Ravenshingly River of Unconquered Silken Maiden
Quick Short Summary
  • The Legendary Courtesan Group that is much speculated about but few has ever seen
  • Each member is the sanctified priestess of Livilla, God of Prostitutes, Right Hand to Yaogin the Fair, Bearer of the Lapis Ewer. (Has the Priest Background)
    • Livilla is a powerful divinity of the Third Rank. She is a beautiful humanoid who bears both male and female genitalia and dresses in provocative clothing custom tailored to show off her best features, male and female. Despite her hermaphroditic nature, she prefers others refer to her with the feminine pronoun.
  • Each are Enlightened Mortals (Thaumagury or Enlightned via Spirit Charm by Livilla)
    • Many are children of Livilla
    • Many have learned Charms from Livilla
  • Most are modified via magic and worse
    • Min. Appearance 4
    • Merit: Double Jointed (3): For three points, the character is a master contortionist capable of any number of remarkable (and often disturbing) feats of flexibility. The character gains a three-die bonus on all Dexterity, Athletics and/or Larceny rolls, and the difficulty of escaping from non-magical bonds decreases by two (to a minimum difficulty of 1). Also, anyone who attempts to grapple the character suffers a -1 external penalty. For Lunar Exalted, this improved version of the Merit costs only two points.
    • Merit: Carouser: The character gains a two-die bonus to all social rolls made to influence, charm or seduce others in the context of any party less sophisticated than a formal cotillion - whether in a raucous Northern bar, a Nexus orgy or the drunken initiation party for a newly Exalted Dragon-Blood. The character also gains a two-die bonus to all (Stamina + Resistance) rolls made for him to resist the effects of consuming too much alcohol or other recreational drugs at the party. At the Storyteller’s discretion, this two-die bonus may also apply to any rolls relevant to sexual performance in the context of the party.
    • Touch of Livilla: In addition to being shaped flesh these maidens has a special allure that others find nigh irresistible. They gains a 2 die bonus on all social rolls designed to seduce another person who is capable of becoming sexually attracted to her.
  • Livilla use them as rewards for those who truely promoted her agenda
    • Livilla wants nothing more than to see sex as commoditized as possible, and for Creation’s political and economic state to be well suited to such transactions.

Key Members
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