Imperial Fist
Kirighast Chapter of the Adapteus Astartes

The Kirighast Chapter of the Adapteus Astartes is established by the command of War Captain Balan and led by his old comrade in arms - Ochieng Chiumbo of Kirighast.

Legate Ochieng Chiumbo upon his granted title of Primarch1 of the Kirighast Chapter. Also known as the “Alpha Primarch”, being the first official Primarch of the Adapteus Astartes by the word of Balan.

Notable Locations

Temple of the Sun, Chiaroscuro

Taralus Monastery, Konak


  • 3 Adapteus Astartes
  • 85 Triones2
    • Most Triones will wish out before the indotrination and hazing is finished
    • Those that succeed will have to take the Pilgramage to Rathess and the numbers will be further culled
    • Those that succeed will be given the Triones gears in Rathess and thoes that truly distinguish themselve will be given Astartes Gear

Notable Members

  • Saffron Emerald Son of the South, Terrestrial God of the Imperial First
  • Pirmarch Dorn (known as Legate Ochieng Chiumbo to the Blessed Sol) was chosen by the War Captain and finished his training in time to participate in the battle of Chiaroscuro. He commanded the Haborhead First Commandery and broke the Delzahn right flank along with the Haborhead Fourth Commandery under the command of Nsonowa Farai, Harborhead General of the West.
  • Primus Pilus3 Taj Binyamin is the commander of the Chiaroscuro Fortress Monestery
  • Praefectus Castorum Aaminah4 wanted to be a Bride of Arhlat as soon as she could walk. However she did not make the cut. She however still became a spear maiden in the normal Harborhead army.


  • Each of these 3 have made the pilgramage to Rathess and thus earned the Rathessian Theater Badge
  • Each are enlightned by the hand of Twilight at the War Captain's request
  • Herenthid Gunshosa Commando Armor: Soak +11L/11B, Hardness 6L/6B, Mobility -1, Fatigue (N/A), Attunement 6 (4 with Talisman)
    • First Age Organic Symbiotic Gunshosa Armor of Exceptional Quality
    • Sensory Augmentation: +2 to Awareness, Negates all penalties from darkness less than pitch black
    • Enhanced Combat Reflexes; +2 bonus to all attacks; +1 Parry DV
    • Exomuscular Fibers: Double wearer’s ground speed; +2 to Strength.
    • Skin of the Chameleon: +4 bonus to Stealth
    • Blessed Regeneration: Wearer regenerates either 1 level of bash damage with every action taken during combat or all bashing levels per minute outside of combat.
    • Endurance of the Forest: While the wearer feels physical strain and discomfort he automatically succeed all fatigue checks. +2 to other Resistance checks.
    • Artifact •••••
  • Adapteus Astartes Robe
  • Healing Orchid (Artifact ••)
    • While humans made use of the potent healing properties of the blue and purple life flowers (see Scavenger Sons, p. 33), the Dragon Kings created the rare and potent healing orchid. This plant is designed to grown on living flesh and can be used by Dragon Kings, mortal humans and Exalts. Dragon Kings and Exalts must commit 4 motes of Essence to keep this plant healthy. However, mortal humans must instead eat three times as much food as normal whenever this plant is actively helping healing.
    • Normally planted on the arm of the wearer, this plant is a finger-thick vine that encircles the wearer’s arm, bearing several dozen thumb sized leaves and half a dozen small emerald-green flowers. This plant allows the wearer to heal far faster than normal. Exalts wearing this flower heal one level of bash damage per hour or one level of lethal damage every three hours. This flower also allows Exalts or Dragon Kings to roll two additional dice to resist poison, disease or infection. Unexalted humans and Dragon Kings who wear this flower must have stamina of at least 4 to support the plant, but it allows them to resist infection and to heal both bashing and lethal damage as speedily as an Exalt’s normal healing rate. So long as the wearer is alive, the plant will survive and function normally, although it will lose its flowers in extremely cold climates.
  • Breather Plant (Artifact •)
    • This allows Lumusi to safely breathe underwater and/or gaseous toxins. This allows the Astartes to quickly subdue most troublemakers with sleep grenades made by the Dragon Kings. Incidentally it also makes smothering the Astartes next to impossible as the plants are directly connected to their lungs.
  • Green Eyes (Artifact •)
    • These translucent cylindrical objects are actually tiny plants, like many pieces of Dragon King Equipment. If placed onto the eyes of a living creature, they spread out very thinly, covering the entire eye in short order. For 6 hours after allowing the plant to cover his eyes, the wearer is effectively blinded. During this time, the buds are acclimating themselves to the peculiarities of their wearer and adapting their structure to provide him the maximum benefit. After this adaptation period has passed, the plants turn clear from the inside, but appear a dark green in color from the outside, making the wearer’s entire eyeball a deep jade green.
    • The plant grants the wearer clarity of vision that enables him to see details 100 yards distant without difficulty, as well as adding one automatic success to any Awareness rolls. These benefits do not add to those granted by Awareness Charms, but neither do they interfere with those that grant benefits greater than those afforded by the green eyes.
    • The Plant also allows the wearer to see better in darkness. Allowing the wearer to see starlit night as bright morning, this ability however does not allow the wearer to see in perfect darkness. It only amplifies existing light, and the wearer’s eyes are reflective in the dark just like nocturnal animals.
    • Green eyes are usually found in small globular containers throughout Rathess. They require 1 mote of Essence per day from their wearer to operate. Otherwise, they revert to an inert state and fall from wearer’s eyes.
  • Rathessian Adeptus Astartes Lamellar Armor (Quality, Mobility -2, Fatigue -1, +2 L/B Soak). Soak 8L/10B, Mobility 0, Fatigue 0, Cost •••••
  • Wrath of Rathess (Standard Triones Secondary Weapon, Perfect Quality Rathessian Crystal Chopping Sword, +2 to Accuracy, +1 to Defense, +1 to Damage): Speed 4, Accuracy +3, Damage +6L/2, Defense 0, Rate 2, Str ••, Cost N/A, Tags O, P
  • Spear of Rathess (Standard Triones Spear, Perfect Quality Short Spear of Ironwood tipped with Rathessian Crystal Spearhead, +2 Defense, +1 Accuracy, +1 Damage) Speed 5, Accuracy +3, Damage +5L, Defense +3, Rate 2, Str•, Cost •••, Tag P, R
  • Aegis of Rathess (Standard Triones Shield, Perfect Quality Target Shield, Mobility -1, DV vs Melee +1, DV vs Range +1): Raise DV vs Hand to hand or ranged attack by 2. Does not incur any mobility penalty.
  • Rathessian Smite (Perfect Quality Rathessian War Bow): Speed 5, Accuracy +2, Damage +3L, Rate 3, Range 325, Max Strength ••••••, Cost N/A, Tags 2, B

Notable Attributes and Skills

Mass Combat Stats

  • Leader: Chapter Mistress Nuru (Str 3, Dex 3, Stamina 3, Melee 1, War 2)
    • She caps her Unit's Close Combat Rating at 2
  • Overall Quality: Strange (Very skilled at formation, but not much else)
  • Magnitude: 30 Mortal Sororitas Astartes 3 (2) in Close Combat Formation (7 Health levels) on foot
  • Drill: 2
  • Close Combat Attack: 4 (Astartes Perfect Spear, Acc 3, +2 from armor, +1 melee, +2 Dexterity)
    • Chapter Mistress Nuru is 3+1 = 4+3 acc+ 2/4 Successes (Caps CC at 2) + 1 Might Success
      • Parry DV is: 3+1+0 = 4/2 = 2+1 from armor +1 from CC = 4
  • Close Combat Damage: 3
  • Ranged Attack: N/A (Unit as no Range Attack)
  • Ranged Damage: N/A
  • Endurance: 4
  • Might: 3 (Rathessian Gunshoa Power Armor, Walkaways, Wards, and other lesser items)
  • Armor: 4 (Rathessian Gunshoa Power Armor, -1 Mobility, Regenerate Bash Damage)
  • Valor: 3 (5 when Dagnir is Leading them)
  • Formation: Always in Close Combat Formation, currently do not have the battlefield experience to switch formation to fit the situation.
  • Note
    • The troops can march 100 miles a day without tiring themselves out thanks to the Gunshoa Power Armor.
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