Clarification: Hauberk-Lightening Gesture

Hauberk-Lightening Gesture Charm is also not an instantaneous action. In the Charm description it has a speed value of 3. Meaning the Action to cast the Charm takes 3 ticks to perform.

It is also obvious and being a duration charm has a commitment cost equal to the casting cost.

So Balan normally have 1 mote committed for this Charm. If he un-commit the Essence, for whatever reason, the armor drops next to him from Elsewhere. This is different than Ending the Charm.

When he Ends the Charm he can then start to put the armor on from Elsewhere and the armor will appear directly on to him as he uses Armor Donning Actions.

Since the Charm is already ended he is free to use another charm – such as Whirlwind Armor-Donning Prana to put it on.

If he interrupts the Armor Donning Process it act as if the essence is un-committed directly and the left over armor pieces drops next to him.

My Modification

I modified the Charm because I didn’t like the way it works. Now the difference is when the Charm is Ended, the Armor instantly reappears fully donned. Meaning there is no lost in time. The action over is still 3 seconds, and the armor appears at the end of 3 seconds, not before. This is incase there are attacks in progress, this also prevents ending the Charm to be used as a semi-soak charm use.

This however brings into one more conflict. I moved the armor donning time from the End of the Charm to beginning of the Charm. So that you will have to take the same amount of time to take off the armor so you can put it in elsewhere with the spell. The armor must be freshly worn so you can’t just default cast the charm on a suit of armor sitting around. The armor has to be freshly taken off.

This doesn’t change what happened last week, but I just want to make sure we are all on the same page.

Player’s Decision

It is up to you guys if you want to use the In Book Charm, or My modification. Either is fine with me.

But once a consensus is reached that is how we will handle it from his point forward.

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