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  • Current destination of the Delzhani Hijra
    • Perfect of Paragon have given Delzhani refugees land outside the city to live on
    • He is actively recruiting able Delzhani fighers as auxilliaries to argument Paragon forces in anticipation of the Harborhead advance
    • Those unable to fight are strongly "suggsted" to go elsewhere
      • Hijra will continue on towards Lap
  • Ahmed Latif have already been dispatched on the secret mission to move Emira Hadassah Ruya I'timad to Gem

Beings of Note


Key Governmental Officials

Ambassador Eldad
Ambassador Eldad

Other Luminaries

Ahmed Latif
Ahmed Latif
Emira Hadassah
Emira Hadassah
Hassan-i Sabbah
Hassan-i Sabbah

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