Clarification: Shape Sorcery

I changed the timing on the Shape Action. Now it is a full commitment as opposed to before. Where before you can choose to stop between the 5 tick actions, now once you start you are committed. Not sure why there is a DV penalty to the action considering your DV is 0. Maybe it is for when you are distracted and got knocked out of Shaping action, your DV is then at that penalty till your next action.

  • Combat Shape Terrestrial is (5/-3) Action
  • Combat Shape Celestial is (10/-4) Action
  • Combat Shape Solar is (15/-5) Action
  • Dramatic Spell Shaping is a single action of the length dictated in the spell, with the appropriate DV penalty.

Cost for the spell and the respective Willpower Point are paid at the beginning of the action. Unless specifically mentioned in the Spell, the Spell is released on tick after the shaping action concludes.

  • Before it is released on the next action.

During which you are taken out of combat.

  • You cannot focus on or react to events
    • It is especially relevant for Dramatic Action Spells. This rule means that during spells such as Summoning Demons you are unable to focus or react to events for the entire time, from Sunset to Midnight for summoning demons, as you shape the spell (and cannot be distracted as well).
  • He cannot use Charms or Combos, including reflexive Charms
    • E.g. no Perfect Defense, not even Perfect Soak
  • He cannot take voluntary reflexive actions, such as speech, Move or Dash
    • This means no DV, since Parry and Dodge are both voluntary Reflexive Actions
    • Though you still get Dodge MDV, since that is an Automatic Reflexive Action
    • Resist Poison however is not, it is an automatic Reflexive Action
  • He can benefit from the established effects of ongoing or permanent Charms
  • He can — as a special exception to the rule on reflexive actions — activate his anima.
    • Lucky for the Twilights

While Sorcery is automatically Obvious, it just means the people know you are casting Sorcery. Unlike Charms it does not automatically grant a basic idea of what it is going to do. Though some spell specifically changes this. Also spell effects are fairly consistent so if you seen it, or heard about it, before you can probably guess what it is. If you see a 6 wing little automaton show up you are probably right to guess its Infallible Messenger. Same is true for Azure Chariot, etc.

If the character is distracted, then his player must make a reflexive (Wits + Occult) roll for the Exalt to keep his concentration.

  • Standard Difficulty of 1
    • If damage is inflicted then EV Penalty equal to Health Level loss
  • If simple failure then spell fizzles. Essence is wasted but no other effect
  • If the roll succeeds, the shaping effort continues.
  • If the roll Botches then Spell really screws up
    • From having a completely twisted effects
    • To simply blow up in everyone's face
      • Everyone (especially the Sorcerer) in yards equal to the Circle Number of the Sorcery takes number of dice of lethal damage equal to the caster's Essence
      • Keep in mind this is still the shaping action so the Caster still under the no actions limitation above - e.g. no defensive charms
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