Adeptus Astartes
Technically a Military Organization, but is really a Social one.
Rathess Badge
Rathess Badge

The Religious Order of Rathess, the Adeptus Astartes is a combination of the Dragon King defenders and their human allies. It is designed to be an equal rights organization where Humans mixes with Dragon Kings readily. They are holy warriors of Unconquered Sun, anointed in his temple and sanctified by his Chosen (Enlightend via Charm).

  • As of right now the Astartes only have human members, but in time they will have Dragon King recruits as well.
  • The Dragon Kings are given Obsidian Sheath as Armor and Shock Gauntlets as sidearms. They will also be armed with various magical weapons available in Rathess.
  • Humans are all Enlightened Mortals given artifact:gunshosacommandoarmor and Magical Weapons from the Herenthid Find.
    • These Gunshosa Commando Armor are from the Herenthid Find, and are all First Age Megitech (in the form of Dragon King Bio-Tech) and thus are self-replenishing and does not require maintenance
    • The Gunshosa Commando Armor from Herenthid Find has ran out, there were only 141 suits.
    • only 17 suits remain
  • They are Eclipse Oath Bound to serve and protect Rathess and formed based on the Number of Cardinal Directions, 4.
  • Each Astartes are given Healing Orchid, Green Eyes, Breather Plants, and Aegis-Insert Amulets.
  • They are also given the Rathess power conduit Implant. Granting them +4 to Essence Pool, and regains additional 2 motes of Essence per hours as long as they are in range of the Rathess (and only Rathess) Essence Grid.
  • Their weapons are socketed with Rathess Power Crystal to lessen their commitment costs. It lowers the attunement cost of the socketed item by 5 to a minimum of 1. Obviously this only works with items that has Hearthstone sockets and only when in range of a Essence Grid that is compatible with First Age Technology.
  • The 48 Adeptus Astartes has been trained by Dace with Tiger Warrior Training Technique for 3 months. Raising their Drill to 5, Valor, Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Melee, Archery all to 4. This combined with their First Age equipment makes them one of the deadliest non-exalt combat forces in Creation.

Adapteus Astartes Organization

The official ranks of the Adapteus Astartes being reestablished from the ashes of the First Age by the Dragon Kings. These are ancient titles and in the Dragon King language.

Legatus Legionis (Legate), later officially changed to Primarch1: The Legates of each Legion bears this venerable title and it signifies them as the overall chapter commander.

Primus Pilus: The rank held by the commander of each Fortress-monastery. They wield enormous power and are accorded unquestionable loyalty from their subordinates. They answer only to the Legatus/Primarch, the Solars, and above them all the Unconquered Sun. All Primus Pilus are of equal rank and has no authority over the domain of another. They also do not dictate chapter policy, which is the power of their superiors.

Quaestor: The Legatus Legionis’ personal staffs are honorably titled Quaestor. These are elite of the elite of their chapters and it is traditionally a requirement before being raised as Primus Piluses. These officers are the ones who act as Legatus Legionis’ agents and sent to aid troubled Fortress-Monasteries. In times of War Quaestor is the lowest rank allowed to command Astartes Armies.

Praefectus Castorum: Third in over all command of the Chapter, the posts of Praefectus Castorum are usually filled by an unique Quaestor. This Quaestor is independent from the overall command structure and is sole responsible for the task of enforcing discipline and faith. They also serve the function of chapter quartermaster and deals with the everyday details of running the chapter. Anything short of death penalties can be taken care of by Praefectus Castorum independently without any lawful influence from the Primarch.

Pilus Prior: The tactical advisor to the Primus Pilus and is the most senior Centurion in each Fortress-Monastery garrison. They are usually those who may have the wisdom of experience but lacks the integrity, ambition, vision, flexibility, and charisma needed to handle the unquestioning loyalty of those below them. Nonetheless the Pilus Prior is high respected for their valuable insight and wisdom, especially by new commanders. Most retired Pilus Priors become instructors in the Training Grounds. The influence of Pilus Prior is such that in many chapters that a Pilus Prior’s stamp of approval is vital in establishing the authority of a newly installed officer.

Centurion: The rank and file officers of each military unit who oversees 100 Astartes and their support personnel.

Signifer: The Centurion’s quartermaster and the advisor of each unit, both spiritual and mundane. In addition to reporting to their Centurions, each Signifer can also file emergency reports to Praefectus Castorum. This ensures timely response to timely shortage and also as a form of oversight in the case of rampant corruption within the officer corp.

Legionarii: The official individual title for each Adapteus Astartes Warrior-Monk. Perhaps one of the most impressive military organizations of mortals these beings are well trained and well equipped. Each is enlightened by Solar powers and are often trained by Solar Charms.

Milites Gregarii: As beings dedicated to war and combat, the mundane needs of the Legionarii are taken care of by personal serfs and acolytes. These civilian/mortal are granted the title of Milites Gregarii to signify their elevation from mere mortals.

Triones: Cadets who are included in the Chapter for training purposes. On paper they are lower than even the Milites Gregarii because they are less than nothing, while the Milites Gregarii may have had decades of service experience.

Legions of the Adeptus Astartes


Unit Count: ~1800
The Rathessian Adapteus Astartes, Called by Dragon Kings as the Alpha of Prime. Thus they are unofficially known as Alpha Legion, or The Primes. By far the largest of all Legions they are currently divided into 3 Chapters.

Adeptus Custodes

(60 members with 60 Gunshoa Suits)

The Guardian of Rathess who are never deployed outside the region. This unit consistsly only of the Faithful and is the smallest order and each equipped with Rathessian Gunshoa Armor.

Chapter of the Rose

(140 Members with only 4 Gunshoa suits)

Those who follow the teachings of Gladrien Vanja the Fair Lady. Formed by Hastha-Sth's permission as special dispensation to the Savior of Rathess.

Chapter of Judgement

(400 Members with only 6 Gunshoa suits)

Those who pledge their accomplishments to the Thunder God Aata. Formed by Hastha-Sth's permission as special dispensation to the Savior of Rathess.

Chapter of Arbiters

(1227 Members with only 20 Gunshoa suits)

The "standard" Adapteus Astartes of Rathess. Formed Origially by the Saviors of Rathess as the guardians of Rathess.

Imperial Fist

3 Astartes with a 100 or so triones
The Astartes Legion of the South regions, founded by the War Captain

(3 members with 3 Gunshoa Suits)

Currently the Imperial Fist does not have a Chapter

Sororitas Astartes

30 members

(30 members with 30 Gunshoa Suits)

Dagnir's Sex Kittens and Cheerleaders

Incomplete Units


Related Units

Addictio Signiferum

~200 in training, with a planned maximum unit size of around 50,000

The Solar Guard of the North and East. Modeled after, and is widely considered to be a Legion of, the Adeptus Astartes. They however are related only by their Training Regiment and Equipment. While the Adeptus Astartes are Elite Soldiers of Rathess, the Addictio Signiferum is the Elite of the North and East. The Adeptus Astartes are trained to be soldiers but the Addictio Signiferum are trained to be warrior priests/inquisitors. Their training regiment follows that of the Sohei of Lookshy and the Dragon King corriculum.

Like Adeptus Astartes each of the Addictio Signiferum are enlightened Mortal. Some are born from the gods that supported the Bull of the North's while other have become enlightened through the vicious training regiment that every Addictio Signifierum is subjected to. Those who achieve this blessed state are granted the right to bear the Brand of the Word - an amalgum of the Zenith Cast Mark and the Dawn Caste Mark. Those who fail are regulated to task they are more qualified for, usually in the form of an office rank in the other military branches of the North and East.

The military excellencies of the Unconquered Sun and his terrible justice forms the cornerstone of the Addictio Signiferum belief. Their mission, as per their name, is to carry the Word of the Unconquered Sun into every corner of existence. Their founding city is that of Fallen Lapis for the simple reason is that they are stripped of the innocence of what enemies the Solars face and the terrible consequence of that burden.

  • Their patron Solar is Samea and not the Bull of the North.
  • They are still part of the Military Structure so they will be answerable to The Bull of the North
  • They however are independent in the sense that they are special forces and not garrison troops.
  • Their ranking system is the same as that of Adeptus Astartes and have close working relationship between the 2 current Legions of Adeptus Astartes
  • They do not have Adeptus Astartes Bio-equipment
  • They however have equipment of similar quality to the non-magical varients of the Adeptus Astartes


While individually loyal to Rathess the Adeptus Astartes, due to the heterogeneous nature of their founding members, has formed into 3 major factions. This division will continue through their various expansions and enlargements and will form the core of their inner conflicts.

First Faithfuls (Hastha-sth Lodge)

Leader: Lumusi, Princess of the Stalking Panthers and Takkihitai Tribe

The Hastha-sth Lodge is more commonly referred to as the Talis Faction for their close association with the War Captain’s Chief Advisor the Scavenger Lord Talis. The lodge’s rightful title however is that of the “First Faithfuls”. They are the elevated members of the Northern Stalking Panther Tribe and the Takkihitai Tribe. The title is their right because the Adeptus Astartes were originally formed as a way to reward these tribesmen for their generational dedication to the Unconquered Sun and Rathess. They were the first to obey the Sun Lords when they returned to Rathess and have been staunchest defender of Rathess from ancestor to descendents. They first served Filial Wisdom when he arrived in Rathess and suffered bitterly as the mobs extracted their revenge after Filial Wisdom’s fall. It was Talis who turned their pain at the Sun Lord’s betrayl into motivation and showed them that compassion is the teaching of the Unconquered Sun. Overtime they have come to realize the wisdom of the War Captain and this total dedication to the way of the Unconquered Sun earns them the favor of Gladrien and Hastha-Sth and formed the core of the Adeptus Astarte’s Codex.

The Hastha-sth lodge is the purest in virtue and honor of all Astartes Lodges and thus the most favored. Their tribes hold almost all leadership positions. They are also the most correct in their belief, holding to the old ways and not seduced by mere power. They believe the Dragon Kings are the rightful masters of Rathess. The Sun Lords with all their glory and acclaim are guests of the First City.

Sun Lord Faction, The (Thunderer Lodge)

Leader: Tamati, War Chief of the Rainbow Marsh Tribes

The Sun Lord Faction is by far the largest faction of the Adeptus Astartes. They believe that the Adaptus Astartes serves the Unconquered Sun through Rathess. In the same token their duty is to serve the Sun Lords for they are the chosen of the Unconquered Sun. The Dragon Kings are judged to be lesser beings in the Unconquered Sun pantheon and thus are merely keepers and janitors of Rathess and not its masters.

The Sun Lords Faction, as their name indicates, obeys Sun Lords above all other beings – save the Unconquered Sun. They consider the Hastha-sth Lodge delusional if not all together Blasphemous. Unfortunately with their indulgence by Gladrien Vanja, Thunder God Aata and most of all War Captain Balan, the Hastha-sth Lodge holds almost all the power, both in Rathess at large and within the Adaptus Astartes.

The Sun Lord Faction grates their teeth questioning in silence why their faithfulness and devotion has not yet been noticed or rewarded by their Supreme Masters. This greed or perhaps inner pride will one day be their fall.

Servants of our Fair Lady

Leader: Lachie and Muir, Handmaidens of Gladrien Vanja

This is the smallest faction but also the most vital. They are the secret worshippers of the Solar Gladrien Vanja, who will one day be granted her rightful title as “Queen Gladrien Vanja Merala of Ochre Fountain, Queen of Solars and Mistress of Rathess.” While dedicated and true to the teachings of the Unconquered Sun they are also apostates for they are, without any doubt, a Solar Cult.

Gladrien traveled without disguse from the Hundred Kingdoms towards Rathess. She vanquished many evils and rescued many people. Some reviled her as Anathema, but some followed her south. Many quit half way when confronted with the dangers of the Jungles of the East, but an elite few struggled on. These collection of people arrived in Rathess weeks after their mistress. While most are not particularly skilled when compared to the tribals of Rathess they are dramatically more civilized and educated.

Thus this small group is the most heavily utilized by the Dragon Kings. The tribe’s children also receive the best schooling by their proximity to Gladrien Vanja and the Dragon Kings.

The Servants of our Fair Lady cares not for the politicking of Rathess, to them to live is to serve their beautiful Lady. They worship the Unconquered Sun not because they have faith, but because their fair lady does. Their Lady has decreed that she is a guest of Rathess and it is the will of her god that Dragon Kings reclaim their City and so the Servants obey. Thus they are closely aligned with Hastha-sth Lodge, and support the Dragon Kings unfalteringly. In the years to come they would come to dominate the political structures of Rathess, sharing military control with the Hastha-sth Lodge. This staunch alliance will pushes the Sun Lord Faction further and further along the road to Apostasy.

Secret Lodge of Oratory

Leader: Han-Tha

A secret sect of Triones who believes the fallibility of Solars and Dragon Kings. While they are not yet seditious, their agenda and plan is known only to their members.

The Gods of the Adeptus Astartus

Celestial Gods


Sol Invictus
Sol Invictus

Master of all Creation, Father and Patron God of Solars



Dragon King Celestial Goddess of Terrestrial Conquest

Wu Shin Tian

Wu Shin Tian
Wu Shin Tian

Celestial God of Adeptus Astartes

Terrestrial Gods


Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid

Terrestrial God of organization:blessedsol Legion


Terrestrial God of Sororitas Astartes Legion


Notable Characters

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