Tactical Instincts

Whether watching pieces glide across a Gateway board or observing the clash of armies on a battlefield, your character has an intuitive grasp of the ebb and flow of combat. A prodigy at military tactics, the character can easily discern the enemy’s plans and spot the enemy’s weak points. In mass combat, after the character observes the enemy’s tactics for a single long tick, her player may roll (Wits + War) as a simple action. Each success on this roll goes into a pool of bonus dice the player can add to the attacks of any unit of which her character is the commander or of which she is a special character (provided that she has the opportunity to communicate her observations to the commander). No more than three bonus dice may be added to a single attack. When the entire pool is expended, the player can roll (Wits + War) again and gain a new bonus dice pool, but doing so is a full action that may leave the character’s unit exposed if she is the commander. In addition to its implications for mass combat, this Merit grants the character a natural brilliance at games of strategy such as Gateway. As a reflexive action, a character with Tactical Instincts involved in such a game may review the board, and the player may roll (Wits + War), putting any successes into a pool that may be used on subsequent rolls made during the game. Again, no more than three bonus dice may be added to any single roll.

  • The bonus cannot be used if the Commander of the Troops the character is an special unit of ignores his opinion.
  • This trait is probably a copy and paste from First Edition. As far as I know there is no "Simple Action" in Exalted 2nd Edition.
    • I assume the writer meant "Reflexive Action" so that is how it will be from now on
  • There is also no "Full Action"
    • I assume the writer meant "Misc Action" so that is how it will be from now on. It is now the same as Coordinated Attack Attempts, (5 Ticks/-0 DV).
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