Benefits of a Circle

All the senses granted by the bonds of a circle are vague impressions. They are not clear and defined data; instead they are more intuitive feelings than measurable facts.

  • When Circle mate are involved in coordinated attacks in battle they gain +1 automatic success to the Coordination roll for the maneuver. This is not applicable in Mass Combat.
  • When Circle mates are involved in teamwork (and only Teamwork) the team work dice pool is increased by 1 die from synergy. This bonus is fixed and does not increase when more Circlemates gets involved. This bonus die is considered bonus die from Excellency (thus the Dice Pool Limit).
  • Circle mate can reflexively sense the rough direction and rough distance (very far, far, somewhat far, fairly distant, close, very close, immediate vicinity, etc.) of their circle mates. These feelings are not constant and they must concentrate, though reflexively, to sense them. Imposing a -1 internal penalty on concurrent actions.
  • Circle mate automatically sense when a circle mate is under extreme mental or physical duress. They also know which circle mate is happening to and the nature of the disturbance (physical or mental). Things such as dying, torture, great emotional upheaval, but not limit breaking, all fall under this category.

Keep in mind the Sworn Brotherhood of the Dragon-Blooded gain these bonuses plus the normal bonuses gained as part of their Sorcerous Bond.

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