Exalts achieving essence 6 and beyond

Essence 1 is what all mortals possess, it is the minimum value that all sentient beings possess.

Essence 2 to 5 are realm of Terrestrial Sphere. These are beings whose understanding and perception allows them only to perceive the immediate and the self. These are beings who are still strongly tied to the physical. Their thinking and indeed behaviors are very much "mundane." As a reflection of this their power is but a fraction of even just the next level up.

Essence 6 is the Break between truly cosmic thinking and the habituation and limitations of mortals. It is the gate way to all the wondrous of the Universe and steeping between Essence 5 and Essence 6 is as transformative as an Essence 1 mortal achieving Apotheosis of Essence 4. It is a complete alteration of thinking and understanding. To achieve this state is not just a matter of time. It requires the Exalt to achieve a level of wisdom about himself and the insight into the cosmos that most will never achieve.

There are Exalts in the First Age who lived out their thousands of years never achieving Essence 6, for they were incapable of achieving this spiritual transformation.

Every point beyond Essence 6 is similar in magnitude. Each point is an exponential growth of spirital enlightnment. Only a handful of Solars in the First Age ever achieved Essence 9, the average are stuck around 6-7, and none ever achieved Essence 10.

Currently the Exalt with the highest Essence score is the Essence 9 Lunar Raksi who made it her life for the last 4000 years of ruthless and reckless spiritual and metaphysical development to the pursuit of Adamant Circle Sorcery, and the Essence 9 Sidereal character:chejopkejak whose constant attempts to understand and sychronize with the infinite possibilities of the loom of fate grants him an alien view of all existence.

The time listed below are the minimum time it takes for the Exalts to harmonize with the Spark within to even be able to ascend in Essence. It is not a indication of the mental shift that accomondates such an monumental undertaking.

For example: Raised in Yu-Shan by Luna herself, Nebhet Hotep already possess the underlying insight of herself and that of Creation to achieve Essence 6, but her very being could no handle the tremendous spiritual endowment till her soul harmonizes with her spark - taking at least 100 years.

Minimum Exaltation Time Max Essence Annual Experience1 Base Experience2
0 to 993 5 10 None
100 to 249 6 5 +[(100 – Exaltation age) x 10]
250 to 499 7 4 +750
500 to 999 8 3 +1,000
1,000+ 9+ 2 +1,500
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