Abyssal Animas

This is mostly an clearification of the Abyssal Animas

  • Remember using anima is expressly permitted as part of the Shaping Sorcery Action
  • Since Abyssal Animas are mostly mirrors of their Solar counterparts, please see Solar Animas for additional details

The Peacebringers (Dusk Caste)

By reflexively spending 10 motes, a Dusk Caste envelops herself in an aura of dread. The Peacebringer’s enemies fear even to look at her, giving her a +2 DV bonus against their attacks. Characters whose Valor exceeds the Dusk Caste’s Essence are immune to this effect, as are automata, the walking dead and other creatures that cannot feel fear. This effect comes into play automatically once the Abyssal spends 11–15 motes of Peripheral Essence.

  • This is an supernatural effect that applies to all those who face off against the Dawn Caste. It is thematic and would still affect those who are blind, deaf, and dumb. It would manifest to those as a sense of dread that shakes them to the core.

The Resplendent Darkness (Midnight Caste)

As her action, a Midnight Caste can reanimate a corpse as a zombie by touching it and spending 5 motes. 10 ticks later, the cadaver rises as a zombie extra (see Exalted, p. 314). This effect becomes reflexive and gains a 10-yard range once the Abyssal spends 11–15 motes of Peripheral Essence. Once per action, the Midnight Caste’s anima automatically reanimates one corpse within range, at no further Essence cost. These zombies are under the Abyssal’s control but they steadily decay, suffering one level of aggravated damage per day until they disintegrate completely.

A Midnight Caste can also slay mortals with the pure power of Oblivion. As her action, a Resplendent Darkness can spend 5 motes and indicate a mortal within 10 yards. That mortal suffers dice of unsoakable, aggravated damage equal to the Midnight’s Essence. This power can be used in mass combat, dealing the same damage to the health of the mass combat unit but only if the Unit consists of mostly Mortals and/or is not lead by a supernatural being. Magnitudes loss caused by this power is assume to be killed completely and thus cannot be rallied.

The Children of Bone (Daybreak Caste)

The merciless intellect of the Daybreak Caste can find the flaw in any attack to weaken it with her anima or turn it aside entirely. By reflexively spending five motes, the Daybreak character subtracts levels of damage equal to his Essence from the damage rolled in Step Ten of attack resolution.

  • This can reduce final damage to 0
  • This is just an regular effect, so on attacks that is "its damage cannot be reduced by any means" it will do nothing
    • It is not Perfect Effect so will fail against "Perfect Damage" without the need for Essence Contest

The Day Walkers (Day Caste)

Like their Night Caste counterparts, They Who Dwell Among the Wretched can reflexively spend an extra mote to prevent any Peripheral Essence spent activating a Charm from adding to their anima banners. Hiding the use of Obvious Charms doubles the Charm’s mote cost instead.

Additionally, Daywalkers can reflexively shroud themselves in ghostly concealment for a scene by spending 10 motes. (Obviously, this power does not contribute to anima display.) Other characters suffer an internal penalty equal to half the deathknight’s Essence rating to notice or track the shrouded character. While radiating an anima banner at the 11–15 mote level or higher, the character’s specific identifying features become indiscernible apart from any iconic display.

  • The ability to supress anima flare from Perpherial Essence is only applicable to her own Essence. Essences leeched from external sources are not applicable.
    • Charms powered by essence from familiars are not covered
    • Essence-Lending refills the character's own Essence pool. So you are using your own Essence and not an external source.
  • The ability to prevent perherial essence from adding to anima does not do anything other than control your anima
    • The suppression of anima flare does not make an Obvious Charm Not Obvious.
    • The suppression of anima flare does not make a charm invisible. Those who can perceive charm use, Essence Sight, All Sorcerer's Sight, will can see the Charm use fine.
  • Similiar to Night Caste Anima, the Day Caste anima shrouds the character in darkness makes it easier for him to hide. The Internal penalty does not apply when the character makes no attempts at being unseen.
    • E.g. standing in the center of a brightly lit room in the middle of a crowd, even if shrouded in darkness, does not make you harder to detect. In fact it would be easier since you are so out of place.
    • This power is not invisibility. It is intended to make stealth easier and thus I am treating it as that.

The Winds of the Abyss (Moonshadow Caste)

These consummate hypocrites do not abide the lies of others. If a Moonshadow touches the hands of people who make a promise, the deathknight may reflexively spend 10 motes and a point of Willpower to call the Neverborn to witness the oath. (Doing so costs nothing while the Moonshadow displays his anima banner at the 11–15 mote level.) Upon invocation, the air bleeds spider-like runes spelling out the broken promises of the gods’ ancient fealty to the Primordials. Anyone who breaks these sanctified promises is fated to botch a number of actions equal to the Essence rating the Moonshadow had when the promise was made. The Storyteller decides when the botches occur. Until all of the botches take place, the oathbreaker instinctively understands the doom her treachery brought upon herself. For this reason, the infinitely spiteful Neverborn often delay their wrath so that oathbreakers live in constant fear, waiting for the day when the darkness finally strikes.

  • The Cost Waiver for anima is only for the Mote Cost. It does not waive the Willpower Point required to bind the oath.
  • I am treating this "botch" as The Butterfly Effect. A seemingly innocent faux pas will result in utter deverstation of the character's goals in the most poetic manner.
  • Because of this, it means the Eclipse Oath will have lots of collateral damage and thus it should rarely be used and if used should be extremely precise
  • Because of the severity of the consequence, Eclipse Oath now impart Perfect Understanding to all party involved of their duties and responsibilities in this Oath. No one will break an Eclipse Oath due to ignorance.

In addition, Eclipses are protected by ancient pacts with the spirit world, the demon princes and the Fair Folk. Crowned Suns and their companions who are on legitimate business with those beings may not be attacked without just cause (though they may be goaded into attacking and nullifying the oaths). Such creatures must honor the rules of hospitality. Such beings may pretend to be uncompelled, but ultimately, they cannot attack members of an embassy unless they can provoke the characters into breaking the peace.

Although Moonshadows are not protected by the same pacts as their Eclipse cousins, they receive similar protection from other creatures of death. Such creatures instinctively know that the Neverborn can twist their fate to make them suffer. If a creature of death initiates physical hostilities against a Moonshadow who has shown his caste mark and invoked the protection of Oblivion, the aggressor suffers a Resonance effect chosen by the Abyssal’s player. The severity of the effect equals the Abyssal’s Essence rating (though the Moonshadow does not actually vent any points of Resonance). Even mindless creatures such as hungry ghosts and walking dead understand this doom. They will not attack the Moonshadow, or anyone the deathknight names as under his protection, unless they are supernaturally compelled to do so. Only the Deathlords and other Abyssals are exempt from this ban.

  • This also means the Pacts that protects Abyssals are not binding - unlike the Eclipse Castes
    • The target can still attack, as long as they harden themselves to the idea of suffering the punishment of the Neverborns
    • While the Eclipse Caste prevents attacks all together.

Finally, Moonshadows may perform the ultimate feat of magical cheating by learning non-Abyssal Charms. Such Charms cost 16 experience points apiece to learn, and two extra motes to activate.

  • Like Eclipse Solars, Moonshadow Abyssals may not teach the Charms they learn to others
    • Those who wish to learn the charm must seek out the original teacher
  • Clarification: Essence Plethora
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