Alabaster and Intimacies

Just so we have it on record

  • Alabaster only have 2 Default Intimacies: “His Father” and “Murder”. With his Exaltation to Solar-dom he gains the Intimacy to Lunar Mate (it is considered an Perfect Effect because it is an Intimacy that cannot be eroded by any means).
  • Alabaster cannot by any means, short of a perfect effect, develop additional intimacies.
  • Even intimacies created by Perfect Effect will lapse at the end of the story in which the Perfect Effect Ends.
    • Righteous Lion Defense is a Perfect Effect that is more or less Constant, thus his Intimacy for “How his father wanted him to act” will last as long as it does.
  • Similarly he cannot lose his default Intimacies unless through a Perfect Effect, and it will return in similar fashion after the Perfect Effect Ends.
  • The very nature of Intimacies however means he can erode them himself. If such is the case he will simply develop his Psychosis to a new Intimacy that is appropriate. While mechanically simple, I want to emphasis that this is an impossibility – if the character is role-played correctly.
  • He is also incapable of learning Charms that depends on Intimacy. This means he cannot pick Another Righteous Lion Defense nor can he learn the perfect mental defense of Elusive Dream Defense. The one he starts with is the only one he has.
    • Should Alabaster ever lose the Intimacy the Righteous Lion Defense is based on, he loses the charm entirely. He will get a refund of 1 Charm – which he can use to buy Solar of Abyssal Charm.
  • Forgot to mention Alabaster is also immune to "Emotion" effects not working off of/related to his "Amber Eyes of the Heaven" and "Killing (Personally Carrying Out)"
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