence (1): Intimidate +3, Ride (3), Sail (2), War (3): Vanguard Position +2
  • Martial Art: 2
  • Thrown: 2 People: 2
  • Integrity:3
  • Lore: 1
  • Occult: 2
  • Survival: 2
  • Athletics:3
  • Awareness:3
  • Resistance: 3
  • Linguistics: 2
  • Medicine: 1

Languages: Troy, Old Realm
Compassion: 1 Temperance:1.5
Conviction: 3 Valor:4

Motivation: Enjoy Life.

Intimacies :
Positive The God-Kings
Worship Hector
Love of Battle
Hate weakness

Misc Notes:
Fight to the death before each meal.(not necessarily honorable)
Blood Soaked Rhino.
No kids
Perfect Set Articulated Armor
Flag: Hector
Back with be Illium
Chest: Personal (which incorporates Octava)
Starting fighting at 12
Eat once a day kill the weakest guy
Kindgom of Hyrule


Perfect Sledge Hammer

Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimum Cost Tags
6 +0 +9L/4 -2 2 Str •••• •• 2, O, P, R
  • Made of Magical Material of Jade-Steel, but is not an artifact


The Royal Convocation

The Royal Convocation, more commonly known as the War Council, suppose to convened every decade to recommend a name for Warmaster to the King. Since King Priam has become ever more dissociated from mundane affairs the War Council recommendations have never been refused.

With Royal Prince Hector's rise the War Council have not convened for the last 2 decades to show their complete support for Hector.

  • The Council consist of 15 members
    • The 12 member council picked by the 12 most powerful Antolian Lineages
    • Admiral of the Rising Sun, more commonly referred to as Admiral of the East or East Admiral
    • Admiral of the Setting Sun, more commonly referred to as Admiral of the West or West Admiral
    • The Warmaster
The Black Fleet

Consists of a Fleet of Standing Black Ships under the Command of the Admirals of Helios (West and East). Each Noble House also maintain their own ships as per their resources allow - Hector for example has 20 ships of his own.

  • Floating Fortresses of the Ilium Navy and the symbol of Ilium supremacy
  • Each is manned by 200-300 Sailors, has a permanent compliment of 50 Artilliry Specialists and 200 Marines
  • Can transport 1000 troops and equipment with ease
The Palladium Guard

Guards of the Royal Palace and also responsible for the safety of the Council of War

  • True Blooded Anatolians only
  • Exceptional or Better Gear
    • Their Helmet is in the shape of fantastic creatures from the Holy Sea
  • Arguably the deadliest Ilium combat force
The Apollonians

Hector's personal troops. Warriors hand picked by Hector for their devotion and combat prowess. Their faith and loyalty to Hector is beyond suspect. With Hector's summon to the Isle of Dawn the Apollonians returned to their own households awaiting their commander's return.

  • Of all range of bloodlines - Mortal and Enlightened alike, even some Indigenous from Tribune Nations.
The Ilium Watch

The Hereditary Defenders of Ilium [City].


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