Octocrucian Fellowship

Insidious Death Cult of the South

Red Famine
Red Famine
  • The Death Cult movement that is sweeping the Deep South
  • The Cult did not originate at one place
      • simultaneously spread from seemingly random tribal villages all over the south
    • Still part of the "rural" area but adherents have already started their recruitment in all major cities in the South
    • Paragon remain untouched - the omnipresent enforcement of their law makes recruitment impossible
  • Started around the same time as the Invasion of Varagian City States by Harborhead
    • Though it was still restricted to the deep deep south, and thus unknown to all except Gem
  • War Captain has sent some Harborhead troops on patrol of the southern regions of his territory
    • Thus far it is like tossing a cup of water on a bonfire
    • The Cultists are like weeds, you kill one - 2 replaces them
    • Harborhead is unable to penetrate the deep south without putting the country on War Footing yet again
    • Azula is reticent about losing the furor she built against Dalhanzen Nomades by presenting another target
    • War Captain did not override her and only mobilized 2000 troops to the task.
  • Cult is gaining significant following in the displaced refugees of the Harborheadian Invasions
  • Many reports have been filed to Censor of the South
    • These reports goes unread
      • Ahlat tried to bring this to the attention of Celestial Censors
        • He is in House Arrest and blocked by Siderals at every turn for fear he will sneak in some aid to the War Captain
      • Since his release Ahlat has mobilized Brides of Ahlat to root these cultists out
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