The City of a Thousand Golden Delights

Farhold and the arboreal cities of Halta merely return urban civilization to a land that once boasted some of the mightiest and most magnificent urban centers in Creation. Most of those cities are nothing but tumbled stones clutched by tree roots or wrapped in vines. A few cities, however, were so great that mighty wars, horrific plagues and the ever-hungry forest could not destroy them.

There is still power in some of these cities. And some powerful persons want to use that power for dark and terrible ends.

Deep in the Southeastern jungle lurk the remains of the fabled city of Sperimin, once the preeminent center of learning in all Creation. Few savants now remember the location of Sperimin. Even fewer know it became the forbidden city of Mahalanka, where the Anathema Raksi, Queen of Fangs, rules over her beastmen and barbarian subjects. In accordance with Raksi’s wishes, few if any of her people even know the name Sperimin… and none would dare to speak it.

  • Ruled by Raksi, the Queen of Fangs
  • A City of Eastern Tribes ruled over by Raksi's Ape-men children
    • Most of her Ape-men are enlightened and vast number are experimented upon - usually to their detriment but some are quite successful
    • Disporpotional number (all inhabitants) are Terrestrial Circle Sorcerers
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