Haltan Republic

The Republic of Halta, or better known as the Haltan Republic

The Sororitas Astartes is translated as women of love and war are handpicked from amongst the fairest nubile Rathessians. They are little more than a coterie of beauty that is meant to further enhance the grandeur of Dagnir’s entourage.

  • Each is surgically implanted with Aegis Amulets and skin mounted amulet carrying the Rathessian Power Crystal.
    • All are volunteers and knowingly accepts the Solar Blessing - even at the cost of cutting their life-span by half.
    • But for the duration of their halved life they are elevated to the Ranks of the Astartes in the personal service of a Chosen of the Unconquered Sun.
  • Each of these women consider Dagnir the embodiment of all that is good and right and in their eyes can do no wrong for they are simply too ignorant and insignificant to understand the grand plans of their godly prince.
    • Fanatically Loyal
    • Plucked from the masses and elevated into the personal sphere of an Illuminated Prince of the Sun.
    • These young girls are recruited around the age of 14 to 17 with appearance of 3 to 4
  • They are armed with entire matching sets of Jade artifact weapons and shield
    • These artifacts are not attuned (for the Sororitas are not Enlightened Beings and cannot attune artifacts)
    • Being unattuned they are mostly for ceremonial purposes
    • In Combat they use [mundane] Astartes Weapons
  • The group of 30 is rushed through a crash course of combat by Gothalla and personally supervised by Dagnir.
    • In the 3 short months they were trained they have gained sufficient skill to not stab each other by accident and to march, rather impressively, in perfect parade formation. (Drill 4)
    • This group of women is formed more as a tool of awe and intimidation than an implement of war.

Notable Attributes and Skills

  • All physical attribute of at least 2
    • Appearance from 3 to 4
  • Athletics: Parade Formation +2 (2)
  • Integrity: Devotion to Dagnir +3 (4)
  • War: Impressive Mock Battles +1 (2)
  • Melee: Impressive Mock Battles +1 (1)

Mass Combat Stats

  • Leader: Chapter Mistress Nuru (Str 3, Dex 3, Stamina 3, Melee 1, War 2)
    • She caps her Unit's Close Combat Rating at 2
  • Overall Quality: Strange (Very skilled at formation, but not much else)
  • Magnitude: 30 Mortal Sororitas Astartes 3 (2) in Close Combat Formation (7 Health levels) on foot
  • Drill: 2
  • Close Combat Attack: 4 (Astartes Perfect Spear, Acc 3, +2 from armor, +1 melee, +2 Dexterity)
    • Chapter Mistress Nuru is 3+1 = 4+3 acc+ 2/4 Successes (Caps CC at 2) + 1 Might Success
      • Parry DV is: 3+1+0 = 4/2 = 2+1 from armor +1 from CC = 4
  • Close Combat Damage: 3
  • Ranged Attack: N/A (Unit as no Range Attack)
  • Ranged Damage: N/A
  • Endurance: 4
  • Might: 3 (Rathessian Gunshoa Power Armor, Walkaways, Wards, and other lesser items)
  • Armor: 4 (Rathessian Gunshoa Power Armor, -1 Mobility, Regenerate Bash Damage)
  • Valor: 3 (5 when Dagnir is Leading them)
  • Formation: Always in Close Combat Formation, currently do not have the battlefield experience to switch formation to fit the situation.
  • Note
    • The troops can march 100 miles a day without tiring themselves out thanks to the Gunshoa Power Armor.
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