Born to Rule

Cost: 2 pts. (1 pt. for Dragon-Blooded characters and un-Exalted scions of Dynastic families)
Availability: Anyone

Some characters wear authority as easily as a comfortable, well-worn jacket. A character possessing this Merit is accustomed to giving commands and expecting them to be obeyed without question. Whether your character has worked hard for the authority she asserts or was to the manor born, the result is the same. The character gains a one-die bonus to all social rolls made against an acknowledged inferior (such as a subordinate within an organization or merely a social inferior). While the Storyteller is the final authority on when this Merit applies, mortals of the Blessed Isle are almost always considered the social inferiors of even the most recently Exalted Dragon-Blooded, while outcastes are usually considered inferior to Dynasts.

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