Clarification: Essence Arrow and Firewands

Essence Arrow automatically adds the character's Permanent Essence Score to Archery-Based Attack

  • This means it works with Firewands or any attack that uses Archery - including Aata's Heavenly Judgement Bolt

The arrow automatically comes with 1 Effect

If the character want to stack options, each additional Effects cost 2 motes. It is as if the character used the same charm twice. Though without the additional damage equal to Essence.

  • This is beacause the charm does not have the Stackable Keyword

Not all individual effects can be used with Firewands

  • Fiery Arrow Attack: Doesn't work with Firewands - since it is already fire
  • Dazzling Flare: Can make Firewands Holy, but it won't have the "seen for (the Solar’s Essence x 10) miles" effect since Firewand has a max range of 10 yards
  • Righteous Judgment Arrow: Works fine with Firewands
    • Remember Righteous Judgement Arrow effect cost 1 extra mote
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