Circle of Everlasting and Perfect Illuminated Harmony

A Perfect Circle


The Circle of Everlasting and Perfect Illuminated Harmony, as their name suggests, is a Perfect Circle formed and trained by the Cult of the Illuminated – and by extension, their Sidereal masters, the Gold Faction Sidereals.

Unfortunately due to the obstinance of Lytek, even the Gold Faction did not learn of the Sun-King’s return to Creation until well after the fact. Feeling cautious the Sidereals decided not to approach the Solars who are already well established.

Cautiously the Gold Faction gathered those who are more pliable, the not yet established lone Solars who are confused and scared, and formed the School of the Illuminated. In these hidden monastery fortresses they secretly began to mold the returning God-Kings into tools that can guarantee the future.

Already more than a dozen Solars have been gathered and the Gold Faction even went out of their way to gather their Lunar Mates when convenient. The members of the Circle of Everlasting and Perfect Illuminated Harmony are just the most senior of the Solar trainees.

  • Of the 30 Tier 1 Solars, the Gold Faction manage to Poach 6 - This Circle and Klytaimnēstra
    • Except for Klytaimnēstra all of them are fairly weak by First Tier Solar Standards. Their essence is from 3 to 4. This is deliberate as the Gold Faction try not to poach Solars who are already too strong

Ovalisque of the Invincible Starfall, The Dawn

Ovalisque of the Invincible Starfall is the women in red on the left side of the picture.

Ovalisque of a Sultan in the Hundred Kingdoms. She was exalted when she bravely, but futilely, tried to stop a Cynis Scion from violating her Mistress on the Great Caravan Road. She exalted when her mistress killed herself instead of suffering the indignity.

Motivation: To fight for equal rights of womankind, so that no longer will they be exploited and oppressed.

  • Dawn Caste #26
  • Essence: 4

Celestial Anger, The Zenith

He is the Man in the Red armor with the Grand Daiklave in the picture.

A young Immaculate Order monk risen by the Archimandrite of his Monastery as a baby. When he was only 10 he was told that he is the reincarnated of a great hero of the past – returning finally on behaves of his holy father the Unconquered Sun to set world aright. He was exalted while leading mass in the Cult of the Illuminated.

Motivation: To repair the damages to Creation accumulated over the ages and make restitution on behalf of all Sun-Kings.

  • Zenith Caste #8
  • Essence: 3

Exaltant Sunrise Spirit, The Twilight

Exaltant Sunrise Spirit is the man in the gray plate armor behind Celestial Anger.

A Scholar in the Academies of the Blessed Isle. He was sent by his teacher into the Scavenger Lands to excavate a rare document shortly after the Empresses’ disappearance. He was exalted few years ago while in ecstasy recording the murals in the ancient tomb.

Motivation: To establish a fundamental respect for knowledge and the love of virtue in the heart of mankind

  • Twilight Caste #48
  • Essence: 3

Death and Metal Maiden, The Night

She is in the picture

A merchant’s wife whose husband died to one of the many plagues in the Southeast jungles. She used what little money she has left to tend to the other sick and contracted the plague also. She exalted on her deathbed and was almost burnt by her village as the cause of the disease. A passing by Monk (Sidreal in respendent destiny) “saved” her and enlightened her to her great responsibility.

Motivation: To ease the abundance of suffering in the world.

  • Night Caste #23
  • Essence: 3
  • Natural inclination towards the healing arts

Child of the Violet Star, The Eclipse

Child of the Violet Star is the Woman in the background with the bow on the right.

A carnival freak who was borned a Wylt tainted monster and has knew nothing but abuse since then. Her only friend and caretaker was killed when her circus caravan was waylaid by a local king seeking to fatten his purse she managed to slay 4 of the King’s knights before her escape. She stalked the King’s men for weeks slowly inflicting terror and fear into their hearts. She exalted when the king committed suicide rather than risk having the horrible thing she been doing to his men inflicted upon him.

Motivation: To inflict soul numbing justice onto those who are above the law

  • Eclipse Caste #3
    • She has Dematerialize and Principle of Motion
  • Essence: 4
  • She has since underwent surgery to get rid of her mutated appearance. With the Exalted nature healing away the surgery scars she is a fairly pretty young woman, Appearance 3
  • She consider the Cult of Illuminated her new caravan and will do anything to protect them
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