Taint’s Warning

A Solar character with this merit has the intuitive ability to sense creatures of darkness, which is defined to include the following: demons, undead, Infernal Exalted, deathknights, Deathlords and anyone else whom the Storyteller classifies as a creature of darkness. Some Akuma may be detected by this Merit, but unfortunately, many of them are skilled at hiding their demonic natures. Whenever a creature of darkness comes within (permanent Essence x 10) yards of the Solar, her caste mark automatically (and possibly unwillingly) lights up at a cost of one mote. If the Solar’s anima is at the 4+ range, her caste mark activates at no cost. Regardless, the Solar instantly senses that something unwholesome is nearby, something that is utterly inimical to the Unconquered Sun. The Merit does not reveal the nature or identity of the threat, however.

  • Whenever a Creature of Darkness enters Essence x10 Yards (40 Yards for Alabaster Hand of the Heaven) he will automatically lose 1 mote of Essence as his Caste Mark activates. There is no control over this, it is automatic and unstoppable.
  • However, if his Anima is already at the 4+ Range (E.g. Caste Mark is already out) there is no activation cost.
  • This also only let you know something is close. It does NOT let you pinpoint who it is, nor does it allow you to identify what it is.
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